The worst man in the whole world - Alexsux (the pic by Don Miguel)My "Niggaz VS Satan" Download Page:

New!!! "Niggaz VS Satan" RM95 RPG is ready for download!!!

a screenshot  of NVSWelcome to the world of the Violence, Sci-Fi, Friendship, Love and Anime!

There's a bilingual version of "Niggaz VS Satan" RPG Game

You can download the game directly from STIFU's site

"Niggaz VS Satan" comics

New NVS Manga Page 1 (Russian) Page 2

14.01.2002: We made this comics especially for a spiffy Russian comics contest KomMissia.

31.06.2002: There's a new NVS manga (4-koma) for another manga contest. I present you this manga in English (here's the same manga in Russian)

Last update: August 1, 2002
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