Hi! I'm a spiffy cat!RPG Maker 95 FAQ, Demos

  1. This RM95 FAQ is a FAQ that teaches a simpler way to switch from day to night. (Read it now) by Kris Williams
  2. German FAQ: RPG Maker 95+ (.doc in .zip) by Christopher Grabinski
  3. My NEW RPGMucker95+ FAQ v 1.2. (10 June 2000 !!! ) You'll find all solutions for: GAMEDISK prob., GDI Error, Saving the Switches, etc.!
  4. Unlimited TileSwapping FAQ v 1.0. Read it and don't ask me about it again: Unlimited TileSets, TileSwapping FAQ by The Brain
  5. Very ADVANCED Tips about RM95-game making. You'll find cool examples of the TIME/CLOCK making in the RM95 games. You'll find also solutions for the "TRANSFORM Items / MAGIC Items / Teleport Items". Read it now! by Marshall Miller.
  6. FAQ / Documentation / Tips by Silvera about the RPG Mucker 95
    HTTP: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Galaxy/3931/rm95faq.txt (~ 30 Kb)

  7. You can get some help about RPG Mucker 95+ here. (link to SquareEarth site)

  8. HOW TO MAKE 2 OR MORE DISK GAMES ( for RM95+ and RM2k ) by Jaden15

Game Mastering Tips:

  1. Using iDraw Chara Mucker by AtomBomb
  2. iDraw3 Manual "How to make my own Chara-Sprites for RPG Mucker 2000 in iDraw 3.27" by Dale Bourbeau
  3. Making movies with flash - tutorial By Rocky "The SewerShark"
  4. SNES CHARACTERS RIPPING TUTORIAL by Shining Haunter A.K.A Lek Yuan Shen
  5. How to make yourself Spiffy & Creative RPG Mucker by Jericho
  6. Tips by Loren J. Miller about the SPIFFY PLOTS!!! Read this if u wanna make the BESTSELLER game!!!

ABU: DAD!!! Plz, don't kick my ass to much!!!RM95+ GAMES:

  1. My sample of Unlimited Tilesets in the RPG Mucker 95
    "Abu's Trouble" BMVDEMO
    HTTP: bmvdemo.exe(~ 1 Mb)
    (You can play this game also. Warning! The tons of black humor are here!)
  2. My "Niggaz VS Satan" RPG is ready for downloading!!! Get if from there! (Russian version only)
  3. How to make your own game from a scratch. Read some info at good site: GAMEOPEDIA

Read this beautiful and true RM2k's LEGEND by Katalyst.

Last update: 30-06-2000
1999-2000 BMV

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