This allows you to make a Chrono Trigger style piano.

1 Alright make a piano graphic.
2. Make a new event.
3 Make a new switch called timer
4 Follow event instructions below

Same level as hero
On push key

<>Fade out bgm (pg.3)
<>msg:Wanna play the piano?
<>show choice: fast/normal/slow
*<>ply bgm &#8220;fast&#8221;
<>Change switch &#8220;timer&#8221;-on set
*<>play bgm &#8220;normal&#8221;
<>change switch &#8220;timer&#8221;-on set
*<>play bgm &#8220;slow&#8221;- on set
<>change switch &#8220;timer&#8221;-on set
<>[No] Case:
<>end case

Same level as hero
Auto start

<>wait 5.0s
<>Msg: Keep Playing?
<>Show choice Yes/No
<>[Yes] case:
<>wait 5.0s
<>turn switch timer off
<>turn switch timer on
*<>Play bgm &#8220;Regular&#8221;
<>change switch timer off
<>End Case:

*These are your choice songs.

That is all thank you

This tutorial was made by: John Miner

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