Vertically Scrolling Text
By: R. J. Swiggard

This is a reasonably simple FAQ compared to the other one I wrote, Pets and Pet shops. This will explain how to have a nice picture in the background and a text scrolling upwards. This can be used for many things. I use it for big story line parts. Well here it is.

Write the text

First thing you gotta do is write what it’s gonna to say. When I did this I used iDraw. In iDraw I clicked on view and then clicked on show text. This brings up a menu that lets you type words. When you’re done typing you click and drag the little picture of a square in the upper-left side of that little box. I have no clue if any other paint programs have this nice feature. If they do then all you gotta do is use those and save it as a .bmp in the pictures file.

Draw the background

For this all you have to do is draw or download a nice picture that you want in the background. Then save it to the panorama folder.

Putting things in motion

First thing to do is to make a new map. The size or music doesn’t matter. But make it have a parallax background. Make that your background picture. Now go to the map and make the whole thing that pink square that is in every chipset, each one of those squares is a place where you can see the parallax background. Now make a new event on the map.

The event

Now open up that new event. Make its start condition auto-start. Now on the map before this you want to make the last event right before the words will scroll make the hero transparent and teleport him to this map. Back to this event. You don’t have to but in mine I put a wait for one second. Then I clicked on show picture. I chose the picture of the words and clicked on the “wait until done” box. Where you set them depends on a lot of things, well the X doesn’t, that should be 160, but the Y you’ll have to figure out. After you get that make a move picture event. Keep the 160 the same, the rest you have to figure out because it depends on how big the text is and how fast you want it to scroll. It doesn’t take long to figure this out. Now you want to make it teleport you to where you were or were going, and make it make you visible again.

something extra

If you want to make the entire thing skipable then here’s what you do. Make a new action in the event before you put the place picture action.
Make it a set message options, make the options the same except make them translucent. Then make a message with nothing in it. Now go back to the show picture and unclick the “wait until done” box. There ya go.

I’d like to thank Drakul for the idea.
And you can E-mail me with any problems you may have at:

And that’s all. Hope this helps your game out.
This FAQ/Tutorial was made by R. J. Swiggard.

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