Z-z-z... I'm from Katt's message... Z-z-zDon's Spiffy NeWz:

RIP15.08.2000: I almost done with translation of RM2k 1.05. Thanx to PhoenixX2 for help! He fixed all my typos & broken English strings. There are few internal strings left. (Like "L" for LEVEL, etc).

There are some new ChipSets & CharaSets... Just search for them at my common folders. ( new Sailor Moon charaset in ZIP, new Angel's charas in CHARA07.png, etc...)

If you're reall boring, then check out Center of the Youth Culture by Versinger. Damn advertising! X_X
His English is worst example of the great Russian coulture. LOL. 8-) Just kiding.

9.08.2000: Read new TUTORIAL "How to make STEAL command in a battle mode" by Seith.

And... TA-DA!!!!!! Surprise!!! I did spiffy mini update for yours RM2k 1.03!!!! I translated RPG_RT.EXE 1.06 !!! It contain all last BUGFIXES from ASCII. So... there are no more white crash screen, no more joystick / gamepad problems, etc...
IMPORTANT: Read README.TXT file inside of zip package first!!!

8.08.2000: Ya know my e-mail did not work over 3 days... So i did not get some of my email probably.


BrickRoad did spiffy and long-awaited, long-expected tutorial for RM2k: SWITCHES, VARIABLES, FORK CONDITIONS and all rest important stuff... without which your game will be suck in all cases.
I can't wait for his TUTORIAL too!!!

There are few updates at my site also...

I fixed link to Sailor Moon CharaSet for RPG Maker 95 only.

Download new Crono Woods ChipSet and Bahamut CharaSet by Hiei. You'll find them at CHIPS and CHARAS folders. Do not miss the CHILDRENS.ZIP (FaceSet with some kids expressions) by Bladexcalibur. And... check out NewGuy.zip (err... it looks like Goku) by BarnacleBill.

NOTE: I'll not upload such unfinished CharaSets like NewGuy (which have no DEFAULT picture's width & height) next time. It's very useless for a newbies (becuz i getting some letters from that newbies who can't read tutorials untill I ask them to read those tutorials). What the heck I just said? NM.

And... Afters fixed his Sideview or Front to Back View Battle system Tutorial . It was really buggy at first time.

I'm ill still... But I'm almost OK now. I just can't sit in front of PC to much 8-)

6.08.2000-7.08.2000: Over 50 years ago USA dropped the nuclear bomb to beautiful Japanese town Hirosima. 100 thousands of innocent people was killed. And now... over 5 thousands of Japanese people dying every year becuz of after-effects that bombings... I luv strong and wise Japanese people for all. Please do not repeat that damn bad "mistake". But the Time cures a wounds. | belive it!

Well... I'm ill... for 2 last days... I filed my Anime club meeting, etc... I was in bad mood and in bad feels... But suddenly... I got a phone call from USA... Ya knows.. my parents does not speak English,,, So it started at a phone joke... Beu then i got telephone receiver. He asked me about the Russian federation, Chechnya, our presidents, etc... And he said that he cracked Chara Mucker 1999. WOW!!!! He sent a letter with a crack to me... But how PITY!!!! I did not get his letter. And i did not catch his name well by a phone. He's Axel-Axel, Axis-Axis or so... (Sorry Pal!) Just send a letter to me again ASAP.

When I'll get CM99's crack.. then I will release English translation of the Music Maker 1999 and Wave Maker 1999 by same author. (Belive me dudes... those programs are so spiffy and useful!!!!!!)

Damn... I'm sitting in the face of a monitor.. and perspiring 'cuz of my sickness.. 8-(((

However I must present some new tutorials for RM2k today:

  1. Uses of the Set Password function Contents: 1. What it does 2. Uses - Minigames - Battle Sys - Movement Type by DragonShadow
  2. CATERPILLAR FAQ by DRAKUL this FAQ will explain how to create a group of NPCs events that will play follow the leader with your main character. These NPCs can be used to visually represent other members of your party, or just about whatever you want
  3. Sideview or Front to Back View Battlesystem Tutorial by afters. Oh... man!! It's for advanced user only!!! But it's damn spiffy!

P.S. People! Try to download Sailor Moon's charaset again. 8-) I changed its file name to SM1.PNG.

P.P.S. To all Windows 2000 users! If you have got Font's problems try to copy RM2000.fon and RMG2000.fon from your fonts folder to a safe place. Then delete (uninstall them from your system). And finally... install them from your safe place again.

P.P.P.S. And... I got sone of totally new charasets for RM2k... you'll see then in the common CHARASETS folder.

3.08.2000: Download new spiffy amazing English Help file 1.1 for RPG Maker 2000 by Gemin-eye. I strongly reccomend to download it from his site.

P.S. If u can't download the HELP file from his site then use Go!Zilla, GetRight or so... (1.83 mb).

P.P.S. I glad to see new Romancing SaGa 3's charaset by Pivi.
(He is Hungarian. Ya know we are Slavdom's men. It's very spiffy to know)

Check my CharaSets folder for a tons of new RM2k's charasets (like Sailor Moon), facesets + spiffy Goku Battle Action Magic Set!!!

31.07.2000: It's a shock!!! ASCII did new update for RM2k - 1.06. They fixed over 20 bugs... that "GamePad / Joystick" prob was fixed too! They fixed installing of your GAME DISKs from floppies, etc...
But I gonna release RM2k 1.05 first... It's VERY stable and spiffy still. Ya must understand that it is not easy : to start translation from scratch again.
Ya knows... I solved that nasty Small Font's problem at 1.05

The genius of Tutorials & FAQs - Gemin-eye did 100% English HELP file for RM2k. It's not done yet. But you will get RM2k 1.05 with awesome HELP file!!!!! + All FAQs, Tricks, Tips, etc.

I got some new Sailor Moon Charas for RM2k by "kain hero". Probably I will upload them today.

New Tutorial: Hero Change System by Shadowtext

Let's ask OdiN together : "Where's da 100% Spanish RM2k ?" ^_^

P.S. Do not beg for OPS at my IRC channel. There's no way to be the OP there now.

29.07.2000: Check out 2 new tutorials:

Using iDraw Chara Maker ( for newbies ) by AtomBomb
Tutorial - Save Point by PEPSIDUDE01

I got some new DBZ's charas and faces, etc. by e-mail But I must sort them first.

28.07.2000: Here's good news for RPG Maker 95+ users!
I just released GAME DISK Maker (375k ) v 1.23 for RM95+.
Now you can make your Game Disks without any problems! Read README.TXT first!

100% Spanish translation of RPG Maker 2000 by OdiN coming soon... ( July 31 ). Read news at his site: HELL Soft.

Check my CharaSets folder for a new BLACK1.PNG file with cool charas of a black men! (by friend of Torched)

You will find all RM95 / RM2k's updates at my UTILITES / UPDATES page

25.07.2000: Okay guys'n'lads! I have got new amazing (spiffing) tutorial: "Set Password Functions" by Illustrious.

There's renewed and fixed version of "How to create your Splash Screen" tutorial by Chris Jennings

Check my CharaSets/FaceSets folder for a new CharaSets and FaceSets for RM2k.

P.S. I installed one compiler (which Ii lost with my PC's crash a month ago). I gonna make prerelease of RM2k 1.05 soon. For my new tester only. We'll finish it soon. Then I'll release RM2k 1.05 tranny at first weeks of august. It's shitty.. But I have not normal HELP file for RM2k. I meant that I'll release RM2k 1.05 without English help.

My next task is Russian translation of RM2k for my Russian friends.

PPS I got some letters with "font's subject"... Some ppl asking me for an accent's support for French, Portuguese, etc... There's one Thai request. 8-) Ya knows. It's possible to solve this problem. I'm working at FAQ "How to change RM2k's Fonts"

P.P.P.S. Some of spiffing EarthBound's ChipSets by Hiei coming soon!!! They're really so spiffy!!!

23.07.2000: OMG! At last! My dream came true! They did English translation of the best Square's GAME for SNES: "Romancing SaGa 3". This game have no linear plot... It's like Crono Trigger.. But I bet SaGa 3 is much interesting for a players than CT. Because you could beat a game by 8 different Charas:

Julian, Thomas, Mikhail (it's me!!), Harid, Sara, Ellen, Monica (Lrvinsky ^_^ ), Katrina (Russian girl)... and... there's Tatyana... (She's Russian too)

PS SaGa 3 have the best Chara & TileSets which fits in RM2k! So make some of ChipSets and charaSets for all RM2k users! Please! 8-)

PPS I have got new tester for my RM2k 1.05. So it coming soon!

21.07.2000: I luv DreamWeaver HTML editor... But I continue to love Front Page 2000 by MigroZoft.

Get some new charasets and 2 new Zelda's chipsets (Casino, Bath House, Sauna, Mad House, Bank, etc.. j/k) by EL REGIO.

On... About Hiei. War is over and we will support both sites. I talks about the RM2k's part of rpgmaker's net. Their whol site is ok (but it's not crossed with my own interests. There's only one target for me. And it's RPG Maker 2000).

As said Hiei in ICQ's message: "I only wanted to make a page of ressources for people. that's all". And I'm totally agree with him. So I'll not support any "attacks" to their forums, etc.. 8-) It's just a decision of the adult kid (me),

P.S. I luv Nina Lorez (She did not knows that NINA is the COMMON Russian female's name here. May be it's old fashened a li'l bit.. But it's a beautiful name anyways). Do not bash she to much. And if you want to know my IMHO for LEGASY & RM.NET games... so... RM.NET is a full li'l game, but LEGASY is not finished. 8-) Nina stop those flaming letters... You did enough 8-)

P.P.S. About my old words... like "kids shit". Ok I'll never call kids by "kids" word. Deal?

P.P.P.S And yes... I'm cocky & mean sometimes.. But we're a real ppl here! 8-) So live is a beautiful thing.

P.P.P.P.S. I did not STOLe anything from ASCII. I got all by legal ways.

18.07.2000: I have install Dreamweaver. So... I wanna to renew whole site's content. And... I have got 6 VHS with "El Hazard Anime: 6 OVA, and all EL Hazard: Parallel Universe". It's very spiffy.

Ok here's RM2k's NEWS:

I wanna post my point of view at those RPG Maker's wars (which were over now).

There's new cool FAQ for newbies: RPG Making with RM2k: The Basic Shop by Neil

I hope you'll enjoy of reading new SNES CHARACTERS RIPPING TUTORIAL by Shining Haunter A.K.A Lek Yuan Shen

There's new Zelda chipset (by EL REGIOMONTANO. *ISRAEL*) at my ChipSets folder. This is the FIRST PROFESSIONAL MADED ChipSet for RM2k !!! (I meant it's cool, it's full, it's ready to play!)
I'm very proud of EL REGIOMONTANO's work!

There's 2 new spiffy ARMY-charasets by Rolf and one GREAT!!!! MegaMen CharaSet by OmegaHeretic at my CharaSets folder.

P.S. I'm working hard at "Don's Adventures Part-2" and English translation of RM2k 1.05 coming soon.

16.07.2000:I'm working at new modern chipSet for RM2k. It gonna be spiffy. It's not ready yet. I'll upload it soon.
Get 4 new CharaSets from EarthBound RPG riped by Gauntlet Wizard.
Get it from my CharaSets folder.

15.07.2000:Yo all. I'm li'l tired today.
But read those good RM2k's FAQs:
2. Making an Adventure-RPG Battle System by Darrok
3. Read new FAQ: How to make your own splash screens in the RPG Maker 2000 by Chris Jennings

P.S. There's some new charasets and facesets at my CharaSets (FaceSets) folder.

10.07.2000: At last!!! English Version of my Niggaz VS Satan RPG is done!!! (Version 1.0. I found only 10 untranslated events from 1200 events! So it's 99.9% English anyways). If you want play English NVS then follow the instructions:
1. download Russian NVS from this page (12 files)
2. download the English ADD-ON from this page (1 small file)
3. Run NVS_SFX, extract it to an empty folder "Niggaz VS Satan"
4. then extract all files from english ADD-ON to same NVS's folder (it will replace all old Russian files by new English files!!!)
5. copy any working English GAME.EXE from your C:/RPG95/SYS folder to your NVS folder. (or get Prepatched GAME.EXE (ver 1.23) game123e.zip (~168 Kb). Remember this GAME.EXE wont work at Windows 95!!! If u wanna run NVS at W95 still then get old GAME.EXE 1.02 from your RM95+... or download it from my DOWNLOADWS/PREPATCHED page )
6. Run GAME.EXE and Enjoy!!!

P.S. There's new Earthbound2 charaset at my CharaSets folder.

  9.07.2000:Check out updated version od the Day_Night FAQ.

Dear Hiei... i've got in thousand times more spam than you... becuz of your rpgmakernet site... becuz rpgmakernet's fanatics... so... i can understand your feeling...
I sent a peace letter to Hiei... Do you think that he'll be good in a future? I meant can I belive him? I thinx YES.
Heie, remove those FAQs and put a link to my site... and it'll be a fat point at the stupid fanatics war!

  9.07.2000:There's new FaceSets folder at my site.

I drew a ship (by default RTP's ship chipset)... so you can watch it here. It's shitty one... but now you can improve it... 8-)
Li'l advertising here: Check out new IRC channel... port 6667 channel #chat.. 8-))

My RM95 Game "Niggaz VS Satan" is 45% English now. It'll be ready tomorrow. I hope so. And after a game play you'll see that it's not a racist's game... it's the best game about humans friendship, love and damn teachers! My friend Cyber-Pasha does its translation. You'll meet him in my NVS game... he's the second main person there! The first main character is DrSun aka Suppa-Sunny (remember him? He did all Russian mirrors of rm2k, IRC #rm2k channel, and many more).
One more thing: You'll get normal English version of NVS. The censored version of English NVS coming soon.
WOW!!! One big game have 3!!! Versions!!! Cool! Errr... I meant it's Spiffy.

Note to all losers who shi$$ing at my IRC channel: Calm down! Just make a good RPG then ppl will respect you... but you'll never beat the great RM2K RPG "EXILE" by QHeretic. Well... may be I'm wrong. Just try to make a better game. Losers!
P.S. My Channel Operators (@OPS) are best OPs in the whole World! 8-) Thanks guys and girls for all!!! 8-)

  8.07.2000: Here's new RM95's charaset SAILOR MOON by Tibs.
It's unspiffable... but true! I got some retouched charas of Pikachu. Remember my Pikachu chara? Yup. Zak from Austria did some new poses for Pikachu and Ash. It was spiffy but li'l messy. So I retouched his work again (He did retouch of my work, then I did same with his work... brrr... li'l confuzing). Then I aseembled all our work together to one spiffy PIKACHU FOREVER CharaSet: Pikachu_BMV.png
P.S. Guys & Lads, do you have other Animated GIFs with the cats?! Send them to me please! It's for my collection!
P.P.S. I did new section at my forum: GENERAL CHAT. You can use it for a common chat, etc. Good luck! And thanx for the spiffy idea.

  7.07.2000: Now... my forums shows my local time... 8-)
Here's a guide for Day and Night in the RPG Maker 2000 by JanusX. Read huge collection of excellent English RM2k's FAQ, Manuals, Tutorials, Guides also.

6.07.2000: Spiffy news! Read new FAQ: How to make your own splash screens in the RPG Maker 2000 by Chris Jennings. (It's spiffy to see at such clever and smart person! He did describe it by himself! Without any of my tips!!! Hurray!!!)
And download new EarthBound rm2k's CharaSet by BuckNaked. He did it well! Actually.. all sprites are fine... Get it here. 8-)

RM2k 1.05 coming soon!

5.07.2000: I drew Pikachu's, Cheburashka's, Piglet's and Doraemon's charas for RM2k. Download them from here. You can use it for your games but you must put my credits into the game. RPG Maker 2000 v 1.05 coming soon. Don's Adventures part 2 coming soon too.

3.07.2000: There are some bad and some good news... My PC was broken... It's all becuz new "ACCENTs-FONTs-UPDATE"... to many PC's was screwed up... I removed that file from downloads... 8-(

check new FAQ4 by Gemin-eye.
Topics covered in this FAQ:
1. The Event Editor.
2. How to make a store./ inn.
3. How to connect map to house, map to world map. Teleporting.
4. How to set heroes movement speed.
5. How to use RAW Material Editor.
6. Simple switch King gives mission, pc does mission, King says something different.
7. Opening Events.
8. Victory and Defeat in battle, defeat dosent necessarily mean Game Over.
9. Random monsters. How to set monsters to an area, and set Encounter Rate.
Read it from NOTEPAD!

Anyways I did backup to CD-R before Tsunami. Now my PC is empty and clear. I meant that I have no any compilers and html-editors right now. I have bad mood also. But I'm working hard at the second part of the Don's Adventures SAMPLE GAME. You will get it with RM2k 1.05 (I'm almost done it!). Just wait a li'l more.. and do not ask me about the date of the rm2k 1.05 tranny's release. I'll do my best. It's hard, belive me 8-)

BTW: RPG Maker 2000 won all competitions of rpgmakersnet site... becuz they did a special RM2000 section at that site. It's LOL. As i said before... SpoonyBard is a loser. He can't keep his site without the real complete RM2k by ASCII. He's lost his proud or a something... when he made a RM2000 subpage at his site.
And last word about "RPG Makers & Don's wars, bashing and stuff". There were no any wars... Only sick SpooneyBoard have yell about a wars... What's a sicko. 8-) How could kids programmers fight with poor russian translator (I'm not an author of the RPG Maker 2000 even!). LOL.
P.S. I got a letter form SpooneyBard. So I wrote something wrong here... Wait a li'l for a correct news.

I've not have so much laugh from that time when I have read THE LEGEND OF RM2K. (by Katalyst36) So read it too. And cheer up! Becuz you have full RM2k 1.03b version. This version is 100% compatible with rm2k v1.05... Cya at my #RM2k CHAT!

30.06.2000: I did spiffy RM2k accents font plug-in. It contain 2 default RM2k fonts ( Don Miguel & Drakul & OdiN ) with accents symbols support: , , , ,,Ơ , . Remember you must include this plug-in as an add-on for your GAME DISKs. Or else your game players will not see THOSE fonts into your game.

Actually... OdiN did not included all ACCENTs to those fonts... So ask him at my forums for a missing fonts. If he'll add them then I'll release new RM2k FONT's plug-in ASAP. 

NOTE: Do not install this Font Plug-In if you have all your alphabet's symbols already or else it will screw all your RM2000's fonts!!!! So...

Check out 3 new RM2k FAQs:

  1. RM2k Installation FAQ

  2. How to make summon animations

  3. Just RM2k FAQ like mine 8-) 

THE OLD OLD NEWS... some old news 1,2,3 8-)

12.06.1999: I did the new FaCe of My TraNnY SiTe!!! And... Happy Birthday to me!!! I'm 25 now!! Yahoo!!!

11.06.1999: Almost finished the NVS RPG. I gonna translate it to English soon. Read the game description first. So do not blame me in the racism. It's a game about my white li'l friends... They loves black music and stuff...

10.06.1999: I've almost CD-rip the new version of the RPG Maker 95 (version 1.23)

Last update: February 18, 2001
2000 BMV

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