Smoking Objects Tutorial

by Mathieu Tremblay

Hi dear RM2k fans!
It's my first tutorial, think I will say you everything.In fact,just one thing today.I don't know if people are using that technique often but I
find that add a touch of realism in the game.

Ok.To start,you can use this method with differents situation:
-Smoking chimney in town(very realistic)
-Items(smoke bomb,etc...)
-And other

Ok,ok,let's start with the basic thing.First,get
Idraw3 or any program letting you put an image in 2
colors mode.I will use Idraw here!
Open the ''Poison'' battle animation and change
palette to 2 got your smoke.Then,go
in RM2k data base in battle animation.

At this point,create an animation of smoke that rise
up in the air and disapear up there.You will see
there's a lot of possibility.For house,I suggest the
first one(the smallest) cause the animation are a lot
larger on game screen that there.For the other
use,take the one you want.

Here come the tutorial ''how-to''!

1-House chimney
-Put event start condition on parallel process
-Put the event un a top or on the same place that your chimney(that's where you wanna see the smoke).
-An add this line
<>Show batt.animation(Smoke) this event

That's it!

2-Other type of chimney
-It would be possible to to make the chimney of a train or ever,I tried it,the smoke of an airship crashing.
-At this point,everything you need to do is to change the graphic to fit and to do the same thing than the house chimney.
-Note that it would be a great idea to give a turn in the smoke,like if it had wind.
-If your event doesn't start in parallel process, it could looks like that:

Page 1
<> ...nothing...
(But try to put the event start condition to push key,it will lag less)

Page 2

<...>Event start condition:Parallel process
if <...> switch x is [ON]

And that's it again!

Now is the cool part.I was waiting for it!Did you ever
dream of a good item,here it comes:smoke bomb!

Smoke bomb may have a lot of utilities but I'm gonna
speak about 1:Offensive smoke bomb and an another one
in a future tutorial: ''mission'' smoke bomb.

A-Offensive smoke bomb
It is used to attack ennemy by putting on them smoke to lower their deffense or anything else you want.
-Create an unique item named smoke bomb and calling the following skill.
-Make a skill named smoke bomb and having for effect to lower the ennemy deffense.

And that's it!

Well,it wish my english was not so bad cause I'm french in reality.My tutorial should be a little silly but it is simple and that's,it's good!


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