RPG Maker 2000 text shortcuts
By Mathieu Tremblay,Allias DJ-Mysterio

Hi dead RM2k fans! I was surfing on Don's site 2 days ago and I realized that there was no tutorial explaining clearly all the text commands avaible in RM2k.That's why I offer you that one today!You will find here almost all the text ''shortcuts'' I know,so almost all of them! I will include too the color distinction:what color is transparent in what type of graphics! Well,you will understand later.Oh yes! I'm using Idraw 3.27 for graphic programme cause it is easy to handle and to understand,so if you want my explanations fit with your graphics,go at www.rpgmaker2000.com or http://rpgmaker.chat.ru and get the translated version!

1-Part one:How many space do we have?
Well,everybody has at least do that experiment of the last letters of a sentence,disapearing!It's because there's a limit of caracter per lines.Here they are:
-32 printable caracters per lines.
-4 lines.
-But there's actually:-28 letters per lines.
-19 with a face in.

2-Part two:Text colors.
By putting different ''shortcuts'' before text,you are able to get different text color.These commands are really simple.There's just one thing you should be aware of:When you put a command,the color is the same if you don't change it.
Ex.:\C[3]Marcus: Hi!
In that example,the guy wants to put in evidence the name ''marcus'' and then return the text to the normal.But the command \C[3] change all the color,not the next word.So,here,s how the phrse should be:
Ex.:\C[3]Marcus: \C[0]Hi!

There,s a lot of colors.previously,the only tutorial I have found was only saying the number.I tested all the command to finaly discover 19 colors.They are there:

\C[0] Normal color(Light blue)
\C[1] Blue
\C[2] Orange
\C[3] Grey
\C[4] Yellow
\C[5] Dark red
\C[6] Purple
\C[7] Pink
\C[8] Shinning orange
\C[9] Green
\C[10] Dark blue
\C[11] Red
\C[12] Snots green
\C[13] Dark purple
\C[14] Gold
\C[15] Light green
\C[16] Dark dark purple
\C[17] Grey-blue
\C[18] Dark green
\C[19] Brown

3-Part three:Graphicals commands.
Also with the text commands,you can add some little sybol to your text or to do special action.I personnaly find the special action very interesting cause you can do simply everything! Their ustilisation is the same than the color,but graphicals commands MEAN themselves a graphics and doesn't change the next words.
Note that I've cleared some that I was considerating not enough practical.

\C[n] Show a text color. n=a number(1 to 19)
\S[n] Set the text speed. n=a number(1 to 20) 1 is the fastest(without pauses) and 20 is the slowest.
\N[n] Show the name of a hero. n=hero's number.Note that 0 will write the name of your party's leader.
\V[n] Show a variable value. n=variable's number.
\$ A box appear showing your current money.
\! Put that before a word.You will have to press enter to show that word but it will be in the same box than the others.
\. 1/4 of delay before the next letter.
\| 1 delay before the next letter.
\^ The message end without you need to press enter.

$A Sword $a Smiling face
$B Shield $b Neutral face
$C Star of Salomon $c Sad face
$D Sun $d Sweat 1
$E Moon $e Sweat 2
$F Mercury $f Spade(clear)
$G Venus $g Hearth(clear)
$H Venus(inversed) $h Stand(clear)
$I Mars $i Club(clear)
$J Jupiter $j Spade(filled)
$K Saturn $k Hearth(filled)
$L Uranus $l Stand(filled)
$M Neptune $m Club(filled)
$N Pluto $n Skull
$O Aries $o A X
$P Taurus $p Sun
$Q Gemini $q Moon
$R Cancer $r Dot
$S Leo $s Up arrow
$T Virgo $t Right arrow
$U Libra $u Down arrow
$V Scorpio $v Left arrow
$W Sagitarius $w Up-right arrow
$X Capricorn $x Down-right arrow
$Y Aquarius $y Down-left arrow
$Z Pisces $z Up-left arrow

4-Part four:The colors to use in graphics files.
One day,the RTP basic graphics won't be enough and you will have to attack a bigger chalenge:Edit your own.In that part,I will speak about transparent color,depending of the type of graphic you are working on.
Ex.:transparent color in Charaset is different than the one in System.

A-Picture used in graphics or tilesets:
Like clouds,light effect or tilesets.In that case,the transparent color is pink.Here are the colors:

B-Picture other than graphic:
Like a monster you want to make appear,or an object.That color is white,perfect white!

All charasets,you use the color green.

Monster graphics you use when you make monster parties.the color is red.

E-System files:
You box and text graphics.the color is orange.

F-Battle animations:
That one use a different green.

5-Part five:The conclusion.
Well,I wish that little tutorial will help you and will make your games 100 times better than they are presently.

Feel free to put that tutorial on your websites!

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