The Combo Attack System

Okay, for all of those people out there who have tried to do this or have done this and wasn’t satisfied with the result, this is for you. Now this might not be what you’re looking or maybe you found a better way to do this but this works great for me.

First thing is you have to do is make the skill:
A. Go to the skills tab in the database increase the max field number to whatever you want, mine is up to two hundred.
B. Make a name for your new combo skill and set the skill class as “switch” and check the battle box in the “Available at” section.
C. Now make a switch for your combo skill, for the sake of argument call it “Combo1”.
D. In the user message saying something like “(main hero’s name) starts a combo.”

Second thing you need is to make the battle anim for your skill. (We’ll get to where to put it later.) The animation should show that the two combining characters are working together for the combo. It should show the characteristics of your combining heroes, (mine shows my main hero using a single sword strike and his combo partner using a two sword attack, being as he use the two sword style, you can do it any way ya want.) now that you’ve made your battle animation apply it and move to the next part.

Third is to make the battle event: (now this may get complicated so I’ll take you thru it step by step)

1. Go to a monster party (preferably one with a high hp 350--100)
2. Make a new battle event page triggered by the new switch that you just made being “On”.
3. Now make a variable that is based on your hero’s partner’s (the character that’s joining your hero for the combo) hp. Here’s how it should look: Variable Ch: [0036: (Character’s name) hp]Set, Char HP
4. Now make a fork that’s based on that variable you just made. Why? Because you don’t want the event to go off and your party leader’s combo partner is dead, it looks stupid. Plus it makes it more interesting. Anyway, make the fork trigger if the combining character’s hp is certain percent and above. (I chose 26 and above) meaning the combo won’t work if the cc’s hp is 25% and under.
5. Now in the fork with the cc hp being a certain amount and up, put a sound effect there to show that the combo is starting and a message like “[CC’s name] joins in.” and another message stating the attack being done.
6. Now use that battle animation that you just made and set it to effect one enemy or all, depending on the amount in the monster party.
7. Okay now for the damage, choose the change enemy hp slot and set it to whatever you want but nothing too big, you don’t want to make it cheesy. Also show a message saying how much damage the enemy receives.
8. How do you stop you’re CC from attacking after or before the combo is started? Simple just choose or make a condition and have the cc condition changed to that. Now to make sure that the condition does last till next turn select “wait and set it 0.5 sec and then change the cc’s condition to normal again.
9. Now to keep the event from looping, select change switch and set it to “comb1” off. Make another switch (something like next page or something) and turn it on. Now make a page that is triggered by that switch being on, so that the event will go to that page after it’s done.
10. Now make another fork (under the first) based on the cc’s hp being a certain % and below and show a message saying the combo won’t go thru like “(cc’s name) is unable to join” then use the on switch off switch from the end of the last fork. Repeat this for all the people in the main hero’s party (not the hero) with the hp variable based on each and the change condition too.
11. Now you can do this next step one of two ways, you could make this combo one of his skills or let him acquire it in a battle. The first one’s easy, just set it to a level. Here’s how the other way works. Make another page that is triggered after a certain number of turns. Then show a message saying the main hero gains a combo skill.
12. Make a variable based on the amount of combos you party can use, which is three if you have a full four-man party.
13. Now go to the change variable slot again and make a variable named “combochoice”, and make it random between 1-3. Set a number for each combo you’ve made: ex first combo 1 sec one 2etc.
14. Make for fork based that variable triggered if the number of the combo is chosen. Now it’s time for a little confession here the event will still go thru even regardless of the combing characters condition, but here’s how to make it look good: after you the message show the your party leader got the skill, show another message saying that he heals the necessary cc’s condition. Ex: “ party leader helps cc1” or something like that. Then look at the monster party’s skill and see if they have any status effect then make a change condit to cancel it and there ya go. Do this for the cc of the combo that was chosen by the combo choice variable.

At the end of it all you should have a battle event similar to this:

Variable ch:[0036:CC1 hp] set, CC1 HP
Fork Optn Varbl[0036:CC1 hp]-26abov
Play SE (any one you choose)
Messg: [CC1’s name] decides to join [party leader’s name]
Messg: [Party leadr] and cc1 join for a combo!
Show Battle Anim: (Whatever you called the battle anim) either one or whole group (W)
Change Enemy’s HP: 1 or whole group (whatever number you chose) Decr.
Messg: (enemy) lost ------- Hp1
Condition: CC1-> Stop (example condition) Condition
Wait: 0.5 s.
Condition: CC1-> Stop (example condition) Cancel
Change Switch: [combo1]-OFF Set
Change Switch: [Next page] ON Set
End Case
Fork Optn Varbl [0036:CC1 hp]-25less
Messg: Was unable to join!
Change Switch: [combo1]-OFF Set
Change Switch: [Next page] ON Set

And the last page should look like this:
Trigger: Turn No (what ever you choose)
Messg: [partyleadr] learns a combo!
Variable Ch: [0039 Combochoice] Set Randm [1*3]
{Do this part for the other two cc in your party}
Fork Optn: Varbl [0039 Combochoice]-1
Change Skill: Party leadr- (comboskills name)-. Memory
Messg: party leadr heals CC1!
Condition CC1 (whatever condition) Cancel (repeat for each condition he could be suffering from)

If you have any q’s email me and I’ll answer them for ya:

-- thanks for ya patience. Wolfborn

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