Clock system

Welcome to my 3rd guide ‘Clock system’ this is pretty simple yes you heard right simple just follow the step by step guide below:

Ok first open up common events in the database and name a event ‘time (min)’ make it a parallel progress and allow it to work it in switch ‘time’. Ok now you have this you need to add these to the common event make it wait 1.0s then make a variable called ‘mins’ done that good. Now make a fork option that work when variable mins is above 60 then make a variable under that called ‘hours’ and finally add set variable ‘mins’ to 0 you now have the minute section sorted it should look like this:

<> Wait: 1.0s
<> Variable ch:[####:mins]+ ,1
<> FORK optn:Varb[####:mins]-60 above
<> Variable ch:[####:hours]+ ,1
<> Variable ch:[####:mins]set ,0

If yours don’t look like this you need to look over it again.

Your now ready to go on to the hour section but before will do you may of noticed that this clock system work to 1 min in right time = 1 hour in game time you can change this by changing the wait time.

Ok make a new common event called ‘time (hour)’ parallel progress again and to work in switch time again, got that? Good. Now make a fork thing and have work when 24 and above and under that make a variable that set the hours back to 0 it should look like this:

<> FORK optn:Varb[####:hour]-24 above
<> Variable ch:[####:hour]set ,0

Good you have done it just make it the start event turn the switch ‘time’ on and there you have it a clock system now you need a way of reading this you just do this make a event with a clock on it and make it show the message “The time is \v[??]:\v[??]” Where the ‘??’ are change them to the variable number that hour and min is. Or if you have read my magical item guide @ my site you make a wrist watch.

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