How to make gauges
By The True Gamer (Jump to 2nd tutorial)

This tutorial will show you how to put gauges in your game.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, then look at the bottom of this tutorial page.
To make this simple, I will explain the process in steps.
1. iDraw3 Chara Maker
D/L Location:
2. Knowledge of Variables
3. Depeding on your choice of battle system, you may want to
learn more about Set Password

1. Open iDraw3 Chara Maker.
2. Click File, then New frame(I don't think size matters here....)
3. Just for testing purposes, make 5 meter pics.
Make one of them full(100%),
Make one of them at 75%,
Make one of them at 50%,
Make one of them at 25%,
Finally, make one at...i dunno, something below 25% ^_^
4. Import your meters into RM2k.
5. Here goes nothin.....make a variable, and set at 100.
6. Remember, we're just testing's up to you to decide the use.....
Anyway, have something show the meter at 100%.
7. Have something on that same map reduce the variable to 75.
8. Use Erase Picture to elliminate that 100% meter.
9. Now show our meter at 75%(Show Picture, meter75, or whatever)
10. Repeat for all possible percentages(75%, 50%, 25%, below 25%, etc. )
11. Hey, just to show off, erase the current meter, and raise the variable to 100,
then Show the 100% meter. You just made a healing technique ^_^

If you are using that sideview battle system for your game,
use this as a supplement. Instead of using that cheap 999 HP thing,
kick it up a notch, to 1000! Just have the meter and variable record
your HP level.
(BTW, in case you're wondering, the variable had no significance.
I just used it to enlighten you as to how to use them for HP recording.)
One thing though, make 2 variables instead of 1, the first one being
Current HP, the other being Max HP.
When the enemy attacks(sound familiar???), drop the CHP by whatever.
For Cure techs or whatever, make a Fork Condition.
That fork should be...
Oh wait. Here are example variable names:
Current HP: curhp
Max HP: maxhit
Now for coding..........
<>Fork Conditions: curhp equal to or above maxhit
<>Variable Ops: curp down to maxhit level
<>Excepting Case
Put nothing here.........
<>End Case
Nothing here, either.........
I know it's confusing, but you'll get it i no time ^_^
If you need help, don't be afraid to e-mail me at .
Thank you for reading this tutorial.
.....Hey wait! One more thing: If I can get the code just right, I may submit an
ATB(Active Time Battle) tute. If you've never heard of this, then check out Final Fantasies IV-IX.
I hope I have helped you in your RPG-Making Quest!
Hey, if you've got PSO, look for a blue-haired HUmar named Dooniel. Join any FF-named team, you'll find me soon.
Anywy, cya later ^_^

New Game+
By The_True_Gamer

This tutorial will show you how to add a New Game + feature in your game. In case you've never played Chrono Trigger(or Chrono Cross), a New Game + feature allows the player to begin a New Game, after finishing the game a first time. One of the many differences is that you start the new quest with everyone being at the same level they were when you beat the game, and you'll still have all the items that you had before the end of the game. You'll also have the same amount of money as you did when you beat the game. But the biggest change is that you can beat the game WHENEVER you want. Depending on how and when you want to beat the game, you'll see a new ending each time. Anyway, on with the tutorial.
I'll put this in a step-by-step walkthrough:
1. Finish your game.
2. Of course, test your game, beat it, and check eveything for bugs.
3. Now the New Game + comes in. Make extra switches(mine would be called extraend1, extraend2, etc.).
4. Now turn those on after the final battle.
5. This might get complicated, so I'm gonna make a dupe of the programming:
At the end of the Final Boss event.......
<>Change Switch: ExtraEnd1 ON
<>Erase Screen
<>Teleport: ?StartMap
<>Add/Remove Item: RMOVE ?Essential Item(s) OPTIONAL
<>Show Screen
<>Change Switch: ALL SWITCHES OFF

Hmm.....maybe add an item to the player's stock as a prize for beating the game....
Things should go okay, but in case something happens,

e-mail me at,
or ICQ me(I forgot my number, but look for runezero),
and I'll try to fix the problem.

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