My name is LSD. I'm bad pussy!Don's Spiffy NeWz:


Don MiguelA hacker stole my EZBoard's account "Don Miguel". We'll punish him by EZBOARD.COM admins then I'll switch my forums to another place ASAP.

If you can help us with catching of the hacker then email me.

We can stay at old board if the hacker give back my password for my "Don Miguel" account.

PS I'm getting tons of Stifu portraits. Spiffy! I'll upload some of them today. 8-))

Draw Stifu13.07.2001: 3D Maze contest is over!


Sweet! We have got 3 spiffy winners: 1. syxtem 2. Nayno 3. Rbrowne

I invite you in the new funny art contest: "Draw Anime Stifu" You can read all rules inside.

BTW: Gaming Ground Zero site is up and has spiffy face lift by somewho spiffy artist!

12.07.2001: My site is back to life 8-)

I hate to depend on people because engagements are too serious things.
Well... my site is up. Enjoy. I'll update it well soon.

29.06.2001: Yay. I just finished translation of spiffy and useful tool: MyWin (270k)

Now you can do any signs, custom windows, parts of menu, etc.. without any probs! And they'll look like original rm2k windows! 8-)

You must check MyWin by Gaz (Japanese dude)

Thanx to Nasferatu for info & new RTP / RM2k 1.07b mirrors!

I just fixed links to SiliconHeroe's TETRIS demo and SYXTEM's MME3 3D Maze Builder demo.

PS I'm almost finished with uploading of CHARASETS / MONSTERS and stuff for RM2k. Now all links work fine.

23.06.2001: I'm uploading all my charasets collection right now. (There're 3 exclusive charasets!!! No one else has them yet!)

RPG Maker 2000 1.07b Fixes patch by PhoenixX_2
What will this do?
-Resize the font in the Map Event Editor, Common Event Editor and Battle Event Editor.
-Resize the Show Message dialog (textbox, frame, buttons, lines)
-Change font in Show Message dialog to Terminal (mono-spaced)

You can check and download 3 demos of the 3D MAZE contest.

I'm working on the translation of RM2k 1.10 again (I just fixed all my tools! Hurray!)

RM95+ news: Stifu fixed GAME.EXE 1.23 for RM95 games.
Now your games will crash not so often 8-)
Now we have got universal GAME.EXE which works fine under Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, Me and 2000.
Stifu did it all in few days. Yes... I did help him with few tips... 8-P But it no matters. He did it.

Remember old good Japanese game STAR OCEAN ? It's playable under ZSNES now. Go to and get all you need. (Too bad... I haven't got a ROM8-((((((((((((( )

HO HO HO *COUGH* HO18.06.2001: Yesterday was birthday of my old bro. Today is my mom's BD. Ya know... it's repeating every year. 8-))) Too many cakes, too many PEPSI Light... j/k

I was on the nature trip with my ex-univercity mates. It was fun but I was pretty tired tonight. So there's no update today.

By the way: my old site at RPGMAKER.CHAT.RU is dead. Forever. They closed it because of huge traffic. You can use short address for my new site:

You can use this URL for my "The RM2k Forum" also.

I just assembled new install file for RM2k 1.07b. It contains full English HELP file by Gemin-eye also.


I do not support old versions of RM2k. Ya know... some lazy dorks are using spoiled RM2K 1.03b even! SHAME ON YOU! V_V'

Now we're working on the new HELP file for RM2k 1.10

I removed all dead links of RTP mirror files. Thanks to Squirrel!

I'm uploading some cool stuff on the new host right now. I just uploaded some SYSTEM sets; now uploading tons of chipsets...

There's 3 exclusive charasets by me... I'll upload them ASAP

15.06.2001: I have got US Mirror for my site. Thanks to Thanhda from WWW.RPGTSUKURU.COM

My BD-party was funky... I was in bad mood at its beginning. But after few drinks... (Ya know, I luv PEPSI-LIGHT) It raised my mood up to my "roof". I was so happy that forgot to use my photo cam. So here's my old spiffing pic one:"Donny boy catch Golden Fish and its fishy grandpa" ^_^

LOL... You did not saw the faces of nearest people which saw my fishy hugs.. LOL

Oh... Just another funny pic of me... Yeah... Pic number 2: It's me - da Santa Donny Claus

12.06.2001: Happy birthday to me! 8-) I'm 27 now.. *COUGH-COUGH* 8-P

8.06.2001: Today I created my own fresh The RM2k WORLD forum. Join in and drop old forum which was not mine from the beginning. ^_^

Today I closed 2 contests: Tetris & X-Files Art. We must congrats our winners!!! Hurray! 8-)


I'll add more news today. ^_^

5.06.2001: Man... my birth day is coming soon... I dunno what to do! Will be it a party or something else.. errrr... I can't solve my BD quest 8-)

I bet that you did hear about the merging of 2 TOP sites under one "roof" 8-) I gonna congrats both sides! And read these quotes from both sites:

GamingGroundZero is pleased to announce its merger with RPG2KNet. We wish to thank all of our loyal and talented staff members for a job well done throughout the long life of this site. This isn't the end of GGZ but its evolvement into something better. Thanks to all our visitors and affiliates for their support in making this site a success. We hope you will come to see us at our new home. All the games, all the resources, and everything we have will be available exclusively at RPG2KNet. Banner/Link shown above. Also, click on the "Go Chat" link below it to go to RPG2KNet's IRC Chat.

A very special thanks to Don Miguel for all his support and friendship over the years. We will continue to work with him under our new name, RPG2KNet.

On a final note, I'd like to say that GGZ is one of a kind, and has been my hobby since the early days of "Heresy Productions". And as for mED since the days of his "RPGMaker Resource" site. Thanks again and keep coming back.

~Q, mED, and the staff of GGZ

And other one 8-)

3.6.2001 - merger with
the merge with is complete - you will see all the exclusive games and resources go up in the next couple of days! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank wishmoo, Q and Med for the work they have done conserning this merger, Don Miguel for not giving up on us and you, the visitors for understanding that this merger will benifit everyone. we will continue to offer to you the same standard of work that offered but also stay and a mainly resource providing website to cater for people needy of rm2k graphics. If you have any questions about the merge then please ask them but clicking on the "comments" button below. do not AIM me or the GGZ staff as we are still very busy with sorting out the resources into groups and moving staff members around. thankyou.


30.05.2001: Yo, dear Affiliates! I'm getting so many complains on some of my affiliates sites... So I decided to clear the list of affiliates a bit.

From now all affiliates sites must fit in the rules.

1. site must have good content relating to rpg making

2. site must not steal from other sites or take original work when artists do not want you to

3. site must be respectable and set a good example. If they use their site to hurt another site or other people in the community, you will not support it.

4. site can have original projects which help to whole RM2K community (i.e. retranslating of the CM1999 by GimpMaster & Durg)

5. or else site must be VERY INTERESTING and WELL DONE (i.e. BLW, Imbiss)

Here is the list of the BEST affiliates sites: GGZ, RPG2k NET, RPG Infinity, RPGMAKER2k.DE, RPG FAC, etc.
So... dear affiliates! Listen to me: clean out and fit your site to the rules and do your site closest to the BEST affiliates list. I'll check them at June 1. I'll remove all links to non existing sites and all rest sites which do not fit in the rules
It's pretty fairy! I'm tired of tons of complains on your sites... It's not mine fault at all. ^_^

Yo all! Did you download my own new charaset? Go and get it now 8-) Here's new don_faces2.png also. It's my original stuff.

There's second winner of RM2k TETRIS contest: SiliconHero. He sent his demo after Laughy. But SiliconHero's demo is pretty cool and original (he put all scripts to the common events).

This contest was the hardest one. It's more complex than 3D Maze contest even. But the style of coding of the winner is closest to style of the winner of our Minesweeper contest. 8-)

If you want to have RM2k with support of your native language then go to RPG2k NET and read last news!

24.05.2001: Game Maker
Did you always want to design computer games but don't you want to spend a lot of time learning to become a programmer? Then you came to the right place. Game Maker is a program that allows you to make exciting computer games without the need to write a single line of code. Using easy to learn drag-and-drop actions you can make professional looking games in little time.
Games with backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects. And once you get more experienced there is a built-in programming language that gives you full flexibility.
What is best, Game Maker can be used completely free of charge. And you can use the games you produced in any way you like.

There's special GAME MAKER forum. You can do the arcade version of your RPG just for fun 8-)
You can even sell them!



some old news 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 8-)

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