Creating More Than Three Vehicles

I am writing this tutorial on how to make more than just the three vehicles. I may not be the best man for the job, but you're stuck with me now, so bear with it. I only know of one way to create more vehicles, and it's probably the longest, hardest way, but I'll give it a shot. Any switches are in blue letters, and anything important is bold or underlined (obviously). Now enough of my babbling (there will be a lot more, trust me) and on with the tutorial!

You are not able to have more than three vehicles at a time, however, so keep this in mind when writing your plot. Just for the sake of this paragraph, let's say you want a Bicycle, Boat, Space Ship, and a Star Ship. At one point in the game, you're going to have to make one of the vehicles leave (or more, depending on how many vehicles you want, but try to keep it down to four or five to begin with). You can have them be stolen or break down or whatever you want, let your mind carry you away. Since you have 2 flying vehicles, it would be best to have the Space Ship break down before you get the Star Ship in the story line. This may have no great significance to you right at this point, but keep it in mind when writing your story.

So let's just say that your Space Ship just broke down, and you bought a brand spanking new Star Ship. When you buy it (or receive it, whatever fits your story) you need to make an event that will change the graphic of the Space Ship to your Star Ship, and make a switch turned on. (To accomplish the vehicle change, use the Change Vehicle GFX... button on page 1 of the event editor and change the airship picture. Also, make a switch called "Star Ship") Obviously, the Star Ship is better than just the normal Space Ship, so therefor should be able to pass through many more different terrains.

Open up your Database editor (F8) and go to the Terrain tab. Double the amount of terrains you already have by clicking on Max Field Number and typing in twice the amount of terrains you already have. Now, you need to make the terrains exactly the same as the above, only make more of the terrains Passable by Airship.
   Note: You do not need to double any terrains or chipsets that will be in caves or inside houses where the Star Ship will never pass through.

Once you have done all that, you are ready for the harder part; the part where every map has to have it's chipset changed. You can do this anyway you like, there are a couple, but I shall only list one of them, the one that I can describe best. You must make an event on every map that the Star Ship has access to (so you don't include insides of houses and caves), and each event must have 2 pages. The first page should be blank, and the second page should be a Parallel Process that has the Star Ship switch to turn it on. In the events area, press the Change Chipset... button on Page 3. Change the chipset to its exact copy, the one that was created for the Star Ship to pass through.

And that's about all. I know I am not the best writer, and this certain tutorial didn't have a lot of scripting in it, but that's the best I can do. Any problems with it, e-mail me.

Created by Norwolf (David T. Allen)
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