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mRO - Рагнарок онлайн Russian Ragnarok online mRO

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  1. Hehehe... this dead site seems to be alive 8) Yeah! Thanks to the forums!!
  2. Do you like this background music? Wanna have more? Here's a zipped file of some hits by DUNE.
  3. On getting my own, free projects I open the locked forums back but redo their conception.

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Spiffy RM2k tips

48. Don't type your heroes' names in the message boxes--replace their names with \N[hero's number] to quickly reference their name. This saves time when you want to change their name. You can apply this to anything that has a name, like countries or towns.

49. Organize your switches and variables by putting an Important: as the nickname of the switch be4 that switch so u know these switches are important;do that but with the word unimportant too.It helps to organize your switches and variables if you have little time on your pc so you can get right to the switches and variables you need to use.
by Gogeta

50. A switch is basically a signal in the RM2k that can either be on or off. Initially, all are off, and throughout the course of the game they can be turned on or off again. You can make the game do different things whether or not a particular switch is on or off. Now let's try an example: Say you want to have a treasure chest that holds, say, a potion. Now, usually when someone tries to make this (without knowledge of switches) when the hero activates (opens) the chest he/she recieves the item. But when they open the chest again they recieve another potion. This will continue without end. This is the most common problem regarding switches. The solution to this is surprisingly simple: At the end of the event, turn on a switch. To do this, all we need to do is click "Change Switch" and choose a switch we want to change. There is no such thing as actually "creating" a switch, since they all already exist. All we do to the switch is name it.
by hypergamer

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Russian Ragnarok online mRO - Рагнарок онлайн

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