Donny boyMorpheus & KaZaA RM2k Exchange Center

Good news! I found the spiffy tool Morpheus which can help us to share and distribute our RTP, RM2k games, charasets, fonts, MP3 and more. Just download and install Morpheus from here. (It's 1.7 Mb only!)

Morpheus uses same tech and servers as KaZaA, but much better. It has not spyware!!! Use it instead of KaZaA - u'll get same info faster!

Ask your additional questions here: RM2k Morpheus Forum

Then share your GFX folders and RM2k Installs folders. It'll help you to search and exchange any RM2k releated files world wide.

But here are few conditions for succesful share and exchange:

Fill details for each file for share:

1. The Album of the image: RM2k

2. The Category of the image: Art

3. The type of the image: Clip-art

4. More / Keyword: RM2k (you must add second word here such as "RTP", "charaset", "monsters", "chipset" etc)

5. More / Description: Put here all you want...

6. Author: Put an author of the file here (if you know)


PS Please, do not use Morpheus for other deeds.

Updated: November 18, 2001

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