FINAL 100% English RPG Maker95

1) NEW: Patch for the RPG95.EXE Ver 0.11
HTTP: (only 15 Kb!!!)

*** Patch Ver 0.11 by BMV aka Don Miguel ***

This is a PATCH file for "RPG Maker 95" (Engl.Ver.6 hacked by KH)
to RPG Maker 95 English ver. 6.11

What You'll get?

1) The 100% English version!
2) Fixed some context mistakes in the KanjiHack translation
3) Full translation of EventEditor, MonstrEditor, ItemEditor, Map/Area Definition, GAMEDISK Maker (You can make GAMEDISK on the 1.44" floppy disks now!!!), MagicEditor, TextEditor, Default Strings, Names, etc. (Some strings in TextEditor are untranslated still. Just get the translated STRINGS.DAT it'll fix that)
4) Version of Translation in the About Window

What's You Need?

1) IPS.EXE (included in this archive) or SNESTOOL12.EXE
2) RPG95.EXE (English Ver.6 by KanjiHack). But you can download this version of RM95 for apply patch also.
3) rpg95bmv.ips

How to Patch These Files?

1) Unpack all files from archive to C:\RPG95\
2) Use IPS.EXE in MS-DOS Emulation Mode (or in a command line)

Instruction for a dummies:
First click at "START" button
then click at "RUN..."
then type this string and press ENTER

C:\RPG95\ips C:\RPG95\RPG95.EXE C:\RPG95\rpg95bmv.ips

then run new RPG95.EXE !!! 8-)

Known Bugs:

1) Wrong property window for "Play Movie" (KanjiHack did it when translating the RPG95.EXE ver 6. It've not been in old untranslated jap. file) But it's no problem! Just rename *.AVI to *.BMP
And use an existing property window.
2) "If then..." - In some cases after re-editing property of then "branch event" it will exit to Windows with an error. Just delete EVExxxx.DAT file!

P.S. This is the final patch for RPG95.EXE. But I wonder if someone will translate the RPG95.HLP file. I've not that HLP-file anyway. But I'm so happy what I can share my work with others

P.P.S. You can get a spiffy documentation for RPG Maker95 by Silver Queen at:

Last update: 24.06.00
1999-2001 BMV

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