RPGMaker2000 Tutorial : The « lure » item.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to simply create a « lure » item. When used, certain monsters (that you define) will leave the battle. You won’t get any EXP or Gold, but you’ll have a chance to leave the arena with a probability of 1 (100%…).

Note : you’d better read DanioBoy201’s Scan tutorial first.
Note 2 : the lure is only possible on a single-ennemy formation, since it ends the battle when you use it.

STEP 1 - The item itself

First create an item (DataBase [F8] > Items). Name it « Lure food ».
Classification : switch.
Price : that’s not my problem.
Turns switch ON : « lure » (define it here).
Use number of times : 1 (Normal).

We’ll work on the monster party no.0077 : the cobra. The cobra will soon be capable of mature decoy.

STEP 2 - The effects upon the monsters.

Remember that it is only possible to lure only a single-ennemy party. We chose the cobra. See the « Battle Events » area ? We’ll work only here.
Set the trigger to « lure » (your switch). That means that the effect will occure when this switch is ON (it is turned on when you use your Lure food item).

In the Event bow you must now include :
<>Show battle animation (if you created one).
<>Show Message : « the cobra goes eating the food ».
<>Play SE (if you chose or created one).
<>Turn switch « lure » OFF
<>Stop Battle.

That’s all !

Thanks to Don Miguel his excellent translation and support.

© 2000 TNTz.

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