Yes today we are going to learn how to add random weather in your game and once again it using Old Faithful yes the fork condition.

Ok lets get down to business open up your game and then open the common events in the database find an empty slot and call it randwea and set it in parallel progress and to work in a switch let say random done that? Great! Now add this 2 the commands event, a label then have a variable that is called weather and click on the rand radio button and set it to 0 and 225. Now make a fork condition and have it work with the weather variable and set it to 2 no else case is needed. Right now have the call weather effect thing call and use rain, medium power. After these have a wait command lets say 60 seconds then finally a go to label 1 thing and then you have it just make sure yours looks like this:


<>Variable Ch:[0040:weather]Set, randm[0*225]

<>FORK optn:Varbl[0040:weather]-2

<>Call Weather Effect: Ra, Me

<>Wait: 60.0s

<>GOTOLabel: 1No


:END Case


There you have it one random weather event all you need to do is call it up with your intro and when you go in to houses make sure you turn the random weather switch off and when you leave turn it back on. But remember that this doesnt just have to be a random weather event you can change it so you can make the character jump randomly or fart if u have a SE for it the possibly are endless. Anyway look out for more of my tuts the next one should be a Final Fantasy 8 payment system. If you have any probs e-mail me or post a message on the message board the URL is www.gimpmaster.homestead.com and me e-mail is gimpinmaster@hotmail.com. oh and good luck with the game and send me a copy of it.




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