Battlesystem Similar to PE's by twiggz

(Parasite EVE for those of you idiots out there)

ok, heres how i did it, and ill explain it my way,
not with steps and whatnot (cough) drakul (cough)
i try to keep it simple. ok, here goes nuthin "geranimo!"
heres what i did. i made a map for the battle- any kind
will do, just make sure you like it, and it is easy to
run around in. then i made an event"lets call it enemy1"
make about 5-10 pages (however many hit points you want it
to have). then you you set them all to push button,
follow set route, then set the route this way-
follow hero, repeat action, and ignore if cant move.
do this on all pages, then add your sfx, flash events
, ect ect.make sure to use switches for all of these.
add an extra page, make a switch called, lets say
"battle over" and make that page teleport you back to
where ever you started the battle from( i used this system-
make npc's to trigger the battles-like pokemon for gameboy)
you can use a memory place event on the npc to do this.
and i think you should be able to figure this out. it was
simple enuff for me an my friends(yes, i have friends)>.<
if you are still confused, go ahead and consult drakul
on this matter, he will give you a nice, long, complicated
step by step procedure that, given all your free time, ....

hit me for info on my tute at

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