Hawk Kennon's "Stuck Between a MIDI and a WAV Place" Tutorial

You know, you'd of thought that by now someone would have thought of
this before me. But, so far, the only idea I've had came out in Tutorial
form about a week after I gave up on it (FFVII Limit Breaks). Anyway, I
figure that most of you fellas hate MIDI files. I know I do. Hate them with
me, and we will have ourselves a Joyous Union!
What the Hell was I sayin'? Oh yeah: MP3 to WAV. First of all, you DON'T
want to get a simple converter. It'll make a file that was only 1.5MB into
something like 20MB, so what you really want is a recording device. Enter
Total Recorder 2.2, and your ready for action (Get it a www.Tucows.com )!
One problem: It's Shareware. Not Freeware. You can only recorder 40 seconds
right now. You have two options:

A - Register for $10 (Outrageous, eh?)
B - Get the Hack.

Yes, the hack, to register a fake user name and password, thus passing
on the $10 registration fee. I can tell you where to get the hack, too.
It's at . Go get DAMN's hack for
Total Recorder 2.2. That was easy. Watch out for Viruses, Ladies and
Gentlemen, hackers are an untrustworthy bunch.
Now, the beauty of TR2.2 is that it records directly from the players in
your system. i.e: WinAmp. And there are these handy little markers that
allow you to set where the music starts and stops, so all oyu have to do is
find the point where the music loops. For some songs, however, you'll have
to skip the beginning to find the loop. IMPORTANT: To get the smallest WAVs
with decent sound, set the quality to Radio Quality. You learn all about it
when you get TR2.2, though. Anyway, the WAVs will only be about 10% larger
than there MP3 counterparts, so it'll take them about 10 seconds (at the
most) to load in RPG Maker 2000.

So, I'm Hawk Kennon. And I'm better than you at Making WAVs. This
Tutorial was made for Don M. but you can post it on ye own site. If you
think it's worth it, and it probably is if you want to make WAVs, so don't
be a dumbass, and spread the word! But remember, Hawk Kennon is the fella
that forever shall be know as the reigning WAV King. That said, it's only
to obvious that I'm going to tell you that my name belongs on this
tutorial, no matter where it goes. Anyway, I don't have an email (Not one I
want to give you), so if you ever want to contact me (though you probably
won't), just get Don M. to post it on his site.


Hawk "WAV King" Kennon

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