My name is LSD. I'm bad pussy!Don's Spiffy NeWz:

Yo!6.04.2000: Spiffy News!

Join to our rm2k gurus AirShip Contest now!

I put charasets's place in order, Check out all 14 don_collection_xx.png charasets! All things have tumbnail preview now! No more lamish ZIPped sets! There are some new & spiffy facesets also.

Check out just amazing RM2k Modern-world RPG example by Kimmo Kotajrvi

Sorry for bothering you with these 221 kbytes, but you could check this out on your spare time. It's a small collection of ideas & graphics for a modern-day RPG. I made it because world has already seen enough medieval-style default-tileset rm2k games :)

I have removed the rpg_rt.exe to make the archive smaller, so please copy it back yourself.

Well, the clock is 22:22 now and I have my english graduation exam tomorrow (writing this
game was good practice, now my english is perfect) so I won't bother writing a longer readme.

Kimmo Kotajrvi

NOTE: You can extract RAR archive by WinRAR or any new WinZip. (WinRar has time trial... so you can use it once for free)

31.04.2000: Cool News!

Download CRACK for A-FLOW 3.15 here (4 Kb) (by Kamui). He did the crack... and I did the EXE for making apply crack EZ.

Check out first and complete tutorial for Fighter Maker 95
Tutorial (c) By Cobra 2001 All rights reserved

28.04.2000: Check out 2 spiffy proggies which can help you to improve yourself as a programmer or something:

Snag It - The screen shot movie demo maker. You can do tutorial move for RM2k (any other movie too). Your friends will see by their own eyes all mouse motions, clicks, etc. I bet such SNAGIT's tutorials will help to MANY newbies to understand TELEPORT, SWITCHES, etc... by live movie.

That was my idea to make such movie tutorial... BTW: thanks to Avatar for an info about SNAGIT and URL.

A-Flow - The spiffy visual compiler. You can create any program by A-Flow... by simply dragging a blocks and icons... It looks like RPG Maker 2000. But you can do your own EXE file for game install, sending mail, presentation, font manager, GFX editor, etc... Try it... and you will start to program without any knowledge... There is kewl English Tutorial!!! It has unlimited time trial!

YashaSoft Worker Needed!!YashaSoft Employment

President Aki and Vice President Daniel from YashaSoft is needing some Workers @ YashaSoft. The Main Team is currently based in New Zealand. YashaSoft needs;

Programmer - Make a demo and send it to us!
Free Hand Art Designer - Sketcher! you make the sketch of everything CG Art Designer Makes it come to life.
CG Art Designer - Anime Trained person with Photoshop and Paintshop mastered! Send in your art works.
Sound Composer - Must be a good sound composer.
Music composer - Send in your music. Topic is "RUSH".
Graphic Designer - Send in any thing to do with Backgraound, Battle Backgraound, Charasets, Chipsets etc...
Anime Movie Enginner - I was hoping if there is anyone out there who can do this... Must be Anime!

if you are interested in any of these Jobs, Send your info to or!

PS Chara Mucker 1999 was demi-cracked by Mark J. Austin. He removed that annoying "enter trial code" screen. He's working on removing of that damn 256-pixels limit... I'll upload patch soon.

I hope he will crack (fix) even ENTER HERO NAME command!!!

26.04.2000: You can downlad and install latest patch for RM2k (RPG_RT) 1.09.
You'll get all instructions in the README.TXT file. Follow the instructions!!! Do not ask me. I wrote all info there!
Bug fix list was included in that file too.

Full install of English RM2k will be awailable in few months or so...

my award22.04.2000: Here's coming long awaited big-update of my site:

I updated tons of links... some of my downloads pages and stuff...

Yay!!! New tuTorials!!!

Advanced Timer Tutorial by Hitchhiker

Smoking Objects Tutorial by Mathieu Tremblay

Basic Switches by Pokeytrev13

Spiffy custom menu tutorial by ShaunOfShadou

Exchange Rate Tutorial by Wagz (link to sample game)

my award!

BTW... Joy3k translated RM2k to French.. By LINGOWARE.. I'm searching a way.. To upload his tranny here...

PSDark Kaliber redesigned the face of my forums. Thank you MAN!

17.04.2000: Read about fixed bugs in the RM2k 1.09:

- When a special skill that the object is set in "User" is used on the field, something wrong that the cursor is displayed in the character on is corrected.
- Something wrong displayed separately for four lines in total sentences and choices is corrected in the place where "Cancellation" is set in "Diverge independently" by displaying choices.
- Something wrong which cancels on the menu screen is corrected when the parties are 0 people.
- Something wrong in which the ability change system instruction of 0 heroes the party is not effective is corrected.
- Something wrong To which the foreign character cannot be displayed is corrected, except when the message speed is one.
- Something wrong which becomes 0 division if [it] shape of waves draws by the expansion rate 0% of the picture is corrected.
- When two or more items of the price of the odd number are sold off, the bug To which a wrong price is displayed is corrected.
- The problem that "Fixation for" is disregarded in "Jump" of the character is corrected.
- When the hero moves by "Jump", the problem by which the screen does not follow is corrected.
- The bug that the redrawing of the name does not work normally is corrected at the time of 35 pieces in number of items of data bases.
- [It] changes To become an error when images other than 256 colors are read by the material management.
- The prevention mechanism of an editor double start is reinforced.
- When the game disk is made on two or more floppy disks, something wrong which cannot be installed directly is corrected from the floppy disk.
- The vehicle is corrected even if the movement speed is changed because of the event and something wrong where the movement speed returns To the origin is corrected when getting on and off.
- Something wrong which anything does not influence even if the check is put in "Shock implication level" by "Special skill which cannot be used" of "State" is corrected.
- When the beginning condition is "Touch from the event", something wrong where "This event was begun with the decision key" flag is not reset is corrected.
- The problem that the order of executing the command afterwards might become amusing is corrected when jumping in the condition branching by event command "Fly To a specified label".
- Something wrong which occurs when updating it Ver1.04 is corrected.
- Something wrong where the violation of reading is generated is corrected when loading it after [it] saves with "Display of the combat animated cartoon" done because of the parallel processing event, and [it] ends once.
- When the transparency is one or more, the problem displayed with a transparent color is corrected even if a transparent color is set in "It is not" by event command "Display of the picture".
- When event command "[It] repeats and process it" is set twice continuously, something wrong that the first repetition processing does not operate normally is corrected.
- [It] corresponds To a part of malformation combination generated when neither the joystick nor the game pad are normally connected.
- When "Victory frequency" which can be acquired in event command "Operation of the variable" loads saving &, something wrong which returns To 0 is corrected.
- Something wrong not To be able To acquire "Number of equipment of items" normally in event command "Operation of the variable" is corrected.
- Something wrong which is "Purchase completion" message is corrected while playing a game being necessary To display "Clearance completion" message by the shop message.
- The edge of the odd number size picture is missed by "Picture display" of "Event command" and displayed something wrong is corrected.
- Something wrong with a different part when equipment is removed is corrected by "Change in equipment" of "Event command".

PS "Enter Name" command will not work ever! I'm not trying To fix it long time ago.
PPS English translation of RM2k 1.09 will come out within few months

13.04.2000: TA-DA!!! LORD CHIBILOT did final tuning of my Fighter Maker 95's translation.

He did English RTP for FM95 also!!! Go To my FM95's page and download it!
That file is 6 Mb. It contains English RTP + FM95 !!!
Use GetRight or other downloaders!!
(You can you them for a trial period for FREE!)
Or else you'll get broken file or nothing!!!

If u forgot.. Then refresh your memory! My version was based on great work of Gosu, CodeMason, and Katalyst.
BTW: you will find the BEST FM95's tutorial on GamingGroundZERO site only!

PS I need more of foreign mirrors for FM95 3.0 translation!

04.02.2000: Another cool site will born soon! You can translate ANY application from any language To any language by LINGOWARE. There's no need To hack / crack or so. I tried To translate RM95+ with Lingoware. It works!!! You can fix my tranny, you can do anything even with a demo version of LINGOWARE. BTW.. You can share your translation via Internet without infringe a rights!!!

We're starting the competition: Who will make 1st FOREIGN translation of English RPG Maker by LingoWare!!! Read news at my forums.

The 1000000th guest of my site is SoCCia.
(You can kiss your monitor ^_^)

I fixed some links on my linkZZZZ page. I added over 10 new mirrors for RTPe and RM2k 1.05

Here are new tetras for RM2k:

that's all for today.

04.02.2000: Check this out! New tutorials!!!

Battle System Similar To PE's by twiggz

How To go around Character Mucker's annoying no-save feature By Dragonlord

Combo Attack System by Wolfborn

Custom transitions ONE and TWO by Norwolf

Ammo System for RM2K by: Stephen Armstrong and Hitchhiker

Tutorial for customizing your RPG (just an update To v 1.1) by ArcHammer2

HOW TO MAKE 2 OR MORE DISK GAMES (for RM95+ and RM2k ) by Jaden15

How To Make a Door Made Super Easy by Ness0973

RPG MAKER 2000 Real FAQ by Jman9912

The Idiot's Guide To Switches by Spanky The Beaver

PS I got some original GFX for rm2k recently. But I gonna upload those files next time.

02.02.2000: I'm working on translation of rm2k 1.09 patch.

^_^ Plus!!!!

I did answer on 200 letters!!! Bet there are 200 letters in order still...

poor Donny boy 8-)29.01.2000: I'm here!

I'm working on some projects at one time. So be patient! 8-)

If You ask me about my trips... so.. They were bad... I got grippe right at 1 January. And my mood was wasted.

But I'm OK now. Plus I returned back from my second business trip from Siberia. That was cold-d-d!!! My teeth are knocking 'cuz of cold till today.

I got over 400 letters... from some people. I'm writing answers right now. And I do not bite anyone. That's pity that people do not listen To my request. V_V

I got some new tutorials also. So be patient. I'll upload all spiffy stuff ASAP.

25.12.2000: I'm going To vacation from 26 Dec. 2000 till 15 Jan. 2001 (For a celebr. HNY, and ortodox's Xmas in the Moscow city)
Do not e-mail me. I will be far away for a while or else... I'll bite You again! ^_^

21.12.2000: Check out some new tutorials:

The PROPER way Toconvert mp3 files into wav format WITHOUT the lag and WITHOUT a HUGE file size **** Ninja666
**Uneditable Games** *** Ecoz BullzEye
Tutorial on custom transitions (.ZIP)
***** Norwolf
Customizing your RPG (.ZIP) ***** ArcHammer2
Input Literal Password (.ZIP) *****+ ArcHammer2

I'm setting the marks To some tutorials by IMHO.

PS Thank To Katalyst for a good news about rm2k 1,08

PPS. Remember that "EVENT OVERLAP" discussion? I got another letter:

hello I know Japanese and I have Japanese rpg maker 2000 and English the event over lap in Japanese version says: No matter what other events cant step on this event! thank You


Ya know... he's right! For more info go To RPG Guru's FORUM.

20.12.2000: I want To introduce the best Japanese site with original RAW Materials for RM2k by MACK (and BLUE)

Original MACK's RAW Material (ChipSets,CharaSets,FaceSets,Etc.) collection for RPG Maker 2000

(Translated by ELINGO from Japanese To English).

Read his Hiding hometown page of the dot graphic's secrets.
(You can convert all GIF files To PNG by MS Paint / Clipboard / iDraw)

So... download all new original and professional chipSets / charaSets from his site! I do not put them To my site.

PS I'm working on including my fav MP3 songs into my FLASH menu 8-)


Today... is the.. Dark day over whole the Russian Federation.
They start To show POKEMON ( 104 eps. ) on 1st Russian Channel "ORT".

Ya know!! When I drew PIKACHU chara... I did not know that it has STRIPES on its back!!! YAY!!!

I just found another mistranslation in the RM2k.

I meant "Clear Timer" event's command. It's equivalent of "vRemv" from RM95+. And it must be "Temporary deletion of event".

BTW... that command interrupts current event and erases it from a screen untill first TELEPORT command.

That fact is very useful!!! Now you can use your Switches & Variables more economly...

PS... There's another mistranslation... I'll tell you about it later.

PPS If you have that WHITE SCREEN problem still then try this method: Install correct driver for your Plug/n/Play monitor (.inf file). You can download such driver from your monitor's company site. Or ask it at your Computer store.

16.12.2000: There's some bug fixes from ... one japanese co. btw... they did not fix that "white screen" problem.

PS there's no update for English RM2k yet. ^_^


some old news 1,2,3,4,5,6 8-)

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