PARTY CHANGE TUTORIAL Hey everyone, this is my first tutorial, so hang on. Many of you will be wondering how to change your party. Well, this way, using switches, it's really easy. I'll tell you in numbered steps. 1: Go to database and Items tab 2: go to Max Number and increse it( donesnt matter how many, jut as least one) 3: Create item, mine is called the Blue Stone. 4: Make item a switch item. And make the number of uses limetless. 5: Make it so everyone in your party can use it thats important. 6: Leave database. 7: Make a new map i call mine the party house 8: Make some place where you can easily and visually identify the event ( use a rock, crystal, or anything you can pass over) 9: Then make a new event over the visual spot, i use sparkles, so that is how i will reffer to them. 10: Go inside the event, and make the event start conditions (under items) choose the item you just made. This makes it so that you can not chage your party until you get the item. ( this is where it gets a little confusing) 11: You need to also add, under start conditions, in the event category 12: You need to make it so the player cannot get more characters than they have already gotten. 13: so add the event in which you get a character. 14: Now we go into actually chaging the characters. 15: Double click on the ffirst line under the Event "stuff"( where you put un messages) 16: Now go to show message and write something so that you know that you are about to chage your party. 17: Type another message telling that you are about to choose who you want to remove. 18: go to show choice, and type in three of your characters names in the first three slots. Then in the last slot type NONE 19: Now under each choice (character to be removed) select the line right under their name. Then you need to make it so they are removed from your party. So go to change Party. 20: You now choose the "Remove Hero" and select the character/choice that you are currently under. 21: Then repeate al of those steps for each choice using the different characters acording to which one you are under. But do not do anything for the choice NONE. 22: Then you will need to show a message telling that you are about to choose which character you are about to add. 23: And i think you knwo how to do that, if not then go back up and go read over the removing part. You just need to reverse the process and go to chage party and select ADD HERO. Thats about it, iff you need any further help, feel free to email me, or you can IM me, at these, or ChibiTrunks421(AIM). Comments can go there too.
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