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DonSpiffy RM2k Tips:

The best tip: First of all you have to read our HELP file. Just run RPG Maker 2000 then press F1 key (or click [Help] button anywhere you see it)

Got a question? Check FAQ, Tutorials Library for this question. Or ask for help on this RM2k HELP forum.

The RM2k Tips

1. You can slow down walk speed of the hero by running ONCE!!! these commands:
Move Event (HERO) / Walk Speed Down.

2. the command Clear Timer temporary destroys current EVENT (until TELEPORT command). It's very useful in some mini-games & cut scenes!

3. the string \N[0] prints name of the leader of your party.

4. Run your RPG_RT.EXE from the command line with this parameter: "TestPlay". And you will skip all funky logos. (Try to use "HideTitle" parameter also ^_^)

5. You can keep your "common events/by call" on the one single map... and then call them from that map. It will save some of your Common Events slots and will speed up your game.

6. You can boost up the game developing time. You can create some special "hidden palette maps". I meant that you can draw all common houses, buildings, fountains and stuff once on them. And then copy all common items to the new maps by one click.
You can copy small objects by HOLDING Right Mouse buttons and dragging the object (read help). Or if your object is too big then select it by the selection tool and copy it to the clipboard ( CTRL+C ). Then paste it to the new map ( CTRL+V ).

7. You can not be a newbie! If you want to make the superb RPG with spiffy plot then create all story, NPC, BOSS and hero pieces on a paper firstly! You must make a test game also (without a plot and stuff). So you'll learn some abilities of RM2k.

8. How to make a car? This is easy.
Go to the database and click on the tab system change the boat picture to an car/ tank/ motorcycle, click on terrain, at the grass terrain check 'passable by boat'.
Do this also with canyon, snow, snow canyon etc. Uncheck at water 'passable by boat'.
Now you have an car (but no boat :( but... the ship much better )!
by Piggyman

9. An event to have your hero do a graphic change when you haven't moved him

Common Event / Parallel Process
Set Memory Place X1, Y1, MapID1
Wait 30 Seconds
Set Memory Place X2,Y2, MapID2
Forking Condition MapID1=MapID2

Forking Condition X1=X2
Forking Condition Y1=Y2
Move Event:Change Hero Graphic (My Hero yawns...)
End Case
End Case
End Case (Tip by Bashosbud)

10. In the event editor, there is a check box under the position menu. It says, "Allow event overlap" but that is actually wrong.
It should say, "Stop event overlap" because it blocks any NPC from
walking on top of it, even if it's set to below hero.
You can use this to keep pushable objects from getting stuck to the
wall or keep NPC from getting inside your doorways :)
by steelaxen

11. RM2k Debugging

If you press F9 while "Test Play", a list will be shown to you.
Here you can switch all SWITCHES.
And if you press "Ctrl" while "Test Play", you can walk through walls.

12. Found out how RM2K loops its music seamlessly. It looks for Controller event 111 (data 0) on Track 1 of the MIDI file it's playing. If it finds it, when the MIDI finishes playing it will loop
over at that point. If it doesn't find it, it will loop from the beginning of the file. I've tested this and it works great.
That's the info in the MIDI file itself. You'll need a MIDI sequencer program to edit it.
by Dan Sandstrom

13. Anti-Lag Picture Technique
You can replace all pictures in your game with charasets! Take a picture, chop it up into 16x32 pixel pieces, then place it into spots in charasets. Reduces lag and allows
for more pictures!
Packaging Suggestions
Never include RPG_RT.exe with your .zips! It can pass viruses around! If you plan on an extremely popular game, package both RTP-included and Non-RTP packages!
With non-RTP pack, delete all files RTP that you included in game from your resource folders, so you can give to people with RTP. RTP pack is left with all RTP files intact and still there.
by Marduk Belthazar

14. There's a very cool program. It can compress any .exe or .dll types up to 50%-70%
You can use this to compress the RPG_RT.exe for better sending. It's called UPX and it's FREE!
I have a tutorial for how to use this dos-based program.
First: Copy and Paste the RPG_RT.exe into the UPX directory
2) Type: chdir /d <directory where upx.exe is located>
( ie: c:\upx )
3) Type: upx --best rpg_rt.exe
(!!warning!! That will compress the best but it will take a long time!)
RPG_RT.EXE is 710kb at first, it is compressed to: 266kb.
Don't worry, compressing the RPG_RT.EXE wont corrupt it. The .exe runs the same as before. If you want to decompress your .exe... (If you want to open it with resource workshop do this if you've already compressed it)
2) Type: chdir /d <directory where upx.exe is located>
( ie: c:\upx )
3) Type: upx -d rpg_rt.exe
( The -d means decompress )
I've included an easier way... There are two shortcuts in there "Compress" and "Decompress"
Drag the RPG_RT.EXE onto "Compress" and drop it on top. It will automatically compress it.
Drag the RPG_RT.EXE onto "Decompress" and drop it on top. It will automatically decompress it. by SteelAxen

15. If you're going to make a Custom Battly System first use somebody else's charsets and / or pictures so you can get the coding right, when its right and it works, then start collecting your charsets and pictures
by theik mark

16. Use Fork Conditions for simple Event changes, rather then multible pages per townsperson.
by Igtenio

17. To make a dead character's HP return to 1 after a battle, go to the conditions tab in the database and change the first entry from a movement effect to a combat effect.
by Mad Emperor

18. You can add over 150 unique text characters into your Show Message command simply by holding the ALT key and typing on the Numberpad 0xxx where xxx is numbers 033 to 256. For example: æ translates to ALT+0230 and £ = ALT+0163.
by Gemineye009

19. You can make Battle event techs be targetble, just make multiple copies of the same skill activated by a different switch and every turn check to see if the enemies are still alive and if they are not, then remove the skill.
by Custommagnum

20. When writing characters, write what you know. Don't for example do a romantic scene if you have never been in love yourself. Try and think what you or your friends would do in their situation, and always have them act in accordance with their personality.
Get someone to proofread your story, and don't be afraid of criticism. Even the best writers have their work read and criticised by others, that's how they improve.
by Sol Fury

21. If you have a long code and it doesn't work,don't delete it then try something new to make it work,put it off to the side in an unreachable event,so,if you learn the problem,you can easily fix it,rather than re-writing the whole thing.
by Sir Ultimos

22. plan your game maps and plots before you rush on and make em, makes the game better if you have a draft or neat copy of what you know your doing,..cause you could get a friend to read it and see whether they think the idea(s) cool
by unkown force

23. If you're going to post in the forums, don't make yourself look like a jackass
by a jackasses-hater StarcoreKnight

24. Remember to take a break from, rm2k at least once in a day.. too addictive using may cause fever, headache and other mean stuff...
by Miwerna

25. Higher picture numbers overlap the lower ones, so picture 3 always appears above picture 2, it doesn't matter when the pictures where created.
Label all your switches and variables, and try and sort out a system with related ones appearing in sets, so assign 300-399 to a CBS, 400-499 to a CMS etc. It doesn't matter if you have blank spaces, it'll be easier to find what you look for this way, and you can move onto another set if you fill one up. If you manage to run out of space, you can still always go back and fill in the places you left out earlier.
by ShadoeMonkee

26. When creating complex maps with several events, use the two prefixes (chr) and (evt) in front of the event name. For example, the event that starts a cutscene is named evtAutoStart, and the events that portray the characters are named chrChris, chrJake, and chrJohn. This helps eliminate confusion when dealing with large numbers of events.

If you're going to have a character walk off-screen in a cutscene, instead of wasting a switch to make it disappear, simply use a move event command to have it change graphics to the lower-right corner of the "Chubby2" set in the RTP, and then start a slip through and move out of the way.

Use descriptive names for your events, and when coding a custom system, be sure to use lots of comments. Comments can be notes to yourself, notes to others looking at your code, whatever you like. But if you're going back over your code, helpfull comments will speed up the debugging process.

When creating a complex system, create several events or pages of code, and use the call statement instead of cramming everything all together at once. Not only will this make debugging a lot easier, but it will also allow for easier to edit code.

When crafting a complex mini-game or event, think of it as a series of objectives rather than a huge task. If you're creating a blackjack 21 game, for example, instead of it being one huge game, break it up: First, I need to deal out the cards, then code in the hit command, then...
by RedMage32

28. If you run out of variables, (show me if you can) you can use items as variables. The number of a particular item can be set to equal a variable. Only that its number is limited to 99 and you cannot reference it by its number. And you'll need a CMS.
by LordDDD

29. Make all Pics for a CBS or a CMS 320x240 in iDraw.You can place your mouse over any area in that pic and you can see what the X and the Y is for where you want your cursor to show
up.Just remember Pics centers are displayed on the X and Y you give them.
by Akenseth

30. if you run out of variables. instead of using items, why not condenes a bunch of values into one variable, and when you want to access
it you could just use / and Mod to separate the values to get what you want.
by Astral Wulph

31. Use wait 0.0 to eliminate lag in any loop

32. When making a CBS / CMS, don't use pictures unless you really have to. Use charsets and panoramas whenever possible. But don't make the cursor a charset.
by LordDDD

33. If you've downloaded the Set Chara Name program,
then you can have lots of fun with it!
For example, you can name ships and NPC's!
Do like this: If you want to name a ship, first make a character, name it "ship".
Don't give it a faceset, or if you have a ship faceset, use it.
Make a spot in the game where you can name your ship, for example. Insert Set Chara Name, and select your character "ship". When you want NPC's or heroes talk about your ship, use the code in your message that shows a heros name, (I don't really understand that part.) Open the Help file, choose the Message tutorial, and you'll find the message code there.
I'll have to figure out the last part by myself, or I'll just ask in the forums...
By Cyan Garamonde

34. If you are very serious about making an RPG then you should write every thing down on paper before you even think about programming it. This is the order of things I do on paper before I think about programming. It's a lot better if you have a team of people to work on a Rpg.
(If you have a team just talk about it and write down ideas first then start #1)
1) General Plot (the general idea where you game is based upon)
2) General Character Description (every character from the super evil people to the Pc's)
3) General Systems (like battle system and kind of crap like esper stuff ect...)
4) Create a General World (like mid evil or something, and the mood of the people ect.)
5) Create a General History of the World (why the world is how it is)
6) Refine Plot
7) Refine Character Description
8) Refine Systems
9) Refine World
10) Refine History
11) Start to Write Script
12) Edit Script yourself
13) Give the script to three different people and have them edit it and tell what's wrong
14) Begin Programming!
Well once you start to program it get a little more complicated but that's an other Rm2k Tip!
-By Msi435

35. This is really 2 tips, one for single map doors and one for Multi Map doors, anything in "(" and ")" remove. Everything should be in working order

Title : Perfect Doors(Single Map)
Door Event
<>FORK Optn: Hero - Up Face Direct
<>Play SE: Fog1 *
<>Move Event... : this Event , Face > , W , Face /\ , W , Face <
<>Wait: 0.8s.
<>Setup Event's Place: this Event , (###,###) **
<>Wait: 0.2s.
<>Move Event...: Hero , /\ , /\
<>Wait: 0.2s.
<>Setup Event's Place: this Event , (###,###) **†
<>Wait: 0.3s.
<>Move Event... : this Event , Face /\ , W , Face > , W , Face \/
<>Wait: 0.7s.
<>Play SE: Knock *
:Else Case
<>Play SE: Fog1 *
<>Move Event... : this Event , Face > , W , Face /\ , W , Face <
<>Wait: 0.8s.
<>Setup Event's Place: this Event , (###,###) **
<>Wait: 0.2s.
<>Move Event...: Hero , \/ , \/
<>Wait: 0.2s.
<>Setup Event's Place: this Event , (###,###) **†
<>Wait: 0.3s.
<>Move Event... : this Event , Face /\ , W , Face > , W , Face \/
<>Wait: 0.7s.
<>Play SE: Knock *
:END Case

Title : Perfect Doors(Multi Map)
Outside Door Event
<>Play SE: Fog1 *
<>Move Event... : this Event , > , W , /\ , W , <
<>Wait: 0.6s.
<>Move Event...: Hero , /\
<>Teleport: ####:Map Name (###,###)

Inside Door Event
<>Play SE: Fog1 *
<>Move Event... : this Event , > , W , /\ , W , <
<>Wait: 0.6s.
<>Move Event...: Hero , \/
<>Teleport: ####:Map Name (###,###)

Legend :
* Special Effect
** Remember this thing
**† Where the Remembered thing needs to go
*** Remember now this will be different then the first Door, make sure you get every single map door and there event numbers correct.

by Blue Phreak

36. Tip-Mix ^_^

  • If you want to make so big sprite in the game, just take a normal event and assign a battle animation for that sprite to run over and over. The animation will move as the event moves. You might be able to do cloud panoramas this way too, esp. if your map loops one way or another.
  • When using sounds in your game, you can speed the sound up once, and the play it as slowly as possible in RM2k. Your sound will sound the same, and the file will be half as big!
  • It might be useful to make a host character which is actually the one whose graphic changes, that is, if you're using a CMS.
  • Use graphics you understand! If you know how to make great layouts with the RTP but not with any custom sets, use it rather than have an inconsistent-looking map.
  • You could always make your own graphics if you need to. ( IDraw rocks!) If you don't know how to use your own graphics, then you have problems.
  • The MIDI control [111] can also be put at the end of the song so your song ends instead of looping. Also, any value below 127 will fade in the music when it loops.
  • If anybody knows how to play MIDI tracks where they left off instead of from the beginning in RM2k, please let me know (preferably through another tip).
    Okay, so that last one wasn't really a tip.
  • If you're making charactersets, don't be afraid to use big heads. it's better than a lack of detail.
  • If you're want to make an anime-based game that isn't DBZ, go with it!
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help about things, whether it be in RM2k or real life. It's better than making a dumb mistake.
    by Ragnar & rm2k folk (from a guesbook)

37. More suggestions...
1. Other ideas for names: First and last name
(Ex: "Hello Mr. Flaggellum." "...the name on the license reads Flaggellum, Cornelius."
2. Name favorite foods, just like Steak in the SNES RPG Earthbound.
3. Name other favorites.
4. Name a skill, perhaps?
5. Name other family members in the game if they exist, and they will share the last name from before. i.e. Ima and Ura Hogg.
6. Don't overuse the names, but be funny and/or spiffy when you use them
(i.e. I'm going to throw up Steak!)
By Ragnar

38. To make a good puzzle, try to make it 'fit in' with your game (storyline).
For example, maybe have a door with the input # puzzle on it but you can't get to it until after you talk to the girl that's crying cause she can't get through. You could even further incorporate her into the story. After you talk to her and figure out her problem, then you can get to the door.
by Johnny Cattata

39. - If your using a wav as music for your game, go into sound recorder, open the wav, then increase the speed of the wav by 100%. Now whenever you play the wav in your game, play it at the slowest speed possible. This will cut the wav file in half while keeping it at the same quality!

- If your making a CMS, heres the easiest way to do it. as an example, well make a basic cms. heres the layout of it.
*Items *
* Save *
* Exit *
Now, all you have to do is assign a label to each option. status = label01,
items = label02, save = label03, exit = label04. now put in your passowrd commands, and on the forks, just go to the appropriate label!
by dkall

40. While creating a custom menu system and battle system, one might encounter the use of large amounts of variables. If you come to a piont where you have used all the variables, do the following: 1. First,copy the rpg2000.exe from the ascii folder in the program files folder. 2. Use ExEScope to edit the copy ofrpg2000.exe. 3. Goto Resources - RCData - TFORMDATAMULTICOPY 4. Find in the code where it says : Caption = 'How many'
TabOrder = 0
object DialEdit1: TDialEdit
Left = 8
Top = 15
Width = 81
Height = 20
MaxValue = 2000
MinValue = 1
TabOrder = 0
Value = 1
5.Change the max value from 2000 to 25000.- Now you have a max of 25000 variables switches heros etc... The only problem with this is that you cannot create new projects with the edited rpg2000.exe but you can continue to edit projects with the edited exe and create new projects with the original exe. Note: you can change the max value to anything, but i have found that make the value above 50000 causes a slowdown in the editor and can cause a system crash.
by mattioone

41. Moving in world map:
If you want to make yourself little while moving in world map, you can make very good graphics with IDraw, using grid select one normal walking graphics (using the grid, all empty space of character too) and use strecht and "strecht" it to 48 and 64, it makes the character to little tubby person: a.k.a. Chrono trigger. So, I'm very proud that the game has made me to learn new things myself!! Rm2k(translated) Still Kicking Ass after 2 years of use!
by Lazaros

42. {CAMERA} (Don: bah! This person has better "Donglish" than me! LOL)
I'n meny games the camera effect can be used greatly, wether you want to show some thing happening with out your charecter, or a nice intro for your game, this effect is the best to use, and ez to creat.
1)creat a charecter called camera with a clear walk GFX
2)on a map when ever you wish to activate camera, add camera
to the party and take away all other meber's leaving a clear charecter, to mask this just make the screen black out then go back once you have camera, now use the move event command to move hero were ever you wish
by ^Y^oko

swiches are cool, but newbs all ways seem to wan't more, i am the same but i'm now newb. the way i see it useing swich's is not to smart when variabels can to much more.with this is mind a MILSWITCH is your best swich, its not realy a swich but a variable (1 variable)
1)create a swich called MILSWITCH
2)create a parallel event in thats activated by MILSWITCH
3)creat a variabel called MILSWITCH
4)in this event use a fork, if the variabel is 1 to {}
if its 2 do {} if its 3 do {} ect.. for how ever many you need
5)lets make one for a simpel teleport command
5a)fork (if MILSWITCH = 1) {
5b)add a comment on what this swich is, in this case a teleport
5c)teleport hero to what ever place you choose
5d)turn the switch:MILSWITCH off to prevent loops
5e) } <--fork is closed
6)now to activate it on the map just set the variabel:MILSWITCH to what ever even't you want and trigger switch:MILSWITCH on see.. simpel and get around 9999 event's from it.
by ^Y^oko

44. I have a way to set a reel pass word useing a fork conditoin an extra hero and the hero enetr name
<>Enter hero name:The hero
<>FORK Optn :Hero name name=password
what ever you want it to do after that
<>sorry wrong
by Kewl Inc

45. using the "display character name" option in messages (\N[?]) you can make universal text color changes and much more. For instance say you wanted an event that made every bit of text in the game to change color, but you don't want to backtrack and create multiple forks to display the new color... instead create a new character and name it "\C[1]" and put in the beginning of each message "\N[x]" (where "x" is whatever character slot \C[1] is in) and then whenever you want to change all the text to a different color you just put in a rename event that changes "\C[1]"'s name to the new code...
In short: you can use hero's name to display changeable text options or even second font characters...
by SlipsZERO

46. the char go into main char thing is ez:
step 1: make your chars that are going in, events and put a check in the box that says 'slip through'
step 2: make them walk where your main char is standing and they will go through him
step 3: all you need to do now is set the character event to another place on the map that you can't see.
Simple eh? If you don't get it don't contact me... cos its taken me 3 mins to type it. I just want you ppl to be happy and know how to get stuff like this done!
by Tubbmeister

47. Moving in world map:
If you want to make yourself little while moving in world map, you can make very good graphics with IDraw, using grid select one normal walking graphics (using the grid, all empty space of character too) and use strecht and "strecht" it to 48 and 64, it makes the character to little tubby person: a.k.a. Chrono trigger. So, I'm very proud that the game has made me to learn new things myself!! Rm2k(translated) Still Kicking Ass after 2 years of use!
by Lazaros

48 ...


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