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Don MiguelWARNING!!! This page is closed! I do not support FM95 any more!

If you want to get some info about the Fighter Maker 95 then go here Mirages FM95 Site

FM95's Translators: CodeMason,  Gosu, Katalyst, Don MiguelFighter Maker 95
1) Fighter Maker 95 + Untranslated RTP v 3.0 (6 Mb)
(Untranslated shitty RTP + very few of my spelling typos fix + Install Shield... done by LORD CHIBILOT at GGZero)
You can read FM95's TUTORIAL on Gaming Ground ZERO site.

Russia: Mirror1 (by Dr Sun)
Russia: Mirror2 (by Dr Sun)
Russia: Mirror3 (by Cyber P.)
Brazil: Mirror4 (by Fury Vegetto)
USA: Mirror5 (by The Guy)

2) Old Fighter Maker 95 v 1.0 (285 kb)
(unscrewed version)

Russia: Mirror1 (by Don)
Canada: Mirror2 (by UPRC)
USA: Mirror3 (by Ness)

NOTE: "Test Play" wont work - use "Make Game Disk"

NOTE: Get all FM95 related info and help on my new Fighter Maker Forum

2) Few RTP Files for FM95
Few RTP FM95 Files by DON
Demos, Players, Screens (do not ask me more or else I'll erase whole FM95 section on my site ^_^ - I do no support it)

3) MUGEN - another Fighter Maker
Stand Alone, non Japanese, FREE fighter maker

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