The Advanced Form of Door making for RM2K

Created, Thought of, and Tested by Dragonlord

Part 1:

The Dilemma

Ok, heres the situation, you have a building with multiple rooms that youre too lazy to make all the rooms separate. But, you still want to use doors cause some rooms wont be accessible or some other reason. This tutorial will show how to make the door open on command, the character move in and the door close, all while being able to do it again when commanded to when leaving the room.

Part 2:

The Coding

Ok, now the first thing you do for the event commands is you make the door open. Most people know how to do this, but if you dont then look at the beginning of the picture of the event. Usually you want to put 0.5-second waits between the movements. I recommend doing each of the movements separately, although this has not been proven to make a difference. Now, for the heart of the codingA FORK? Yes, a fork condition works the down go down and up go up behavior. You set the fork condition to Hero-Face Direction Down or Up (which ever you want to do first). Then lets say you do the upwards fork first. Then in the fork do a movement of the hero up twice. Then do a 0.5-second wait (for debugging reasons) after it. The do the opposite one in the else condition completely oppositely, save for the wait (keep it at .5-seconds) then at the END condition, make the door close. So, now the door should open, hero walk through, and door close.


Part 4: Contact

If you have a certain question or comment dont hesitate to email me


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