Tutorial on how to do Summon spells with Idraw chara maker!!!!!(by Eduardo Frances -TETSUO-)

Ok here it is how to do it I managed to do it with normal sized enemies -with the bigger one do all the steps below but cut in two halfs (put one in one battle animation square and the other half in a different battle animation square)-

1-First open two different windows with Idraw chara maker one with the monster graph you desire to use -rpgmaker95 or 2000) with an enemy (as an example the Bat) and in the second one open a battle animation (rpgmaker2000) (in this example we will use the bite battle animation\)both files are in the RTP folder.

2-Copy the Bat graph and paste it in the window of the bite battle animation ,then move it to an square of animation that You will not use...(so it can fit better in the animation square )

3-Then fill the font color of the bat (that is red) with the green color of the font of the bite battle animation and save it in the RTP folder in the Battle folder (make sure that You put a different name from the ones that already are in there) and remember to save it with the .png extension!!!

4-Go to RPGMAKER2000 and in the upper menu is the option "TOOL", click on it and choose "RAW material editor..."

5- A window will pop up and search in the "BATTLE" folder and highlight your battle animation and press the button "IMPORT"

6-A new window will appear find your battle animation and do double-click on it to open it

7-In a window will appear the battle animation flashing in two green tones, click ok

8- now is available in the RTP for the game click on the button "CLOSE"

9- and have fun making your summon spell!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish to thank Don Miguel for translating RPGMAKER 95+ and RPGMAKER 2000, and for his help thanks dude

And I wish to thank Stifu for all the help with the switches!!!!

If you have questions write me ok?

Thanks! your friend :


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