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My name is LSD. I'm bad pussy!Don's Spiffy NeWz:

Donny boy10.10.2001: I'm fixing RTP Add-On 1.3 with my Spiffster.

OMG! I see so many glitches in charasets now... Some of them are trembling ^_-

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Donny boy31.10.2001: New version of Spiffster is ready. (v

Download new version of my SPIFFSTER (Zip file 640k).

Click to see details then download SpiffsterWhat's new:
- Copy picture to the Windows' clipboard (You can export current picture to your favorite graphic editor which doesn't s

What's fixed:
- You can save pictures in the PNG format only
- Works with CM1999, CR1999 and iDraw 3.3x well
- Zoom mode works fine
- RTPish ghost.png monster (48x48 pixels!) goes right to the Monster folder. ^_-
- Preview's thumbnail doesn't crop bottom side of pictures
- This utilitie installs in the original folder "FaMe"
(because it's my original product and it doesn't have any relations with OJ/ASCII, etc)

Known Bugs:
- None (tell me)
- Doesn't work with ,y favorite graphic editor Corel Painter (because CP doesn't support PNG graphic format)
- Some typos and stuff (correct me please)

Donny boy26.10.2001:Spiffster is the best RM2k's Graphics Manager!!!

Download new version of my SPIFFSTER (Zip file 634k with InstallShield).

It's 100% free tool yet. I wrote it by C++. You can help me with its developing by gathering some good ideas for it. Use this special Spiffster support forum.

25-10-2001 version (c)2001 Don Miguel

What's new:
- Works with an external graphic editor (you can call it by pressing CTRL+E then you can close your editor by Alt+F4. I prefer iDraw, but you can use PSP or anything you want... but some editors will not load current picture)
- Sort files then you can surf though sorted files by arrow keys
- Animated Preview for RM2k charasets:
1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 2x3, 3x1, 3x2, 4x1, 4x2
- the Flawed folder contains these sub-folders:
a) CharaSet (for fragmentary or broken sets)
b) FaceSet (for fragmentary or broken sets)
- Zoom 1 - 4 times. Righ-click on the zoom button and choose the number.
- it counts sub-folder during the GFX sorting
What's fixed:
- Fixed the icons order for Panorama / Title
- supports a file path with " " character
- some errors (you did not know about them)

Known Bugs:
- "Save File As..." doesn't save a picture in the BMP format

TO DO List:
- Save Sorted Target
- Network support

This's not Spiffster! This's ActViewPS I removed dead links from my LINKS page, thanx to SiliconHero.

PPS One dork says that the Spiffster isn't mine. He says that I took Japanese tool ActView (c)Gaz. LOL. Just look on this screenshot of ActView.

17.10.2001: RPG-Advocate and his pals are gone from my forums.

Check my new spiffy Spiffster tool. It can sort your RM2k GFX and convert BMP files to PNG files.

This version is pre-beta. Test it and tell me what functions do you want using there. I can do almost anything. Just give me an idea.


Meanwhile: I'm planning Napster-like add-on for my Spiffster. When it will be ready then you'll be able to share your RM2k resources via internet. And I'm planning many other spiffy things. ^_-


You can try RIGHT-Click on the Zoom Button and Double-Click on the files' tree window.

PS This version can't saw BMP files but PNG.

Well... now you can download it here (460K). FIXED!!

6.10.2001: I'll not close any links to our chat rooms. So do not worry 8-)

RPG-ADVOCATE is back. He's an administrator of my board now. We must pervent all racist and anti-... SPAM there.
Yes... I know all about the unjust bans. Be patient please.

My e-mail server was down. So... I did not got your letters for last 3 days

3.10.2001: Hello All!

I'm glad to present spiffy GAME LOADER for RM2k games by Gimp Master.

Whats in this version

This version will let people view a video before they play a your
rm2k game, isn't that just great ^_-

You can download it from my site or check Gimp Master's UNI-MATRIX (for an update!)

Well... the history repeats. One more jealous kid came here...
it's doesn't matter for me a bit...

But I'm getting tons of complains about #rm2k and stuff...

PS Shiro and others are good guys still... but It's not my problem that Visgo is a brother of someone... Right? 8-)

So may be we'll close the shrewish channel 8-)) or may be not. (I hope not!)

30.09.2001: Some links were added and fixed. I added 2 mirrors for RTP 1.0 and one for RM2k 1.07e. Guys, thank ya!

Oh... almost forgot. He-he-he. You can congratulate me with 2.000.000 hits !

RTP 1.3 Add-On is in the testing state still.

27.09.2001: Do you remember Music Mucker 1999 by YOJI OJIMA? Two strange guys finished its English translation. You can download it from my site too.

I made new and spiffy install for MM v 1.22 (it's 571k only!)
So go and get it now!

I got new main mirror also. Thanks to Dark Link from www.phantomrpg.com

19.09.2001: I spent some hours for my site by fixing tons of broken links. I changed its layout a little bit also.

There's a honorary monthly award of RPG OPS. Check it out. This's the official award on my site from now! Go and win your award.

Did you notice the tons of candles for our tribute of the disaster (on the Gaming Ground Zero site) ?

RTP 1.3 Add-On is ready! Thanks to SiliconHero who found and fixed all glitches of RTP 1.3 Add-On.

Now we're mounting some mirrors for new RTP Add-On.

GET RTP 1.3I designed some special "RTP compatible" banners. You must put them up near to your game downloads link.

GET RTP 1.0PS Do not delete install file of the RTP 1.0 (Old one). New add-on wont work without the RTP 1.0

15.09.2001: I just assembled new RTP 1.2 Add-On.

Some spiffy guys help me a lot... But... I'm sorry for missing few glitches in RTP Add-On. So do not download it yet. If you installed it already then do not worry. It did overwrite few RTP 1.0 files (vehicle.png and dungeon.png + few new files contain transparency glitches).

If it's OK for you then go on and install it right now. ^_-

PS I'm working on some special monkey business right now. And it's a secret!!!

31.08.2001: Do you want to get all brand new RM2k stuff for a seconds? Got problems with downloading of RTP, RM2k 1.07 install? Then read this info! All RM2k users must read!

I found the FREE spiffy tool Morpheus which can help us to share and distribute our RTP, RM2k games, charasets, fonts, MP3 and more. Just download and install Morpheus from here. (It's 1.7 Mb only!)
Then share your GFX folders and RM2k Installs folders. It'll help you to search and exchange any RM2k related files world wide.
Read all special RM2k Morpheus conditions on my special RM2k Morpheus page.

All RM2k Gurus do use Morpheus!!!

23.08.2001: New RM2k & SimRM95 Tutorials!

I was able to spent 3 hours more for my spiffy site. I wrote more than 54 letters today... 8-( And I did not sort these tutorials. So you can reach them from news page yet.

I fixed some links to my old tutoruials. I added 3 mirrors for RTP 1.0. And I did some non important stuff for my second site also.


  1. Simrpg95 GENERAL FAQ by Odin
  2. SIM RPG Maker 95 Tutorial: Dealing with Files by Dragoon Falcon


  1. Morph spell By ^easy_gamer^
  2. Number Password (how to connect some rm2k games in one saga) By Gauphastus, the Black Emperor
  3. Push Block Tutorial By Gauphastus, the Black Emperor
  4. {Kenmysta}z help on RPG Maker 2000 (Zip) By Kenmysta
  5. Day and Night... again by blacknesmonster
  6. Custom Battle Scenes: The Run Probability By MC Booga
  8. make a cutscene in RPG Maker 2K using pictures.by Rein-Kun
  9. Thunder & Lightning Tutorial By Fyrebahl
  10. Lamp Light Tutorial by ValkyrieShiva
  11. Jump Tutorial by SephirothOWA
  12. Making a Chest without any switches by JDBoone
  13. Newbie Help by DarkAngel504
  14. Caterpillar Fix by DarkAngel504
  16. how to get ure character over 50 by Rpgfreaks
  17. Switches, Variables, Set Password, etc by Flavioli
  18. How to Make Doors Inside Houses By SiliconHero

It's all folks!

PS Hey all! Could you leave the Pavilion and AGETEC alone? Those guys are OK. So do not spam their forums... It's lamish and childish. Agree? 8-)



So you must make talking bot which will teach newbies. It must know some RM2k topics!! You not need to programm it... Just fill its DataBase of Knowledge in the AIML format. Waht? You do not understand? I see...

Did you ever saw the AI Talking bots? Check A.L.I.C.E bot. It can talk very naturally... So download ICQza Talking Bot and create AIML file about all RM2k FAQ.

You will find all help on AIML and stuff on the A.L.I.C.E site also.

You must test your bot first! It must help with RM2k, iDraw and other questions (Where Don's Web site is? Where's RM2k FAQ? etc...)

Then we'll apply this AIML RM2k data base to the IRC bots... and they'll answer to the newbies questions! 8-))) I luv this contest!

15.08.2001: I'm back. My back is hurt. My shit is covered by roads dust... I wanna just... er.. nm.

So I'm back. I have some spiffy plans about my RM2k Forums. 8-) But It's a secret yet.

I got only 111 letters during my vacations.

NOTE: Do not send me a games!!! I do not accept them.

5.08.2001: Today is hard one.

1. My English translation (fan sub) of the RM2k is not illegal. It means that you can do anything with it. I told you all I know. And it doesnt care me becuz ist authors did not even talk with me. I'm responsible man. Ya know.

2. ASCII will never release it in US, Europe, Australia and others. It's pity.. But you can use this free version instead.

3. I made RTP 2.0. Do you need it? Id so the write your opinions and suggestions in the "What ya want to get in the RM2k 1.10"
I'm going to include all Blue&Macks chipsets and some other sets with such High Quality. I do not like RIPS... some of them look untidily (yeah, as my site).

4. I'm leaving for short vacation to the some big towns with great Russian History places... I'll be back in a week.

5. You have got 3 admins: Stifu, Brickroad and Strykers. They're oldbies. I can call them as RPG gurus. We have got some wide mods: ShadowText, Gemin-eye and other well known and well respected mods.

6. We have got great RM2k contest. It's very promiscuous and spiffy. The ShadowText's "FARM CONTEST". Read more in the Various contests forum. I'll grant same prizes to the winner (as I gave to my contests winners).

PS... Did saw this funky RM2k site? Jem Team (Brazil) No? R u crazy? Go and flood thier guestbook by yer opinion. NOW!!!!

1.08.2001: Contest "Draw Anime Stifu" is over.

Let's congratulate the winners:

1st place

2nd place

Big Jargon
3rd place

Wonder who got 4th and other places? Want see spiffy don's comment at the each work then go here.

31.07.2001: I'm closing "Draw S.... Anime" contest today.

Check my fresh tranny: MIDI MUCKER 1999.... it's FUN!!!

19.07.2001: More "Draw Anime Stifu" contest pix were added!

BTW I'm watching these anime series right now: Detective Conan (SPIFFY!!!), Sabre Marionette J (YAY!), Slayers, Slayers NEXT, Slayers TRY

You can dl "Detective Conan" and other anime from my fa Lunaarts anime site

18.07.2001: I created separated page for Russian RM2k games only. Ya know that I know over 1000 foreign RM2k users but 5 Russian users only... So I will promote their games as well for Russians. Actually you will not see it on my site... Becuz it's for Russian auditory only.

If you do not speak Russian then you will not miss anything ^__^

I just uploaded full pack pokemons monsters pix in one ZIP. Here's Pokemon Stadium chipset in one ZIP file.

And YES, I'm watching POKEMON every day! Boo!

17.07.2001: My EZBoard's account is stolen still. It's shitsu. 8-(((( Today I uploaded some charasets and stuff... I made some cosmetic changes of my whole site (the Russian part of my site too).

13.07.2001: 3D Maze contest is over! CONGRATS!

Sweet! We have got 3 spiffy winners: 1. syxtem 2. Nayno 3. Rbrowne

I'm inviting ya to da funniest art contest: "Draw Anime Stifu" You can read all rules inside.

BTW: Gaming Ground Zero site is up and has spiffy face lift by spiffy artist! Ya know him by his spiffy site www.squarearth.com

12.07.2001: My site is back to life 8-) http://go.to/rm2k

I hate to depend on people because engagements are too serious things.
Well... my site is up. Enjoy. I'll update it well soon.

29.06.2001: Yay. I just finished translation of spiffy and useful tool: MyWin (270k)

Now you can do any signs, custom windows, parts of menu, etc.. without any probs! And they'll look like original rm2k windows! 8-)

You must check MyWin by Gaz (Japanese dude)

Thanx to Nasferatu for info & new RTP / RM2k 1.07b mirrors!

I just fixed links to SiliconHeroe's TETRIS demo and SYXTEM's MME3 3D Maze Builder demo.

PS I'm almost finished with uploading of CHARASETS / MONSTERS and stuff for RM2k. Now all links work fine.

23.06.2001: I'm uploading all my charasets collection right now. (There're 3 exclusive charasets!!! No one else has them yet!)

RPG Maker 2000 1.07b Fixes patch by PhoenixX_2
What will this do?
-Resize the font in the Map Event Editor, Common Event Editor and Battle Event Editor.
-Resize the Show Message dialog (textbox, frame, buttons, lines)
-Change font in Show Message dialog to Terminal (mono-spaced)

You can check and download 3 demos of the 3D MAZE contest.

I'm working on the translation of RM2k 1.10 again (I just fixed all my tools! Hurray!)

RM95+ news: Stifu fixed GAME.EXE 1.23 for RM95 games.
Now your games will crash not so often 8-)
Now we have got universal GAME.EXE which works fine under Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, Me and 2000.
Stifu did it all in few days. Yes... I did help him with few tips... 8-P But it no matters. He did it.

Remember old good Japanese game STAR OCEAN ? It's playable under ZSNES now. Go to www.zophar.net and get all you need. (Too bad... I haven't got a ROM8-((((((((((((( )

18.06.2001: Yesterday was birthday of my old bro. Today is my mom's BD. Ya know... it's repeating every year. 8-))) Too many cakes, too many PEPSI Light... j/k

I was on the nature trip with my ex-univercity mates. It was fun but I was pretty tired tonight. So there's no update today.

By the way: my old site at RPGMAKER.CHAT.RU is dead. Forever. They closed it because of huge traffic. You can use short address for my new site: http://go.to/rm2k

You can use this URL for my "The RM2k Forum" http://go.to/rm2kforum also.

I just assembled new install file for RM2k 1.07b. It contains full English HELP file by Gemin-eye also.


I do not support old versions of RM2k. Ya know... some lazy dorks are using spoiled RM2K 1.03b even! SHAME ON YOU! V_V'

Now we're working on the new HELP file for RM2k 1.10

I removed all dead links of RTP mirror files. Thanks to Squirrel!

I'm uploading some cool stuff on the new host right now. I just uploaded some SYSTEM sets; now uploading tons of chipsets...

There's 3 exclusive charasets by me... I'll upload them ASAP



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