Don's Spiffy NeWz:


  •  Dear Main Testers
    (4 men, QHeretic, PWX, ADAM, ASW)!
  • Dear Testers
    (10 first testers - CodeMason, Net-2000, Ankylo, Mekilla, Klondike, Byo, OdiN, etc)!
  • Dear .LNG foreign language translators!

If you want to see your real name into my big THaNx LiSt into the final RPG2k release
Write me a letter with the subject: "Big Thanx List".
do not forget to include in the letter
1. your real name or a nick... (if you wish) 8-)
2. your country
3. and your help desription 8-)

P.S. final version is coming soon!!! (right after June 16 !!!)

13.06.2000: Here's my surprise for all RPG Maker 2000 users:
the FONT FIX for RPG Maker 2000 old beta!!! (But you must have RTPe installed at your PC)

For all ppl from RPGMaker.NeT:
    RPG Maker 2000 ( RPG Tcool 2000 / RPG Tsukuru 2000 ) is a toy. So I'll play it.

But your all RPG engines looks like a toys also... So... I like to play.. but there's 21 century. So... it's all kids toys... like all ASCIIs RPG tools.... Stop acting like a small kids. 8-) If you wanna rule the RPG world.. make at least... something like Diablo... LOL This is my humble opinion...

And last thing... I can upload my Diablo Like Pseudo 3d engine... LOL. And I'll upload it after my exams... LOL
Thanx for my BD!!!!!


There's spiffy info about all my guests (Thanx to my spiffy counter for an info): 

Unknown  343 (0%)
640x480  2101 (5%)
800x600  22859 (60%)
1024x768  10624 (28%)
1152x864  704 (1%)
1280x1024  851 (2%)
1600x1200  52 (0%)


Top-domains (Countries): Shows / %
Networks (.NET)   34926 (34%)
Commercial (.COM)   33275 (32%)
Unknown (.???)   11284 (11%)
CANADA (.CA)   5054 (4%)
BRAZIL (.BR)   1689 (1%)
AUSTRALIA (.AU)   1510 (1%)
FRANCE (.FR)   1435 (1%)
Educational (.EDU)   1340 (1%)
SINGAPORE (.SG)   851 (0%)
SWEDEN (.SE)   828 (0%)
GERMANY (.DE)   711 (0%)
United Kingdom (.UK)   593 (0%)
NETHERLANDS (.NL)   592 (0%)
ITALY (.IT)   518 (0%)
SPAIN (.ES)   490 (0%)
Organizations (.ORG)   480 (0%)
FINLAND (.FI)   468 (0%)
NEW ZEALAND (.NZ)   435 (0%)
MEXICO (.MX)   427 (0%)


Browsers: Shows / %
MSIE 5.x  63549 (62%)
MSIE 4.x  18958 (18%)
Netscape 4.x  16699 (16%)
MSIE 3.x  761 (0%)
Netscape comp.  648 (0%)
Netscape 3.x  615 (0%)
Unknow  276 (0%)
Opera x.x  203 (0%)
MSIE 2.x  36 (0%)
Netscape 2.x  35 (0%)
Netscape 5.x  26 (0%)


Operating systems (OS):
Win 98   78407 (77%)
Win 95   18996 (18%)
Win NT   1947 (1%)
Unknown   919 (0%)
Mac   584 (0%)
Win 2000   560 (0%)
Win 3.x   238 (0%)
Linux   67 (0%)
Unix   53 (0%)
WebTV   34 (0%)
OS/2   3 (0%)



12.06.2000: My Birth Day was spiffy! Thanx for all cool letters and messages! I love you all! 

Chara Mucker 1999 by YOJI OJIMO (he's author of RM2000)11.06.2000: Chara Mucker 1999 by YOJI OJIMA (he's the author of the RPG Tcool 2000 aka RPG Maker 2000) is ready for download.
NOTE: It have time trial... I've extend it to 2011 year... But it's all... If you're a hacker - hack it... because it cant save PIC files with width / height 256 or more... But you must play with this CM1999. It's so easy to use... There's same controls (picking up, dragging) like into RPG Maker 2000.

Hey, losers, where are you? Hack this CM1999 for all RM ppl!

Hey, Webmasataz! Do not forget to ADD Your RPGMaker2000 site to Top25 RPGmaker2000 Sites voting system. 

This's my AWARD by SquareEarth site10.06.2000: Check 2 new RM95+ FAQs at my FAQ page. My new IRC channel #RM2k is very spiffy! I've added some new mirrors to RTP English - thanx to DrSun!
To Americans and all rest non-Russian duded: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE RUSSIAN MIRRORS - they're even faster sometime than US's one! And all of them have ReGet / Resume option!!! Use WWW.ReGet.COM or WWW.GetRight.COM proggies for a fast dl. GetRight proggie CAN dl big file from ALL mirrors instantly... Your DL's speed will increase in 4 times!!! WOW!

I've got and translated (in 1 hour. LOL ) new spiffy CharaMaker1999 for RM95+ & RM2000.

My Happy BD will be... in June 12.

Lol. And Probably... I'll release one spiffy surprise for all.

9.06.2000: Finally English RTP for RPG Maker 2000 is ready for download!
I very like Ankylos support. I like Ankylos IRC Channel also... but I was kicked & banned by his pals... They did same stuff with my best friend Dr Sun (aka Super Sunny)
YOU MUST SAY THANX TO DrSun because he did all RPT Mirrors for ya!

And... It's pity... I thought that Holbert is good guy... 8-(

Get MiRC IRCs client and go to our spiffy chat room 8-)
Channel #RM2K at port: 6667
Or just use my JAVA CHAT link.
There're no funky kicks & bans !

8.06.2000: There were some questions ^_^. So read this spiffy FAQ.

Spiffy FAQ About RM2K 1.02 old spilled beta.

Hi! I'm a spiffy cat!Q: Where're those damn DLLs ? 
A: Install my english RTP. Or copy UNLHA32.DLL & HARMONY.DLL from C:\Program Files\ASCII\RPG2000\ to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ folder.
P.S. Don not download those DLLs from any other site and etc. .. Beware of viruses!

Hi! I'm a spiffy cat!Q: My sounds are odd! Wtf?
Did u copied those DLLs? Yes? Ok. Then press START then go to CONTROL PANEL then click at MULTIMEIA / MIDI and choose default.. FM-Synthes... instead of your crappy software emulation.

Hi! I'm a spiffy cat!Q: WHEN???!!! 
A: July 1 ^_^

Yo all! I have got a list of losers who mucked my forums, etc:

  1. Capital-G ICQ UIN: 61113959

  2. Nomicoe

  3. That li'l mucker - hucker

Just send a message or two to them... It's all what I can do now. I will not waste my time more. Becuz my forums are at unhackable Russian hackers site... Yep.. i redo all forums again... I will not ban ppl. If you want to get last info then read me news. 8-)

RM2000 Screenshot 7 - fixed font!Get MiRC IRCs client and go to our spiffy chat room 8-)
Channel #RM2K at port: 6667
All bad snot nose, whimperer, sniveler; milksop or spineless creatures will be banned instantly 8-)

Put this poster at the first page of your site and wait for July 1.There's new Spanish version of RPG Maker 95+ (aka RPG 2.000) by OdiN! Hey, dude, why i did not saw ANY link to my site from yours? Tell me! 8-)

I did some stuff for my diploma. I'm relaxing now... J/k.

About RM2K. There's an old beta of the RPG2k for all...

  1. Install it.

  2. Copy UNLHA32.DLL & HARMONY.DLL from RPG2000 folder to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ folder

Good luck with it. It's 80% English. But who cares? You'll get final soon (it's done). Just let me finish my diploma. Okay? 8-)

5.06.2000: I just closed all my forums. Ya knows why... so... my news page is only one truly news page. Just read it often.
I did not read stupid messages at my Forums.. I just erased them in 2 minutes... If you wanna ask ppl - go to the LIVE CHAT. But do not flood there... or you will be banned forever.

PWX finished the translation and fixing all typos from defaults file.. etc...

And I just fixed a bug into RTP English Install. So... may be I'll upload it later to somewhere...

And probably... I'll give it to my best RM-friends only. They knows. ^_^

All rest ppl say thanx to the looser Nomishitcone or a something... and wait till July 1.

OH... I almost forgot to say about the Table of the Translations Progress

P.S. I have got 10 languages for my InstallShield.

I'm spiffy too!! But how about you?4.06.2000: I done RTP English Install shield. It's first part of two Installs which you need to run RPG Maker 2000 at your PC. It contain all default PNG, WAV, MIDI files as original Japanese RTP at the ASCII site. There's 2 fixed original fonts also for English/Russian RPG Maker 2000. This RTP English will work fine with old beta RM2000.. or event with RPG Tsukuru 2000 (Japanese).
The RTPe.EXE files size is 13 Mb. I'll upload it ASAP.

Now I'm working at the second part of the separated install shield for RPG Maker 2000 Editor, Runtime, etc...
Its size will be ~ 5 - 6 Mb. I gonna release it before July 1.

There's new FRENCH GAME.EXE + IPS file for RPG95.EXE for RM95+ by Bomber. (or you could find new files at the PREPATCHEDzZz sub page)

I have new URL now... WWW.RPGMAKER2000.COM but I prefer old one.

The Portrait of the looser Nomicone (spell as: son of the looser)There's one spiffy GUY - QHeretic. He did some stuff for my support. He's just a cool guy. And I thinks that he's great RPG artist also.

2.06.2000: Ya knows... I got some help from PWX (there's his site link). He finished some non translated default item names, terms, etc. So he just reduced the delay before releasing of RM2000. Spiffy!

Thanx to Ankylo for a LIVE CHAT for my site... Actually he's my old good rpg-pal 8-))). So... today I redid whole main menu... Enjoy!

1.06.2000: Today is... June 1. It's not July!!! So... Calm down. RM2000 is done (except WAV files). I gonna make final Install Shield. So... check my site often. I'll upload it ASAP.
There're some new futuristic .PNG ChipSets and CharaSets for RM2000 at Ankylo's Realm! Don't miss them!

RM2000 ScreenShot - Fixed Font31.05.2000: I done iDraw translation. It's ready for download. Check my UTILITEZ section. It's not 100% English, but it's ~70% English now... So get it and do not think about all rest 30%. LOL. Thanx to Ankylo! He gave me Japanese iDraw... and.. I did this tranny by 4 hours...
So.. go and check his cool Ankylo Realm (RM95,RM2000,Dante98,GFX,PNG).
And if you really wanna make a good game...
GO TO HIS IRCs Channel #RPG2K at port: 6667

30.05.2000: Drakul gave me a hand with a font making stuff. Now we did together Gothic Font for RM2000. It's very gothic and spiffy.

I got iDraw the best Chara Maker EVER (Sprite Editor) for RM95, Dante98, RM2000, etc... It's 100% Japanese. Thanx to the best man on rpg making scene - Ankylo !
But I've start to translate it. It'll help to all you!!! You will be able to do and modify any charas in .BMP or .PNG formats!!! Oh god it's so cooooooool... I've did such thing at school when I doing my first Assembler games.

P.S. Ppl, I got all your links by e-mail. But I can't update my linkz still. Sorry - just wait a li'l.

I've got new update for RM2000 v 1.03. It's Japanese. I must retranslate it from scratch... 8-( 8-)) np's here!

27.05.2000: I fixed that weirdo font problem. I just drew new font from the scratch. I gonna to draw second Gothic Font... It's very hard and boring 8-((. Just check new screenshots with the fixed font.

I've updated all rest SCREENSHOTS - check them!

25.05.2000: There're 2 new spiffing posters. If you want create your RM2000 game during this summer then put this poster (or second poster) at the top of your main page of your site. Make this poster as a link to my site And wait for July 1.
Actually... I'm doing my diploma at my office... but I spending all my free time for English RM2000 project.
Today I've add some new links to my
LINKZzZ page.

21.05.2000: Did ya read my Interview to QHeretic about RPG Maker 2000 and stuff?
There're some languages in my RM2000 Install Shield: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, English, French. 
Did ya got new Install for SimRPG Maker 95 ? Get it from PhoenixX-2's site at my
LINKZzZ page. I thinks that it's better (There's biggg good English Help and Tutorial file).

20.05.2000: There's new French Patch for RPGMaker95+ by HighLander. If you're French then check it. But do not forget to make a copy of the original RPG95.EXE file.

 I did Install Shield for RPG Maker 2000.
I need help of the foreign people (Germany, Bulgarian, Polish, Italian, Ukrainian, Chinese, etc...)!!! Please, translate this small English text file and send it into ZIP to me by e-mail. If you have bad marks at your language lessons - don't even bother me with your translation. ^__^. Then I could make multilingual Install Shield.
IMPORTANT!!! I have got French, Spanish and Portuguese translations already! Thanks to all helpers!
I will get Dutch Dutch.lng soon also. So... where's the Germany one? 8-)


  1. Today I finished with the translation of all dialogue windows. There're some of my english typos still. But I'm eliminating them one-by-one. So I'll concentrate my mind at internal strings (they're shows at the Event Editor).
  2. I hope that one man will help me with translation of the Japanese RPG2000.HLP.
  3. I got little SPAMmy from Germany. It's pity, because I like that country and those ppl.
  4. There're new links at my LINKZzZ page.
  5. I got a letter from AbsolutNight last night. She did spiffing anime face graphics for RM95. She asked me about uploading some RM2000 standard Face / Chara graphics. So... I saw her arts... and now I gonna present FULL RTP Graphics Pack from RM2000 (Except Sound Effects only!). They're in new spiffing graphics format - PNG. It's special WWW GFX format. It have Alpha Transparency Channel... So.. you could make your pictures with translucent (semi-transparent) colures!!!
    The best Graphic Editor for PNG files is FIREWORKS-2 by Macromedia.
     P.S. Do not bother me with a questions about PNG, RM2000 GFX, etc.
    Note: to AbsolutNight - You could ask me about anything 8-)

14.05.2000: You all remember 1 July. Right? But I will release it ASAP. So.. don't bother me and my WWW Board with stupid questions. Just Read My NEWS. 8-)
Or else I'll stop the project. And check this Screenshot.

11.05.2000: I solved RM's "NEW PROJECT" problem. Now you could make new RM2000 within RM2000 Editor without any kind of cheating.
After some "digging" I did my first RM2000 Game Disk. There's no probs now. Remind me later that I must translate SETUP.EXE also. Well done! The nervousness is in the past.
I did a stuff for a full Russian font RM2000 compatibility. Uff.....
Remember this: I'm not a pirate. I'm doing it all for my own home

09.05.2000: I've got a RM2000 game. Now I done ~80% of English tranny of the RM2000. There's damn SOUND ERROR (and crash). When I could fix it then I'll upload RM2000 to somewhere. There's one screenshot. RM2000 is very flexible tool!
08.05.2000: I've run commercial version of the RPG Maker 2000 !!! So... I can't open/create new game by it still. Plz, help me to find any RM2000 game URL ! Then I'll be sure that all is Ok.
There're some fresh RM95 links at my
LINKZzZ page.
06.05.2000: I put some new MonsterSets, CharaSets (From FF, SF2, PS4) to my pages. Check them!
Read info about RM2000 in English at The Heresy site.
Here is the direct link to all English Info about Japanese version of the RPG Tsukuru 2000 (RPG Maker 2000).
Thanx to The Heresy members. And YES - i got my first link to RM2000 files from The Heresy.

03.05.2000: My new project is RPG Maker 2000. I'm making a spiffy de-japanizator tool. I have got 2 commercial versions of the RM2000 (RPG Tsukuru 2000 by ASCII) EXEs files also. They're unexecutable still. But I'll try to do something cool.
P.S. If I'll done my De-Japanizator well.. then someone could easily translate ShooterMaker95 & FighterMaker95.

P.P.S THANKS to MrPectate for a second live RM95+ link!!!

22.04.2000: I done all GAME.EXE stuff for RPGMaker95+ v 1.1. So.. you could get new English fixed GAME.EXE v1.23. ( at the bottom of that page click at Prepatched files )
Hi! I'm a spiffy cat!Warning!!! All new versions of RPG95.EXE and GAME.EXE are incompatible with Windows95 !!! 

21.04.2000: 99% English (by Holberts) SimRPG Maker's URL at my LINKZzZ page.

13.04.2000 - 14.04.2000: THANKS to MrPectate: the link to RPGMaker95+ was fixed today. And thanks to Bill for an another live link to RM95+.
Check my  TileSwapping FAQ v 1.1 also (with tiny additions for dummies 8-).
I've added all RM95 links from my E-mail to my
LINKZzZ page.

10.04.2000: One of the links to the RM95+.ZIP was fixed today. Thanx to all!

27.02.2000: Check my  Unlimited TileSets / TileSwapping FAQ v 1.0 (All about unlimited tilesets for your game)

26.01.2000: I did new translation of RPG95.EXE & GAME.EXE. Some mistranslations was fixed. The FONT problem was solved also. Now you'll have same GAME FONTS everywhere (even into the 'compiled' game).
I gonna release new (final) version of the RM95+ v 1.1. So... read my news! 8-)






12.06.1999: I did the new FaCe of My TraNnY SiTe!!! And... Happy Birthday to me!!! I'm 25 now!! Yahoo!!!

11.06.1999: Almost finished the NVS RPG. I gonna translate it to English soon. Read the game description first. So do not blame me in the racism. It's a game about my white li'l friends... They loves black music and stuff...

10.06.1999: I've almost CD-rip the new version of the RPG Maker 95 (version 1.23)

Last update: 13-06-2000
2001 BMV

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