a Lamp Light Tutorial for RM2k

      I'd like to send this tutorial to the RM2k FAQ's, Tutorial page.
      I'm sure beginners will appreciate it very much.

      Hi, I just thought that maybe some beginners could use this neat,
and easy trick that works well for RM2k. Remember in games where if your
hero walked into a cave and could only see the first few feet in front of him?
Which was really a black picture with a hole it in. ... and adjusted to follow
the hero until he exited the cave?.. I was fiddling around with rm2k, and
found this.

First - Make a picture... Solid black. Directly in the center of the picture.
            Create a small circle, use a color like green, or pink. Then
fill in
            the circle with that same color. So what you have is just a black
            picture with a green/pink circle. Save it in a folder you can
find easily.

Second - Go to your RAW Material Editor, click on picture.. and then on
            Find the picture you made, and open it. When you have done this
            picture you drew should come up. And the circle part of the
picture should
            blink, telling you that, that area is transparent. If it doesn't
            the first time repeat the process of importing that picture
until it does.

Third - Go to the map you want your "Lamp Light" to work,...now... on that map
            you'll want to expand your map size by an extra +20 x +20... So
like if
            you map is 35 X 45 .. then enlarge it to 55 X 65.

Fourth - Center your map so that everything you made is at least 10 tile
chips away
            from the very edge of your map on all 4 sides.

Fifth -  Make an event, anywhere....it doesn't matter. Make sure you choose no
            graphic in the little window. Then go to "Show Picture" on your
list of
            Event Commands, it should be the second tab page.  Select the
            you imported earlier. Make the X: 160 and the Y: 120. Do not
            Move with Map. Magnification 100% Transparency 0. Check Stir,..
            And No additional effect. Now last but not least, place the
Event Start
            Condition as Parallel Process. No need to bother with any of the
            things there. Just hit Apply, and Okay. Then your done.


by ValkyrieShiva@aol.com