Z-z-z... I'm from Katt's message... Z-z-zDon's Spiffy NeWz:

Download FM95 Now!3.11.2000: This is so spiffy, isn't it? Yay!!! Download latest English Translation of the Fighter Maker 95!

DO NOT ASK ME FOR SOME FILES FOR FM95 !!! Better ask people on my FM95 forum!

Do not forget to check Katalyst's site!

P.P.S. I have got over 6 new spiffy tutorials for RM2k right now... but I can't upload them still. Please, wait a li'l !

1.11.2000: I have got very beta version of the Fighter Maker 95. It was wrong when I tought that FM95's translation is a piece of cake. FM95 is very hard to use proggie... There's some text inside. It's main reason of its unplayability for now. It's easy to change default files... but almost impossible to create your own...

I gonna make "Nigga Fighters VS Satan" game. There's no way to use default GFX... 8-(((

What I translated in the CodeMason-GOSU-Katalyst's verson of the FM95:

  1. all non-translated context pop-up menus in the editor
  2. all untransated or missed text from dialogues
  3. 90% of error messages in the game runner module
  4. all redifinitions of the keyboard and joysticks
  5. content of the .INI files
  6. all gamedisk's compiling messages
  7. "GAME" (Story Mode)/ "MATCH" (Player 1 VS Player 2 mode) text menu
  8. and many many more...

I can't translate big phrases because of my broken vocab... V_V
Are there some cool free Japanese-English comuter translators? If you know some then tell me.

NOTE 1: I did this additional FM95's tranny for home use ONLY.
NOTE 2: FM95 is not available for downloading on my site.

P.S. My ISP's connection is bad now... so I can't upload anything big... Do not ask me for new version of FM95. I just created new forum about FM95. Check it on SUNNY Forum also. You may ask your FM95's questions there. Or e-mail your question to nitrogames@yahoo.com (it's e-mail of FM95's Translators: CodeMason, GOSU, Katalyst)

20.10.2000: Here was 600000th guest today! And it was my friend!

BTW: I reduced the flash menu's file size to 12 Kb!

I checked ALL my mirrors for RTPe file! I removed some fake or dead links.

Check the first site of RM2k's German Translation: www.rpgmaker2kger.cjb.net

There's new German Font by Raphi

There's new German RM95+'s FAQ:

There's some new spiffy RM2k's tutorials:

Yay! I Got New Award!9.10.2000: I'd watched my fav anime DiGi Charat but... suddenly...

Guess what!!!!? Not long time ago I got 500000th guest on my page - Rutibex. Check his friend's site also! It'll cheer up his friends! 8-)

And.. do not bash me for a new main page's layout... LOL... I'll change it soon.

TNTz did 3 new natonal fonts for RM2k: Swedish, Portuguese, and a new version of the french RM2000 8.fon. Indeed, there was a little error in the old file. Oh a little precision : there's no translation for the swedish readme.

Ohh My God!!!! Drakul did Exellent Update at his site... GO THERE NOW!!!! (It opens into new window).

Da Fresh Spiffy Tutorials:

P.S. I've heard that English Tranny of Fighter Maker 95 is coming soon!!! CodeMason and other guys are doing their best for it! (I know few separate teams who work on it)

6.10.2000: Thanx to my friends! I must present new chat room and new FORUMS !

NOTE: You can use your old regged forum's nick name here. (Only Global)

New Chat!!! ( #rpgguild IRC Server: babylon.beyondirc.net Port: 6667 )

5.10.2000: Check out new AMAZING!!!!!!!!! FaceSets... from Crono Cross by Pivi. I bet those are the spiffiest FaceSets which I saw !!!

I removed IRC chat #RM2k as useless 8-) I gonna remove my forums also, say THANX to Stifu for that.

P.S. There's new intrasting Simpsons' CharaSet by Rocky Arbigaus.

P.P.S. Guys! Do not worry about new tutorials! I have got some! And I'll upload them ASAP.

4.10.2000: My forums were overtaken by a bunch of old known hackers!

Here was my petition to the hackers:


And I'm not mad on anyone but KingNewbie (he spammed my GB a lot 8-). But it's ok now 8-)

P.S. My dear guests just think about it. This site will be without a forums becuz of bunch od kids... Do you like it?
(I did those forums for all of ya. I'm not need in any help with rm2k... becuz i did all alone withount any help (exept of fixing my English typos)

My dear friends! Let's go to WWW.EZBOARD.COM and tell what you think to the admins. I bet... 1000 questions about this problem will bring their attention here.

P.P.S. I hope Shaved Rabbit will done his help in a time! ^_^ Good luck!

21.09.2000: Yo!!! DANISH(5k) RM2k's fonts (with accents!!!) by TNTz.

!!!!! WARNING !!!!! by DRAKUL
True Type Fonts, CAN NOT be used with RM2K for any reason whatsoever! A renaming the file's extension from TTF to FON will not change the format of that file. I know is sounds outragous, but I've seen it happen. True Type Fonts are NOT bitmapped fonts!!! They are vector based fonts (thus can be resized), and you may harm your system if you attempt to use them.

14.09.2000: Yay!!! I got cool FRENCH(23k) & SPANISH(5k) RM2k's fonts (with accents!!!)

NOTE by TNTz: Here are the so long-awaited accents fonts !!!!!! For the moment, everything's in French, but soon I'll update the fonts in order that everybody could have it in its own language.
So please report me the mere error or missing letter at : harquin@hotmail.com. Thanks to Don Miguel and Drakul !!!

Et voil les tant attendues polices de charactres avec les accents ! Pour les Franais c'est OK, mais si jamais vous trouvez des erreurs et/ou des lettres manquantes e-mailez moi harquin@hotmail.com. Merci Don Miguel et Drakul !!!

Spanish fonts was retouched by OdiN long time ago... and TNTz did total retouch of my and Drakul's spiffy fonts for French edition. So we must thank those guys very much!

And... happy French users could read all instructions in the french_fonts.zip file... to all rest people: read Drakul's Tutorials... at his site.

P.S. Here are new spiffy tutorials:

7.09.2000: Having trouble with your in game font? Things looking just a little screwed up? You need Drakul's RM2K Font Patch!

P.S. Drakul, e-mail me. It's not so good advertising of your great work! 8-) So help me to adv. your work well 8-)

31.08.2000: There are few spiffy tutorials:

There's one cool charast of ALEX by SSpstango (you'll find it in common charas folder)

P.S. About a patch... Ya know... I'm not in the mood right now. ok?

29.08.2000: Sorry that i did not update my site few days ago!

And.. I had vacation with my anime club.It was spiffy... And now I gonna update my site... There're 10 or so new tutorials... and I'll upload them soon...

P.S. Have a nice day!

22.08.2000: I'll upload some new tutorials today.

WARNING: I've put wrong RMG2000 font to the RM2k 1.05... so use RM2000 font for a while... I'll release the font patch in few days. Or else you'll see screwy in-game font.

+ I'll release Accent's Fonts Add-on.

20.08.2000: English Translation of RPG Maker 2000 v1.05 is ready for download. I must say thanks to PhoenixX2 especially for his help. We must say "thank you" to Gemins-eye for his new version of English RPG2000.HLP file (which I included to install shield)

So... I'm tired. Go to RM2k's DOWNLOADS and download new spiffy RM2k.
Note: You do not need to download RTPe (12mb) again.
Just uninstall your old RM2k 1.03 then install new one. You'll not lost your games! (but SAMPLE GAME)

Thanx to RPG.Squirrel for USA mirror. ^_^

Yup. I improved my "Don's Adventures" SAMPLE GAME by tons of spiffy tricks:

There're no one did such brilliant and easy to make HERO PARTY EXCANGE SYSTEM. (check it at an airship's board).

There's free sample how to make FLYING HQ. You can navigate it, gather all of your party memers there, etc. It looks like Final Fantasy 3's AirShip.

So sorry... it's just a sample. It's not a full game. But play it till its end. You'll see some fun things there also. 8-)

P.S. I'll add yours tutorials ASAP. I just very tired last week... 8-)

Please!!! Dear DesktopDollars members! It RULES! Do not forget to run your ProfitZone evey time!!! It will support me. I hope.. 8-((

19.08.2000: My head is hurt... becuz of blame war in my #RM2k chat. We'll make TEST for an ops... Read news... You could be a good OP too. Just wait for a test.

All French RM2k users can try French tranny of RPG_RT.EXE 1.06 by Bomber_1

Check new Village.PNG ChipSet (by Lancelot) at my RM2k's ChipSets folder.

Do not miss new Sailor Moon's Faceset (by Luke L) at my FaceSets folder

Here are new tutorials:

P.S. I done translation of RM2k 1.05 today. I woking on InstallShield now... It's 3.6 Mb or so. (Becuz i included English Help file also). So... I'm clearing out new Don's Adventures SAMPLE GAME... and... I gonna release the whole install shield for RM2k 1.05 ASAP!!!
P.P.S. Do not erase or uninstall your RTPe!!! RTPe was made for ALL versions of RM2k. It works with Japanese RM2k even!!!

18.08.2000: Ok... I presents the bunch of new spiffy tutorials today!

P.S. And wait for August 20. (I can't wait too!)

17.08.2000: I gonna release translation of the RM2k 1.05b at August 20. Translation and patch are done. My testers will check it before the date of release.

I wonder if there's new HELP file by Gemin-eye... If not, then I will release it with old English HELP v 1.1. It's better than nothing.

What New you will get:

I'm at vacation now... So... I'm at my home... and I just translating RM2k, watching ANIME: Berserk 1-25, KOR - Orange Road 1-48 and Mahoujin Guruguru TV. I hope... that I will grab all Slayers (TV, Next, TRY, OVA) next month or so.... Man!!! I luv ANIME!

15.08.2000: I almost done with translation of RM2k 1.05. Thanx to PhoenixX2 for help! He fixed all my typos & broken English strings. There are few internal strings left. (Like "L" for LEVEL, etc).

There are some new ChipSets & CharaSets... Just search for them at my common folders. ( new Sailor Moon charaset in ZIP, new Angel's charas in CHARA07.png, etc...)

9.08.2000: Read new TUTORIAL "How to make STEAL command in a battle mode" by Seith.

And... TA-DA!!!!!! Surprise!!! I did spiffy mini update for yours RM2k 1.03!!!! I translated RPG_RT.EXE 1.06 !!! It contain all last BUGFIXES. So... there are no more white crash screen, no more joystick / gamepad problems, etc...
IMPORTANT: Read README.TXT file inside of zip package first!!!

THE OLD OLD NEWS... some old news 1,2,3,4 8-)

12.06.1999: I did the new FaCe of My TraNnY SiTe!!! And... Happy Birthday to me!!! I'm 25 now!! Yahoo!!!

11.06.1999: Almost finished the NVS RPG. I gonna translate it to English soon. Read the game description first. So do not blame me in the racism. It's a game about my white li'l friends... They loves black music and stuff...

10.06.1999: I've almost CD-rip the new version of the RPG Maker 95 (version 1.23)

Last update: February 18, 2001
2000 BMV

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