Show HP in an Custom Battle System!!!


1. Why did I write this faq?

2.The Explanation

   a. Variables you will need

   b. Pictures you will need

   c. How you do it!

   d. some of the mechanics behind RM2K

3. The cold-hard Code

4.  Copyright

5. Credits



You can also use this very same faq to show MP, you just have to change a few things!

1. Why did I write this faq?

    I wrote this faq for a few reasons.  First off, I'm sick and tired of listening to newbies in the RM2K message board ask

"How do I show HP?  Help me Gurus!"  So to put it in different terms, I'm writing this to keep the real Gurus (not me!) 

from yanking out their hair with frustration.

2.  Enough of that trash.  How do I do it?

Alrighty, you will need 4 variables.  One for the 100s digit of the HP, one for the 10s digit of the HP, and one for the 1s

digit in the HP.  You will also need one for the current HP.

    Next, you will need to find or make 10 pictures (at the very minimum).  You will need a picture for every number up 

to 9 (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9).  That is all you need to show the numbers.

Variables         Pictures
Hp 100s

HP 10s

HP 1s














Ok, when your done with that, do the following:

Make a new common event called "Show HP."  Set the event start condition to "Call."  Now insert 3 "Erase Picture"

Events.  Make them erase pictures 18, 19, and 20.  You still with me?  Good, you better be :) .   Now, Change the

variable CrntHP to your Hero's HP.  Not the HP max, but just to HP.  Ok, now, divide that switch by 100.  I will explain

why after this part of the faq.  Now set HP 100s to CrntHP, so they are equal.  Now, set CrntHP to your hero's current HP.

Make Label2 right under that.  Now make a Fork.  Make sure the "add Else Case" box is checked.  Now set the case to

CrntHP.  Type in 99 in the number box, and select "Below" in the drop down menu.  Now hit OK.  Between the ELSE Case

and the FORK optn stuff, divide CrntHP by 10.  Now set HP 10s to CrntHP.  Now go to label1.  Not label2, but label1, which

we'll make in a few minutes.  Ok, not between Else Case and END Case, subtract 100 from CrntHP and go to Label2.  After the

fork (past the whole thing) Make Label 1.  Now make another Fork.  Set it to check if HP 10s is at 0.  No need for an else case

here.  Now inside the fork, make another fork.  The conditions should be to variable HP 100s, and set the number to zero, and

select bigger from the drop-down menu.  No need for an else case here.  Now inside the 2nd fork, make it show the picture (19)

of the 0 you made earlier at the Coordinates X-164, Y-182.  Now you have the 100s value, 10s value, now you need to get the

1s value and lucky for you, its a bit more complicated.  Like the previous 2, Set CrntHP to your hero's current HP.  Next, make

Label4.  Now make a fork.  Make the conditions to Crnt HP, 9, and below.  An else case is needed here.  Now in the 1st half, 

Make it go to Label3.  Not Label 4!!  Label 3.  Now between ELSE case and END case, Make another fork, with an else case. 

Make the conditions to CrntHP, 99, and Below.  In the 1st half, subtract 10 from CrntHP.  Now Goto Label4.  Between End

case and ELSE case, subtract 100 from CrntHP.  Now goto Label4.  After all that BS, Make Label3.  Right after that, set

HP1s to Crnt HP.  Now you have your values!  Now comes the Show Picture part.  Make a fork, set to HP 100s, no else case,

9, and same.  Now show 9 at the coordinates listed below.  Do the same for 8, 7, 6, all the way down to 1.  Don't do 0.  Do the same

for HP 10s, 9 down to 1.    Repeat for HP 1s, 9 down to 0.  Below is a chart of where to place the Pictures.  You can change them

after for your own personal use.


HP 100s HP 10s HP 1s






Now, in your Battle system, when the enemy attacks you, add a command in.  Call event : Show HP.  Also add this event in at

the very start of the battle.  That basically does it.  For the in depth explanation.   Now heres the mathamatical Logic behind this.

RM2K is somewhat simple.  It cannot read decimals. It cann't round up, either.  Since there are no decimals, 999/100=9 to RM2K.

For CBS's, this helps out a lot, since it allows you to show HP without 999 forks.  That basically does it for the mechanical part of the

faq, its all that was needed to know.

3.  The cold-hard code!


This is just my code.  There will be a few things that are a bit different, but that's simply because its for my game!  This is mainly

meant to help those who have no clue what I'm talking about!

4. Copyright

This faq was made by ME, The True Layzeeboy.  My Email is

My AIM is Lazyboy2987.  My ICQ is 82189903, but i rarely ever go on it.  Please, if you want

to post this up on your site, contact me, and I'll decide.  For now, it is ONLY to be on Don's site.

If I find it somewhere other than on Don Miguel's site, you will pay the consequences (which are

not pretty).  Copyright (c) 2001 Layzeeboy.

5. Credits

Thanx to my ma and pa and Don and my dog.  No thanks to all you "gurus" who flamed me when i was 100% newbie.

If you have any question, email me at .  In the subject line, have it read "HP FAQ."

Thanx to all those that read this without scorn or contempt for me for simply helping out people who need it.

Good luck and have fun!!

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