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My name is Elesde. I'm a bad pussy!Don's Spiffy NeWz:

Donny boy7.1.2002: Marry X-Mas to all Russian ortodox people. ^_^

The 7th January is Russian X-Mas

Just updated my X-Mas contest page. There are 11 demos now. Some of them are damn spiffy!!!

Do you want to learn Japanese? Then READ THIS ^_-

D-Pixed Manga MakerI found s great tool D-Pixed. It was specially designed for all people who draw their own manga or comics. You can get it here

RPG Tsukuru 5 won't be released until Feb. 28 - in Japan. Check this out and cry!

Do you recall Destiny's Call Complete, from the well known LinoG? You can get it here

Ever wanted to explore a CBS but it was locked or too complicating?
Listen up people, a CBS is NOT hard to understand, and with this CBS open and very easily customizable with many guiding comments, you can make one too. This helped others make a CBS, I hope it helps you too

I translated and uploaded the new version of iDraw 3.32.01 by HAWK
It works fine under Windows XP / 2000

Thank your for support!

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18.12.2001: My grandmother died today morning V_V

You can download and play 3 demos of my X-Mas Puzzle Contest.

BTW... I played Santa once... It was in the school's cinema club. (There's a snow-maid. She was a pretty girl)

You can send me your original charsets. I'll post the bes ones on my site! (You can use Spiffster for converting BMP files to PNG files)

Check this Shooter Maker tutorial by MagusBr

Thank your for support!

24.11.2001: Say bye-bye and good luck to rpgtsukuru.com mirror. ^_-

I fixed some links and mirrors...

New RM2k Tutorials & FAQ

  1. Find Traps Tutorial By Chris Hale ZIP (THE EXCELLENT TUTORIAL)
  2. How to make AVI files with iDraw by Aragorn Dragon
  3. Auto Revive Items by SiliconHero
  4. Reflect Spell by SiliconHero
  5. Banking System Tutorial / With The Works by Master Kaos21
  6. Ambient sound tutorial by Oberonski
  7. An Item Portal tutorial by ignc666
  8. Oto kr?tki FAQ dotycz?cy RPG Maker 2000 przygotowany przez LtJ'a (Polish)
  9. DraGoons Simple Heads or Tails Game by DraGoon
  10. How to create visible characters in field areas by GerStud101
  11. Night & Day tutorial the simply way ZIP (not again!!! ^_- ) by Curt Gaudon

I added a great option into Spiffster. It shows animated pieces of chipSets and even more. Look at this screenshot. I will upload new version on Sunday.

Funny contest by Guillaume Fortin-Debigar: What about making a 1D rm2k contest? Making an RPG this way is possible! An non-RPG also too!

- The game is only one line of one pixel horizontally or vertically (It can be more pixels, but each dot must be a square of the same height. For example, a 3 pixels high line will have 3x3 pixels dots.)
- Only text is accepted in 2D (It's easier that always having voices!)
- The rest of the screen must be a plain color
- Everything else is up to you

Well it isn't an official contest... Just read and take notice ^__^.

Thank your for support!

18.11.2001: RTP 1.32 is ready! Yesss! RTP 1.32 is ready. I fixed all flawed files which I found. This package contains some new monsters, music (Japanese), sound effects and even more.

I fixed some links and mirrors...

There's something interesting about Network RPG Maker at my forum. Thanks to Rushifaa for a RAW CD Images of buncha muckers. ^_^

I spent a hour for my Spiffster today 8-)

10.10.2001: I'm fixing RTP Add-On 1.32 with my Spiffster.

OMG! I see so many glitches in charasets now... Some of them are trembling ^_-

MailBUG: (I have got the mailbag too!!!)

Dear Derek, Saturday, November 10, 2001, you wrote:

D> Hello,
D> Just thought you should know the people on
D> translation.phantomrpg.com dont like you very much.

Jealousy? envy? both 8-)

D> And for some strange reason they are doing a re-translation
D> of it. Im just giving you this info
D> incase you didn't know.

Retranslation? No... it looks like a changing U.K.English to
U.S.English. 8-)
that's very very dumb. 8-)
becuz they don't do it from the scratch.
All of them saw my 100% translation.
And they can't translate somethuing new.. like 3d rpg maker
or so. Because they can't translate something big
from the scratch. Can you change your projects with them?
So... they'll make great translation of Network RPG Maker
and you'll correct my English.
(I have got corrected version of RM2k already. One good person did it
for himself. But I can't upload it because a good half of Tutorials
will be not usable. Because of changing the EVENT command's names)

D> Also on a another note, I heard you
D> translated rm2k in under 3 hours.

It took about 2 hours. But it was a draft translation!
I spent actually about 2 weeks at all works.
And then I tested it with some American and European testers.
And they corrected my broken English. I had over 10 testers.
And noone can blame them for lack of English. 8-))
You know some of them. They're well known oldbies.
Just open the help file (by Gemin-eye) and read the credits.
And it's twice dumb to accuse of my poor english.

D> If thats true what program
D> did you use if any?

Program? Lol. Do you think that some programs
can do a task without a man?
Man. I don't want to help you at all.
Say thanx to your pal Visage 8-))
But I can give you one useful tip...
There are some decompilers for Visual Basic 5.
So you can use them.

D> I am attempting to translate
D> Network RPG and it took me
D> over 3 hours just to make a main opening banner.


If you didn't know. I spend few hours on Nedango also.
But I dropped the translations because it was a
free client demo.

*** Haste Makes Waste ***

Best wishes,

Doraemon aka Don Miguel

31.10.2001: New version of Spiffster is ready. (v

Download new version of my SPIFFSTER (Zip file 640k).

Click to see details then download SpiffsterWhat's new:
- Copy picture to the Windows' clipboard (You can export current picture to your favorite graphic editor which doesn't s

What's fixed:
- You can save pictures in the PNG format only
- Works with CM1999, CR1999 and iDraw 3.3x well
- Zoom mode works fine
- RTPish ghost.png monster (48x48 pixels!) goes right to the Monster folder. ^_-
- Preview's thumbnail doesn't crop bottom side of pictures
- This utilitie installs in the original folder "FaMe"
(because it's my original product and it doesn't have any relations with OJ/ASCII, etc)

Known Bugs:
- None (tell me)
- Doesn't work with ,y favorite graphic editor Corel Painter (because CP doesn't support PNG graphic format)
- Some typos and stuff (correct me please)

Donny boy26.10.2001:Spiffster is the best RM2k's Graphics Manager!!!

Download new version of my SPIFFSTER (Zip file 634k with InstallShield).

It's 100% free tool yet. I wrote it by C++. You can help me with its developing by gathering some good ideas for it. Use this special Spiffster support forum.

25-10-2001 version (c)2001 Don Miguel

What's new:
- Works with an external graphic editor (you can call it by pressing CTRL+E then you can close your editor by Alt+F4. I prefer iDraw, but you can use PSP or anything you want... but some editors will not load current picture)
- Sort files then you can surf though sorted files by arrow keys
- Animated Preview for RM2k charasets:
1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 2x3, 3x1, 3x2, 4x1, 4x2
- the Flawed folder contains these sub-folders:
a) CharaSet (for fragmentary or broken sets)
b) FaceSet (for fragmentary or broken sets)
- Zoom 1 - 4 times. Righ-click on the zoom button and choose the number.
- it counts sub-folder during the GFX sorting
What's fixed:
- Fixed the icons order for Panorama / Title
- supports a file path with " " character
- some errors (you did not know about them)

This's not Spiffster! This's ActViewKnown Bugs:
- "Save File As..." doesn't save a picture in the BMP format

TO DO List:
- Save Sorted Target
- Network support

PS I removed dead links from my LINKS page, thanx to SiliconHero.

PPS One dork says that the Spiffster isn't mine. He says that I took Japanese tool ActView (c)Gaz. LOL. Just look on this screenshot of ActView.

17.10.2001: RPG-Advocate and his pals are gone from my forums.

Check my new spiffy Spiffster tool. It can sort your RM2k GFX and convert BMP files to PNG files.

This version is pre-beta. Test it and tell me what functions do you want using there. I can do almost anything. Just give me an idea.


Meanwhile: I'm planning Napster-like add-on for my Spiffster. When it will be ready then you'll be able to share your RM2k resources via internet. And I'm planning many other spiffy things. ^_-


You can try RIGHT-Click on the Zoom Button and Double-Click on the files' tree window.

PS This version can't saw BMP files but PNG.

Well... now you can download it here (460K). FIXED!!

6.10.2001: I'll not close any links to our chat rooms. So do not worry 8-)

RPG-ADVOCATE is back. He's an administrator of my board now. We must pervent all racist and anti-... SPAM there.
Yes... I know all about the unjust bans. Be patient please.

My e-mail server was down. So... I did not got your letters for last 3 days

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