Don's NEWS:

13.05.2000: Props to fellow translator [censored], who helped me with the RM2000 RunTimePack and had moral support. 

There's the 3 kinds of the Weather!!!11.05.2000: I solve RM's "NEW PROJECT" problem. Now you could make new RM2000 within RM2000 Editor without any kind of cheating.
After some "digging" I did my first RM2000 Game Disk. There's no probs now. Remind me later that I must translate SETUP.EXE also. Well done! The nervousness is in the past.
I did a stuff for a full Russian font RM2000 compatibility. Ufffff.....
Remember this: I'm not a pirate. I'm doing it all for my own home

ScreenShoot309.05.2000: I've got a RM2000 game. Now I done ~80% of English tranny of the RM2000. There's damn SOUND ERROR (and crash). When I could fix it then I'll upload RM2000 to somewhere. There's one screenshot. RM2000 is very flexible tool!
RM2000 ScreenShoot4
08.05.2000: I've run commercial version of the RPG Maker 2000 !!! So... i cant's open/create new game by it still. Plz, help me to find any RM2000 game URL ! Then I'll be sure that all is Ok.
There're some fresh RM95 links at my
LINKZzZ page.
RM2000 ScreenShoot206.05.2000: I put some new MonsterSets, CharaSets (From FF, SF2, PS4) to my pages. Check them!
Read info about RM2000 in English at The Heresy site.
Here is the direct link to all English Info about Japanese version of the RPG Tsukuru 2000 (RPG Maker 2000).
Thanx to The Heresy members. And YES - i got my first link to RM2000 files from The Heresy.

Vocabulary Page 5, You could set all messages here!03.05.2000: My new project is RPG Maker 2000. I'm making a spiffy de-japanizator tool. I have got 2 commercial versions of the RM2000 (RPG Tsukuru 2000 by ASCII) EXEs files also. They're unexecutable still. But I'll try to do something cool.
P.S. If I'll done my De-Japanizator well.. then someone could easily translate ShooterMaker95 & FighterMaker95.

P.P.S THANKS to MrPectate for a second live RM95+ link!!!

22.04.2000: I done all GAME.EXE stuff for RPGMaker95+ v 1.1. So.. you could get new English fixed GAME.EXE v1.23. ( at the bottom of that page click at Prepatched files )
Hi! I'm a spiffy cat!Warning!!! All new versions of RPG95.EXE and GAME.EXE are incompatible with Windows95 !!! 

21.04.2000: 99% English (by Holbert & CodeMason) SimRPG Maker's URL at my LINKZzZ page.

13.04.2000 - 14.04.2000: THANKS to MrPectate: the link to RPGMaker95+ was fixed today. And thanks to Bill for an another live link to RM95+.
Check my  TileSwapping FAQ v 1.1 also (with tiny additions for dummies 8-).
I've added all RM95 links from my E-mail to my
LINKZzZ page.

10.04.2000: One of the links to the RM95+.ZIP was fixed today. Thanx to all!

27.02.2000: Check my  Unlimited TileSets / TileSwapping FAQ v 1.0 (All about unlimited tilesets for your game)

26.01.2000: I did new translation of RPG95.EXE & GAME.EXE. Some mistranslations was fixed. The FONT problem was solved also. Now you'll have same GAME FONTS everywhere (even into the 'compiled' game).
I gonna release new (final) version of the RM95+ v 1.1. So... read my news! 8-)

17.01.2000: Check my update of the FAQ v 1.1 (about GDI Errors, Flash Effects, Saving of the Switches, etc.)

12.01.2000: I've added 2 spiffy FAQs about RM95+ Errors and about GAME MAKING: Time in the game, Transforming Magic Items, etc.

01.01.2000: Wow! I see... you're a live! So... America was framed again by Billy Gates and his fake Y2K problem. It was LOL. LOL!!!! 8-) I have nice time to watch a comedy. 8-) But now i gonna release new version of the RM95+.
Firstly I'll make new stand alone "LOAD/GAME/MONSAGFXBUG/FIXER". It'll be based at the untranslated version of the RM95 (v 1.23).
Second: I'll release RPG95.EXE without that misunderstanding "e2---write error thing". So check my site at this week!

15.12.1999: Again! RM95+ is ready for download! Check this page: RPGMaker95+ Downloads Page

22.10.1999: Wow!!! My "Niggaz VS Satan" RPG is ready for downloading! Check for a link to my special NVS page at my RPGMaker95+ Downloads Page

20.10.1999: I sent my "Niggaz VS Satan" RPG to some ppl by e-mail. I hope that they'll upload it at some servers soon. It's in Russian still. English add-on coming soon!!!

08.10.1999: Some of RM95+ problems are solved: (thanks to dBaSixX)

1) ok i have use the load BUTTON for loading a project and i have no error! but when I open a project from the win style menu it crash

2) Ok and the make disk error is not a real error it make the game disk and ends with an error but the saved game disk is ok
=> Ignore the error

01.10.1999: All links to RM95+ are live now. Thanx to Yasin! You could download the best RPGMaker95+ edition in the single ZIP file: RPGMaker95+

27.09.1999: Sorry guys!!! I've not enough time for uploading NVS RPG game yet... It's in Russian only yet. So sorry!!! 8-(

25.09.1999: Sim RPG Maker 97 was updated by ASCii !!! But it's Japanese of cuz. 8-)

20.09.1999: I did da spiffy FLASH menu.

3.09.1999: I'm home at least! Er... the Unlimited Tilesets Project was stopped. Because it's not so easy... And it's out of my interests... sorry dudes! But English NVS coming soon!!!
And welcome to my
NeW RM95+ WWW FoRuM!!!

09.08.1999: Get your spiffy mail account now! Just Choose one: For a GODz For a girlzfor a Franchz for a dumbz for a PokeFanz What's wrong with me? 8-)

09.08.1999: Welcome to my spiffy RM95+ Forum WWW Board!

31.07.1999: I've added few links to my LINKZzZ page.

24.07.1999: Finally! (Again!) RPG Maker 95+ beta is ready for uploading!!! So get it from there. And thanx to Dragoon Mike, Neocow and Cloud Sama for RM95+ uploading.

22.07.1999: You can DL my old platform game "Super Vinnie Da Pooh"! I did it at 1995. So... it's looks like "Super Mario World" game. Check this out!

20.07.1999: I done "Niggaz VS Satan" RPG!!! And I'll upload NVS to my server soon! This is a final (not a beta) version!

15.07.1999: My CrossWind's account was removed today... 8-(... SHIT!!! 8-) So... I gonna upload RM95+ to another server... Shit I'm so tired! It means that all RM95+'s files are DOWN now! But wait a while! Dragoon Mike have promise that he'll upload my files to the other server soon!

14.07.1999: Bad news... Stupid guys from closed my account... it means that RM95+'s files are gone now.
Probably I'll upload they to another site. Anyway... some ppl have time got my RM95+

13.07.1999: Finally! RPG Maker 95+ is ready for uploading!!! So check it here.

12.07.1999: RPG Maker 95+ is ready for uploading!!!

09.07.1999: You can DL the U.S.English Version 0.5 of HELP FILE now! Go to RPGMaker95 section!!! I added some links also!

05.07.1999: You can DL the HELP FILE v 0.1 for RM95+

04.07.1999: Really good news! Dragoon-Mike found for me a nice HELP maker. I'm working at RM95's HELP file right now! Here is the screenshot from my help file.

30.06.1999: Updated sections: SOUNDzZz and GFX SETzZz. BTW... HELP file is not done yet.

28.06.1999: I did the RM95+ package at last!!! I done all of my EXAMS... I'm a free man now!!! 8-) So... I gonna upload that RM95+ a few next days. But i still have not an any "HLP-file builder". It's so pity. Becuz I gonna release RM95+ with a spiffy HLP file...

22.06.1999: I uploaded another default CharaSet by ASCII. "Da Shit / Da Fat Anime". I works hard at RPGMakr95+'s installation also.

21.06.1999: I updated my site again! Also i did the GREAT-SUPER-SPIFFY FULL RPGMakr95+'s installation with Install Shield. No more damn ZIPs, RARs! No more DaMn DLL's problems! You'll get the WHOLE RPGMaker95+ in the one installation file!!! I gonna upload it next week... or something 8-)

20.06.1999: I did a GREAT step in the RM95 translation! Forget about KH's translation now!!! ;-) No more abbreviations!!! Yeah!!! You could feel the power of the REAL 100% English RPG Maker 95 soon!!! I gotta upload THE FULL INSTALLATION soon!!! So check my page offten!

19.06.1999: IMPORTANT!!! Now you can download FREE UnRAR utilite for extracting my RAR archives!

18.06.1999: I uploaded the cool document with some advices about SPIFFY -PLOT- MAKING. Check it here!

16.06.1999: I uploaded the BEST 3D TileSets for RPGMaker95 from the games "TORA1" & "TORA2".

15.06.1999: 1) I uploaded the military CharaSet (i got it from "Soukou" RPG). This is cool CharaSet for a military RPG... 2) I uploaded two fantasy CharaSets from the games "TORA1" & "TORA2". Check it if you like a cats, a witches and an ANIME!!!

13.06.1999: I uploaded some TileSets, CharaSets... Get the spiffy one from the "KNight Blade" RPG. This looks like MechWarrior's GFX... Cool!

12.06.1999: I did the new FaCe of My TraNnY SiTe!!! And... Happy Birthday to me!!! I'm 25 now!! Yahoo!!!

11.06.1999: Almost finished the NVS RPG. I gonna translate it to English soon.

10.06.1999: I've almost CD-rip the new version of the RPG Maker 95 (version 1.23)

Last update: 13-05-2000
2001 BMV

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