My name is LSD. I'm bad pussy!Don's Spiffy NeWz:

1. green ass 2. slimer 3. wheel-cam 4. gold robot 5. hammer car 6. magic carpet 7. alien hobo 8. hobo alien30.05.2001: Yo, dear Affiliates! I'm getting so many complains on some of my affiliates sites... So I decided to clear the list of affiliates a bit.

From now all affiliates sites must fit in the rules.

1. site must have good content relating to rpg making

2. site must not steal from other sites or take original work when artists do not want you to

3. site must be respectable and set a good example. If they use their site to hurt another site or other people in the community, you will not support it.

4. site can have original projects which help to whole RM2K community (i.e. retranslating of the CM1999 by GimpMaster & Durg)

5. or else site must be VERY INTERESTING and WELL DONE (i.e. BLW, Imbiss)

Here is the list of the BEST affiliates sites: GGZ, RPG2k NET, RPG Infinity, RPGMAKER2k.DE, RPG FAC, etc.
So... dear affiliates! Listen to me: clean out and fit your site to the rules and do your site closest to the BEST affiliates list. I'll check them at June 1. I'll remove all links to non existing sites and all rest sites which do not fit in the rules
It's pretty fairy! I'm tired of tons of complains on your sites... It's not mine fault at all. ^_^

Yo all! Did you download my own new charaset? Go and get it now 8-) Here's new don_faces2.png also. It's my original stuff.

There's second winner of RM2k TETRIS contest: SiliconHero. He sent his demo after Laughy. But SiliconHero's demo is pretty cool and original (he put all scripts to the common events).

This contest was the hardest one. It's more complex than 3D Maze contest even. But the style of coding of the winner is closest to style of the winner of our Minesweeper contest. 8-)

If you want to have RM2k with support of your native language then go to RPG2k NET and read last news!

24.05.2001: sample game... 8-)Game Maker
Did you always want to design computer games but don't you want to spend a lot of time learning to become a programmer? Then you came to the right place. Game Maker is a program that allows you to make exciting computer games without the need to write a single line of code. Using easy to learn drag-and-drop actions you can make professional looking games in little time.
Games with backgrounds, animated graphics, music and sound effects. And once you get more experienced there is a built-in programming language that gives you full flexibility.
What is best, Game Maker can be used completely free of charge. And you can use the games you produced in any way you like.

There's special GAME MAKER forum. You can do the arcade version of your RPG just for fun 8-)
You can even sell them!

Yo! I'm da man!23.05.2001: What? You did not got new English Translation of the RPG2000 Help File - By: Gemin-eye yet? Then you're not smart one. You'll learn tons of new tricks even if you're "guru"!

Here are all of my spiffy experiments:

1. I reduced size of RTPe from 12Mb down to 10Mb. I did not erase even a file! It's my new secret!

2. RM2k 1.10 Install file will be ~ 4.7 Mb (Including new HELP file 1.0 by Gemin-eye)!!!

3. I can do your native language support in the RM2k 1.10 without any patches and stuff! But then I must redo install of RTP also... So it's a pain in my eyes.

4. I did RTP2e for RM2k. It's experiment too. I added all new GFX from my site into RTP2e. It's 7 Mb now. It's like an add-on for RTPe. Do you need it?
Or I can make new multilanguage RTP-DX with all GFX files and some foreign fonts (German, Spanish, etc.. even with Chinese + Thai + Korean fonts... but I do not have any Chinese-Korean-Thai RM2000.FON files for RM2k 8-). So the install file will be 18 Mb then.

Actually... I can add multilanguage .LDB file (with all foreign VOCABS: Default strings for German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, etc...)

Well... I did not finish RM2k 1.10 translaton yet... it's 10% done still. 8-(

But I decided to create new forum: RM2k 1.10: Multilanguage support and some ideas

You can tell me what you want to see in English installs of RM2k 1.10 right there: RM2k: What you want to get in RM2k 1.10

5. I decided to close FM95 and RM95+ parts of my site. From now all RM95 links will lead to the new place.

You can start to bug new RM95+ master: STIFU He is preparing new site's layout of his site for new functions. 8-) He speaks French & English. He is excellent RM95+ user. So he will help you with your RM95 games and custom GFX. ^_^

I did not choose the FM95 successor yet.

Ya know that my site is pretty empty for all FM95 & RM95+ users...

22.05.2001: Download new English Translation of the RPG2000 Help File - By: Gemin-eye

Congrats!!! Laughy is the absolute winner of RM2k TETERIS contest. He did great TETRIS on RM2k. He did not the cheap Tetris clone but real Tetris with almost all of its features. It looks like the sand alone game. No offence but there's Dragoon Falcon only who else did show his true RM2k programming skills the Minesweeper contest before.

This contest was the hardest one. It's more complex than 3D Maze contest even. But the style of coding of the winner is closest to style of the winner of our Minesweeper contest. 8-)

All I can tell you that Laughy can write anything on the RM2k engine or even more. 8-)

Hey men! Study computer languages because it brings so great results.

PS If anyone else does the TETRIS... then I'll wait for June 1. Then I'll close this contest.

PPS As you can see - I do not open cheap contests. They're for Gurus only. You can show your skills to all RM2k community.

PPPS Do not miss all new 24 tutorials!!! Scroll this page down!

20.05.2001: Today I did big work of some RM2k tutorials sorting. There are 6 unposted tutorials still.

Check out new RM2k tutorials:

  1. Advanced Doors by Dragonlord
  2. Battle Vehicle by ArcHammer2
  3. Camera System by Jak the Monkey
  4. Campsite Tutorial by Demonic Ghost
  5. CT-like Piano by John Miner
  6. Custom vehicle by ArcHammer2
  7. Date System by GimpMaster
  8. Easy Chest by Ness0973
  9. Fun With Variables by Mitch Donaberger
  10. Growing Banks Money by Joe
  11. Hungry People by Rpgfreak
  12. Isolated Digits by fotik
  13. Clothes Change tutorial by Magus989
  14. Multiship Tutorial by chpicker
  15. Party Change using Switches by JETLAX
  16. Party change (.DOC) by SiliconHero
  17. Random Weather Tutorial by GimpMaster
  18. Shooting Minigame Tutorial by Robert Hicks
  19. Show HP code by Layzeeboy
  20. MIDI or WAV by Hawk Kennon
  21. Chest Tutorial by Christopher Grabinski. Translated by: Ness0973
  22. Zelda on RM2k Partl 1 Zelda on RM2k Part 2 by MikeyC

I'll put all new tutorials in order ASAP. 8-) I will put all of those previous 10 tutorials too. Actually you can get fast access to all unsorted and sorted tutorial collection here.

We have got some of new RM2k demos and games here. BTW there's the best RM2k "Demon Story". It was made by one Russian girl EvilCat. It is the best RM2k game. It's Russian game so you will not understand it a bit. I'm very proud of that girl. ^_^

15.05.2001: X-Project is closed. But I'm getting more and more RM2k games and demos! Legynd & Durg do all possible for your games hosting (on my site). Thank you!

There's new affiliate: RPG2k Net

6.05.2001: I just updated all of my RM2k GFX sets collections... Now my site contents over than CharaSets(164), FaceSets(100), ChipSets(114), Monsters(460), System(21). Probably I will not upload more.
Enough already.

Project-X: Do you want over 100 facesets? Maybe over 300 charsets, and over 180 single characters? We have a -LOT- of RM2K Supplies. Last Count: 2419 files availible.
PLEASE NOTE: There are no midi's on our site; these are ALL RM2K supplies. Also, we're hosting Don's official game depository. So, come and drop us a line!


Well... here's another spiffy thing from my another affiliate:

As RPG Infinity progresses to get the pages up, we are preparing prject
hosting. If you think your game is good enough, and want it to be promoted
here, read further. We offer the following:

* Free web site for your project.
* Either custom layout, or ours.
* Download mirror for your game.
* Free game promotion.

If this interests you, please mail RPG Wizard with a sample demo (the size being smaller than 1 MB if possible. If not, upload your game elsewhere and give us the URL) or a few screen shots.
We look forward to hearing you.

RPG Wizard

And now all I can do is waiting for great update of Gaming Ground Zero site. It is coming soon! ^_^ Do not miss it!!!

PS I'm working on my own manga project... so I have not got any time for uploading some new tutorials on mysite. Please, be patinet!

2.05.2001: I closed 2 contests today: Mine Sweeper mini game and Airship demo. You can read my notes on the contests pages.

We have got great demos!!! Let's congratulate our winners!


  1. Dragoon Falcon - 1st place on the Mine sweeper contest.
  2. Aaryn - 1st place on the Airship contest.
  3. Pivi -2nd place on the Mine sweeper contest.
  4. Nayno - 2nd place on the Airship contest.
  5. Terin Fireburst - 3rd place on the Mine sweeper contest.
  6. Drakeling - 3rd place on the Airship contest.

Now I'm waiting for e-mail requests from our winners! ^_^

30.04.2001: Yay? Let's yell YAY! Becuz I did new translation of the best Free Graphic Editor iDraw 3.31 (by HAWK). Now it's 100% English. I fixed tons of my typos and old mistranslations...
Only newbies do not know about some special options of iDraw:

Belive me... It is even better than PSP 7.02 !!! It was designed specially for RPG Makers. You will not cause any problems with unsupported PNG formats.. etc. etc... Oh... there's old iDraw tutorial also.

Japanese guy HAWK made iDraw with power of ZLib & Borland Delphi 4.

Oh... you can download my English Translation of iDraw 3.31from my Utilities page.

PS I did this translation alone. Sorry pals that I override your help.

PPS There are some new candidates of my spiffy Airship Contest!

PPPS I erased Chara Mucker 1999 becuz it's useless. You will not find it on ym site any more.

27.04.2001:There's 11new tutorials here today!

  1. Spiffy! How to make a proper RPG by xION
  2. Save Point Tutorial by OrryD
  3. Spiffy Bottle Tutorial by Weasel
  4. Changing the starting logos by Ness0973
  5. Diagonal Moving Tutorial (Spanish & English versions!!!)by Chaleeman
  7. Easy Fly-By-Item Tutorial By Vortex Web Design
  8. Magical Items By Gimp master
  9. A RM2k Midi Tutorial (How to make songs loop) by ||bass
  10. How to make Vertical scrolling text (a scrolling titles) by R. J. Swiggard
  11. a) Meter Tutorial b) New Game+ tutorials by True Gamer

PS I'll arrange them on my main RM2k Tutorials page later... SAY! There's no site which is updating so often as mine! Give me a break!

Mulder chara by don26.04.2001: Am I dreaming or it's the pile of some useful proggies? Is it free? Can I test it? Well... I gonna test it a bit...

Wait! What is that THUMBY proggie for? Sorry... I'm in the total dizzyness today...

BTW: Check new candidates of X-Files contest... Johana is rulez!

23.04.2001: X-Files Art Contest is waiting for you!

I'm translating new version of iDraw 3.31 now. I fixed some mistranslations already... iDraw was made by one good Japanese guy - HAWK (it's his nick name). You can make AVI Movies for RM2k by iDraw! It works!

I just updated my Collection for RM2k: CharaSets(119), FaceSets(98), ChipSets(110), Monsters(460), System(16).

I finally changed my OS to Windows 2000 Professional few days ago. And now I got new problems with it: iDraw wont open .PNG files under Windows 2000. That rised down my mood a half...

BTW: You can check screenshots of coming soon brand new English RM2k Help file by Gemineye. It is not finished yet so do not bug Gemineye. This version of help file IS LINKED between EACH!!!! HELP BUTTON of RM2k Editor. So you will get any spiffy info about current window/command WITHOUT any FAQ/Tutorials. This HELP file contains tons of secret tips also. So I'm waiting for its release too.

And well... I have got some new tutorials. I'll put them up ASAP... But I'm working on my own original manga now.

PS There's great Swedish chipset-rip master! His name is Lasse Kongo. Here is a link to his site with new chipsets.

19.04.2001: Today I was in funky mood... And suddenly I decided to make new RM2k Game demo... about my favorite movie X-Files... It will be adult game about hard life of some FBI agents and their $exual relations. Scully, Mulder, Krycek, and nekkid monkey (Skinner) etc... J/K

Is there good charaset of them? All I saw was just cartoony ones... Probably I will make my own charas. Hey, our proffy!!! Where art thou? Can you help me with spiffy X-Files charaset? It will be new CONTEST!

I have got new affiliate: TerraSoft. Anomy, thanks for some mirrors!

Matt Davis did retouch of my translation of iDraw ( iDraw (c)HAWK ). He translated some internal strings and stuff. Well... Ya know... but HAWK made new version of iDraw 3.31... Probably we'll translate it well together. ^_^

I had some other news... But I forgot them... sorry!

18.04.2001: Thanks to DrSun!!! He correct me that I'm posting my news under 2000 year.... Thank you!! I fixed this page...

Well... check out some changes and some news candidates of my spiffy RM2k contests!

16.04.2001: Check out two new RM2k graphics collections: Monsters, System. (I'm uploading them still).

There's some changes in the mine sweeper contest.

Well... I fixed and added some mirrors of RTP and FM95...

PS I wonder... when GGZ will do its update...

Oh... I forget! There's my new affiliate: RPG Infinity. And new affiliate RPG Maker 2000 in Germany is coming soon.

I changed my mind about an affiliates... You can be my affiliate too. But your site must be better than GGZ & RPG Infinity... 8-))))))))

15.04.2001: Hmmm... Today I did great update for all my site but RTP links... ^_^

I'm introducing the 1st winner of the Mine sweeper contest: Dragoon Falcon. He is true RPG Guru and good programmer. He's the RPG Guru and moderator of all forums from now.

There's may be another winner of the Mine sweeper contest also. But you must beat Dragoon Falcon's demo at least. So hurry up. The Mine Sweeper contest is active still. I'll accept up to 3 works.

Check some new RM2k tutorials:

  1. Day and Night:The Easy Way By Magus989
  2. He is wrtitng "I have been using RPG Maker 2000 since December 2000". That's fun... but there was not RM2k yet... (even Japanese) ^_^
  3. Clock System By Gimp Master
  4. Guide for day/night and other systems By Gimp Master
  5. STILL POSE ANIMATION by fan*c boi
  6. Micro tutorial for literally changing classes without losing levels by MysticGohan
  7. Tutorial and sample game that show how to make a Cell Phone item in RM2K by Francis Rogers
  8. RPG Maker 2000 text shortcuts By Mathieu Tremblay,Allias DJ-Mysterio
  9. Update: Day and Night Guide! Version 2.4 By JanusX

I was in funky mood today... so I totally redrew my Pikachu & Ash' CharaSet... I did from scratch the best POKEBALL charaset... It fits to all people from Pokemon-fans to Pokemon-haters. Check it now and you will see. ^_^ Btw... it's prefect charaset for some minigames and cutscenes also. You can use it freely... Just do not change its file name. Cuz I'm going to do more!!!

There's funny 3d FF7 FaceSet by Jonathan Brown. You will find it with all rest facesets soon.

Hey all, what's shakin' the bacon? It is I, GauntletWizard and I come bearing gifts.
These are the two EarthBound chipsets I've made, and both are, in my opinion, of excellent quality. I filled almost every little space that I could and I finally finished the improved version of the Onett (exterior) chipset. Now, I have no problem with you using these chipsets in your game. I do, however, want some recognition for them. If you use them, please use the few tiles that I put my name on, or put my name somewhere in the game where it'll be seen, like in the credits or something.

I wanna say hi to Marshmallow. Hi Marshmallow!

If you need to contact me, my e-mail address is and my AOL Instant Messenger screen name is gauntletjackal.

Yeah... his EBound's chipsets are best!

Here's original Bond's Faceset by Nick.

BTW: I'm not the uploading machine... I prefer to upload only spiffy things. 8-)


12.04.2001: Today is a great date! 40 years ago.. the First Human did fly around Earth in first time. It was Russian cosmonaut Yuriy Gagarin. See? The cosmonaut! Cosmonaut is the Russian word... some years later... Americans did reach the moon. But they used other word: astronauts.

So... first satellite was Russian (It was "SPUTNIK". They start to use another English word for "sputnik" right after launching American sputnik. That word was SATELLITE ("Satellite" is English translation of Russian word "sputnik")). First cosmonaut was Russian too. And now we have International Cosmic Station with some nations aboard. Current captain of ICS is Russian. He has 2 crew members - Americans.

It's fun... But Americans call our ICS as "Alpha" (Alpha = First). It's a politic game too... All know that Russians had some orbital stations before (you can remember the last one "Mir")

ICS station is not American & Russian orbital station only. Some other countries did some modules for it. But it's true that main modules for it was made by Russia & USA.

Modern foreign people do not know who is Gagarin. I'd read that some French kids said:
- He is not a pokemon! Cuz we know all of them!

That's pity... 8-) Your parents know well who was 1st Cosmonaut, 1st Astronaut... and you will know who will be 1st... Marsonaut 8-))) Sure!

11.04.2001: Today was hard day. I finished translation of another part of RM2k 1.09 : setup.exe.

When I tested it well... I assembled new Installshield of RM2k. I call it RM2k 1.06 Light... Becuz I removed old English help temporary. (Just wait for new version of English help)

I fixed some typos in the defaults... I replaced old buggy files by new RPG_RT.EXE and SETUP.EXE from RM2k 1.09.

If you can't wait for English translaion of RM2k 1.09 then download RM2k 1.06.

PS You can leave your old English RM2k help from RM2k 1.05.

PPS Ugly In-Game Font Bug was fixed also! You will not see tis bug again!

PPPS You need the installed RTPe still. (I will not change RTPe ever. So it fits for any version of RM2k, even Japanese!)

PPPPS Previous rm2k patch 1.09 is useless now. Rm2k 1.06 is prepatched already

Er... is it all? I dunno... I'm sleepy... ^_^

9.04.2001: You can find brand new FF9 faceset by Atlas at my FaceSets collection.

#rm2khelp room was closed. So I removed the link to the chat.

I'm testing new script which shows Russian main page for all Russian guests and the english page to others....

Check out totally original minigame by Captain Dingo: Bumper cars for RPG Maker 2000! Use it in your own RPG if you wish!

PS I got tons of new sets today... so.. I'll upload them ASAP

8.04.2001: Spiffy News!

There are 3 new spiffy RM2k contests! Read more here!

Here are some new cool DBZ faceSets by Turles 1! He did amazing DBZ facesets! You can put old ones to a trash can! ^_^
Check his site now! (It's full of DBZ sets... and more. He's adding new GFX every day!)
BTW: bulma.png & cool.png had wrong size... 193x193.. And I fixed them to right size 192x192... I added right transparent colour to those files also. I hope Turles 1 and his pals will do some others sets soon.

BTW... I just got a letter with great faceSet from Djangman. He's first Dutch dude with his own faceSets... ^_^ And he will send even more! (his sets names are: DBZ_Face_1,2,3,Fig)

Meanwhile: Our Japanese couple MACK & BLUE did some new chipsets... Now you can get even "block/pass" scheme and example for each of their chipset! Here's English Translation of MACK's site. (Here's link to original Japanese site of MACK & BLUE)

BTW: you can download all their chipsets from my site also. But you can find pass/block schemes at their site only.

6.04.2001: Join to our RM2k gurus Airship Contest now!

I put charasets's place in order, Check out all 14 don_collection_xx.png charasets! All things have thumbnail preview now! No more lamish Zipped sets! There are some new & spiffy facesets also.

Check out just amazing RM2k Military RPG example by Kimmo Kotajrvi

Military RPG exampleSorry for bothering you with these 221 Kbytes, but you could check this out on your spare time. It's a small collection of ideas & graphics for a modern-day RPG. I made it because world has already seen enough medieval-style default-tileset RM2k games :)

I have removed the RPG_RT.EXE to make the archive smaller, so please copy it back yourself.

Well, the clock is 22:22 now and I have my English graduation exam tomorrow (writing this
game was good practice, now my English is perfect) so I won't bother writing a longer readme.

Kimmo Kotajrvi

NOTE: You can extract RAR archive by WinRAR or any new WinZip. (WinRAR has time trial... so you can use it once for free)

31.04.2001: Cool News!

Download CRACK for A-FLOW 3.15 here (4 Kb) (by Kamui). He did the crack... and I did the EXE for making apply crack EZ.

Check out first and complete tutorial for Fighter Maker 95
Tutorial (c) By Cobra 2001 All rights reserved


some old news 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 8-)

Read My HELP and Support Page First!!! Then E-mail me your questions:E-mail

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