Day and Night ... again

why did i make this?
because everything wasen't going the right way for me so i made my own.
the first thing you need is the switches(i used day an night but you can do
when you think of all the switches go to common events call it Day
and set the conditions to call(that way you can call day where you need
it)make 2,3 or 4 change switches(tab 1)The first switch would be called
day,the second should be night(the way i did this)for you it might be
Day,Evening,night and mourning. then we make the set screen tone.i made it
Red 170,Green 160,Blue 90 and chrome 200 but you can make it what ever.
for day it should look like this
<>Change Switch:[Day]ON set
<>Change Switch:[Night]OFF set
<>Set Screen Tone(R170,G160,B90,S200),1.0 sec(W)
Is the same thing but heres the code
<>Change Switch:[Night]ON set
<>Change Switch:[Day Off]
<>Set Screen Tone(R040,G020,B110,S140)1.0 sec(W)
Thats it plain and simple right
the only thing you to have do is create a call event where you want the
day,night and every thing else.
I have to thank the othe creaters of day and night for giving me the idea


"david johanson" <>

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