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CONTEST N..: Make your own town on a single map "Damn Big Town"
level of contest: SPIFFY

How to place your rooms on a single map of your townRULES:

  1. Time range: Contest begins on January 26, ends on March 8.
  2. Conditions: 1. you have to make a town on a single map!!!
    2. You can't use any common events (put all events you need on the map)
    3. Your town must contain at least 10 common places (such as a Police Station, FD, Bank, Casino, Hospital, Hotel, Church, etc.) up to 30.
    4. Your town must contain at least 50 interactive NPC (Non Player Characters) up to 200.
    5. You have to place all inner places (rooms, etc) on the same map...
    you can make a big map... 8-)
    7. You have to make a automatic guide who will show you the town (for cash ^_^)
    It may be a human-NPC, or a computer guide.. Or so
    6. There is a main limit: your demo must be less than 400k (ZIP your files!)
    You can get additional info at Damn Big Town Forum
  3. Preparing the demo: I do not accept gamedisks!
    So.. Make your demo, then copy your whole game folder from your projects to safe place.
    Add README.TXT text file with your name, e-mail, URL to your site, URL to your DEMO and some notes about your demo.
    Then ERASE RPG_RT.EXE file from that folder (we have got that RPG_RT.EXE ~400 kb file at every PC).
    Then ZIP or RAR that folder.
    Then upload your DEMO to your own site.
    If you do not have your own site... then go to www.geocites.com and create one.
    And then send me the direct URL to your DEMO with subject: "Damn Big Town Contest"
    If your site does not support direct links to your demo... then do SUBPAGE for your contest with direct link to your demo. Then send link to your sub page instead of direct link.


Site (URL) Demo (URL) Mark
1. ObMeiste


I've added 2 extra points to the mark because ObMieste was the 1st man who did it in time.

Jorukan.zip ( 155 Kb)

Nice story, good sense of humor, nice Auto-Guide, Very simply and flashy changing chipsets system ^_^'
And not so good map design

7/10 + 2 = 9
2. battleman100 Site

myran.zip ( 50 Kb)

OK story, no humor, OK Auto-Guide
Good map design

7.8/10 = 7.8
3. theik_mark


(this guy hasn't included any readme.txt files in his entry...)

contest.zip ( 15 Kb)

OK story, few side quests!! (+1 pts.), Auto-guide is absent, The smallest size of the demo: 15 Kb (+2 pts.)

7.9/10 = 7.9
4. Dark Whistler Site

bigtown_contest.zip ( 164 Kb)

A nifty "Ruff-Off" system 8), The good Guide.

8.5/10 = 8.5
5. Sean A.


(this guy hasn't included any readme.txt files in his entry...)

bigtown.zip Giganto town ( 88 Kb)

The best chipsets switching usage
The biggest town,
No auto-guide ( -2 pts. )
The best map design!

8/10 = 8
6. N/A      


Updated: 23 March, 2002

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