RPG Maker 2000 1.03b Troubleshooting FAQ

With the release of RPG Maker 2000 English, along with

them comes bugs and problems. This FAQ will tell you

how to fix those bugs.


1. Whenever I try to test play my game, the screen will lock up, and I can't do anything! What gives?

This is the most widely encountered problem that RPG Maker 2000 users have. If you run in to this problem, it means that you have a gamepad installed on your computer but not plugged in. To fix the program, either plug in the controller or uninstall the gamepad through the control panel.


2. Whenever I try to test play, I just get a dialog box with a red 'X' in it. What do I do?

This means that you have not specified a 'Starting Party Position'. To fix this, go to the map in which you want the main character to begin, go into event editing mode

and right click in the cell where you want the character to start. Then click on Starting Party Position.


3. I tried to run Don's Sample game, Don's Adventure but I just get an error message. How can I fix this?

You haven't downloaded the RTPe. Go to www.rpgmaker2000.com and download the RTPe. Then run Don's Adventures and the game will run.


4. In my game, the text is cut off in the box. Is there something I must download to fix this?

No. You can only type 32 characters per line. Any after that will be cut off.


5. When I play my game, the characters walk in one direction and I can't control it! What do I do?

Calibrate your gamepad. If calibration don't work, then uninstall the gamepad.


6. The event "enter hero name" doesn't work. How do I fix it?

Sorry, but this event doesn't work yet... it could possibly work eventually with Don Miguel getting new RM2K updates every few days.

Note from Don: it'll not work in the nearest future.


7. When I try to run RPG Maker 2000, it says, change to 800x600 High Color. I can't because my computer doesn't support 800x600!

There's only one solution to fix this. GET  A NEW MONITOR! If your monitor can't support 800x600 then you need to get a new monitor.


8. RPG Maker 2000 runs the games in an ugly 320x240 resolution. This bites, is there any way to make it run in 640x480 or even 800x600?

Yes. Press F5 to switch between 640x480 and 320x240. Press F4 to go into Full Screen 320x240!


9. My midi's won't PLAY!!!!!!

Change your Midi type to FM Synthesizer. To do this, go to Control Panel. Click on Multimedia. Then click on the MIDI button. Then highliht FM Synthesizer, press APPLY and press O.K.


10. My font is screwy!

What the?! You're still using RM2K beta! Go to www.rpgmaker2000.com and download the final English version.


11. I downloaded the final English version and the font's still screwy.

Get the RTPe. 12MB.


12. Okay, I've made a autorun event and forgot to switch it off. Now I can't out the game!

Press alt-tab.


13. Good FAQ but I still don't have an answer to my problem!

Well, you could always e-mail me at:


And I'm in the IRC Chat regularly as DarkMatter2000.

Make sure you send me more bugs so I can update this FAQ.

Thanks and Good Luck!

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