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This is a guide for items that do certain thing like tell you how much money you have, How many times you have saved the game, etc. Why am I making this guide? Because you can either make then or not.

We'll start with an escape stone.

Escape stone

Ok open up the databases then click on the common events tab, Give the event a name I normally use is the name escape stone. Now set event start condition to parallel progress and the appearance condition switch to let say 0008:Escape and remember to click on the small box next to it as don't ask me how many times I've had people ask for help because their forget to tick the box.
Ok now we are ready for the event commands to make the stone work.
Starts with a variable click on change variable on the event commands, table then pick a variable lets say 0007:Escape then click on set and then click on others at the bottom then you see that a pull down is available pull it down and select number of escapes. The database now knows it has to check how many times you have escaped. Now make a message to tell the player how many times s/he has escaped it can say some think like "You escaped \v[7] times". The \v[7] tells the database to look at variable 0007 and display it you could also add colour to it like this "You have escaped \c[9]\v[7]\c[0] times" this displays the number in blue (Different in some system graphics). Ok lastly make a switch that turn the switch early marked 'escape' off you now you have the common event completed. If all went well it should look like this:

<>Variable Ch:[0007:Escape] set, Fights#
<>Messg:You have escaped \c[9]\v[7]\c[0] times
<>Change switch: [0008:escape]-OFF set

If it doesn't look like this revise what you wrote and try again.
But still can't use this as an item so you need  to go the items tab find a empty slot items/weapons list say 0081 and call it some think like Escape stone make the classification as a switch and the number of use limitless. Now make an explanation like "See how many times you have escape" and lastly make the on switch yeah you guessed it 0008:Escape.
You now have an item that tell the player how many time s/he has escaped from battles but remember to have some means for them to gain this item like an event that in parallel progress and make add the item.

Well done you have created a escape stone

Next we will be looking at the Save stone

Save stone

This one is similar to the escape stone read above to find out more. This time name the event save stone and the name the switch 0010:save and use variable 0008:save and instead of using number of escapes use number of saves. this time the common event should look like this:

<>Variable Ch:[0008:Save] set, Savings#
<>Messg:You have saved \c[9]\v[8]\c[0] times
<>Change switch: [0010:save]-OFF set

And you now know how to create the item itself if not check the escape stone

Next we will look at the victory stone.

Victory stone

Now this one a little bit harder the last two but not much all you have to is use two variables one that tells you the number of victories and one that tells you the number of battle and the rest you know but check that it looks like this:

<>Variable Ch:[0005:victorys] set, victory#
<>Variable Ch:[0006:battles] set, battles#
<>Messg:You have won \c[9]\v[5]\c[0]out of  \c[9]\v[6]\c[0]battles
<>Change switch: [0009:victory]-OFF set

Now make the item to allow this to work.

Now that you know this you can create the amount of money you have, or the amount of amount of times you have been defeated if you have an RPG that doesn't go to the game over when you die. How big your party size is, and how many seconds left on the timer. But remember that if you don't use the rpg2k standard battle system it won't work on some items.

Anyway good luck on the game(s) you are creating.
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If you need any more help with this magical item download my day/night guide in zip format it contains most of these items 

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