This is my second tutorial for RPG MAKER 2000. This will be a real faq
(frequently asked questions)
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this faq is copyright

1.Q What is a switch?
A A switch is a command that tell rpg maker what to do.
for example if you want to make it where you talk to someone then talk to
someone else and talk to the first person again
and make it say something new.

2.Q How do I make a skill.
A Go to the base (the notepad like icon) and go to Battle animation, then go
to the bottom
of the list and click max field number then increase it by one then click on
the blank space then you open up the .png.
click on 01 and add the animations to each frame and expirament with it.
Then go to skill and add it.

3.Q When I test my game, it freezes and will not do anything
A The Rpg maker 2000 thinks you have a controller and is not configured
right. The best
thing to do is uninstal it or unhook it through the back of the computer.

4.Q Some of the event won't work when i test play.
A Go in and delete the event and then redo it.
Thats all I can say about this one

5.Q Will you help me on my game.
A I dont know if I can do that I am working on alot right now. But there
might be a chance just email me at
or sometimes I am in irc as Jman9912

6.Q Do you have any finished games?
A Yes. I have many

7.Q Will you send me one?
A I cannot do that. But soon I will upload them.

8.Q What is better in your opinion Rm2k, Rpg95, 2DFM95?
A Well, personally I don't know how to use 2DFM95 ive been working on
learning though.
But I think Rm2K os the best.

9.Q Do you have a website for Rm2K?
A No. not yet but i'm working on it.

10.Q Can you teach me more about Rm2k?
A Well I am going to try to start making more FAQS and tutorials.

11.Q my game will not let me run it? it says switch to a different mode.
A You will probably have to get a different monitor or find a program to
change it.

12.Q How many questions will this FAQ have?
A I dunno im going to keep updating it this is my first version.

13.Q What is your E-mail?

14. Do you have ICQ?
A Yes, but I dont use it.
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