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The best tip: Read your HELP file. Just run RPG Maker 2000 then press F1 key (or click on "Help" button anywhere you see it)

Got a question? Check for this question in the FAQ, Tutorials Library. Ask for help on this RM2k HELP forum. Ask any graphics question on Graphics forum. You can ask complex question on RPG Guru's forum.


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Don's Games, Demos, Awards:

Asm,C++ Games:

  1. My second PLATFORM styled game for PC: "Supa Vinnie Da Pooh". This's full playable demo with 2 levels! Check this out! I did it at 1995... and it looks like "Super Mario World".

My Site's Awards:

This's my AWARD by SquareEarth site
SquarEarth's award

GGZ Award of Excellence

RPG Squirrel's award

Fun Pix and texts:

Tommy-boy looks at cute donny-boy.. LOL!!!!!Yep.. it's me... thanx to Kevin

Crazy RM95 Cat | Crazy RM2000 Oldy | Ay! Ay! Captain Don! | Don Miguel's portrait by one girl | Pokemon South Park | NEW: Donny Santa Clauzz | NEW: Donny boy grabs fishy Golden Fish and its old pal

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