My name is LSD. I'm bad pussy!Don's Spiffy NeWz:

poor Donny boy 8-)21.12.2000: Check out some new tutorials:

The PROPER way to convert mp3 files into wav format WITHOUT the lag and WITHOUT a HUGE filesize **** Ninja666
**Uneditable Games** *** Ecoz BullzEye
Tutorial on custom transitions (.ZIP)
***** Norwolf
Customizing your RPG (.ZIP) ***** ArcHammer2
Input Literal Password (.ZIP) *****+ ArcHammer2

I'm setting the marks to some tutorials by IMHO.

PS Thanx to Katalyst for a good news about rm2k 1,08

PPS. Remember that "EVENT OVERLAP" discussion? I got another letter:

hello i know japanese and i have japanese rpg maker 2000 and english the event over lap in japanese version says: No matter what other events cant step on this event! thank you


Ya know... he's right! For more info go to RPG Guru's FORUM.

20.12.2000: I want to introduce the best Japanese site with original RAW Materials for RM2k by MACK (and BLUE)

Original MACK's RAW Material (ChipSets,CharaSets,FaceSets,Etc) collection for RPG Maker 2000

(Translated by ELINGO from Japanese to English).

Read his Hiding hometown page of the dot graphic's secrets.
(You can convert all GIF files to PNG by MS Paint / ClipBoard / iDraw)

So... download all new origianl and professional chipSets / charaSets from his site! I do not put them to my site.

PS I'm working on including my fav MP3 songs into my FLASH menu 8-)


Today... is the.. dark day over whole the Russian Federation.
They start to show POKEMON ( 104 eps. ) on 1st Russian Channel "ORT".

Ya know!! When i drew PIKACHU chara... i did not know that it has STRIPES on its back!!! YAY!!!

I just found another mistranslation in the RM2k.

I meant "Clear Timer" event's command. It's equivalent of "vRemv" from RM95+. And it must be "Temporary deletion of event".

BTW... that command interrupts current event and erases it from a screen untill first TELEPORT command.

That fact is very useful!!! Now you can use your Switches & Variables more economly...

PS... There's another mistranslation... I'll tell you about it later.

PPS If you have that WHITE SCREEN problem still then try this method: Install correct driver for your Plug/n/Play monitor (.inf file). You can download such driver from your monitor's company site. Or ask it at your Computer store.

16.12.2000: There's some bug fixes from ... one japanese co. btw... they did not fix that "white screen" problem.

PS there's no update for English RM2k yet. ^_^

14.12.2000: I'm getting tons of e-mail. But... I noticed that some of you have got funky and stupid ISPs or mail hosts.
Such hosts as "<your name>@HOME.COM".

That STUPID ISP wont accept letters from my host "BMV@MAIL.RU".

And I'm tired to get back my letters which I sent to you!!!!
Those letters have little note from ISP:

"We do not accept letters from your host "MAIL.RU"

WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!? 8-((( Are they fear of Russian Hackers? That's the ravings of a madman.


Get free email account at YAHOO.COM... and do not waste my time 8-)

PS I did adjust of my mail client to redirect any letter from to my TRASH folder immediatly.

Sorry Pals, but I hope that you got my point. ^_^
Now some of you realised why you did not get my answers to your letters.

13.12.2000: I got 2 intrasting letters about RM2k's EVENT OVERLAP:

Howdy, Don Miguel...

I don't know if you've found the solution to what the "event overlap" check-box in RM2k's event window does, but in case you hav'nt heres what I discovered...

If this box is checked no event can move through it. The hero is free to move through, no events, no matter if they're visible or not, or the level thir on (above, below, same level).

If an event moves into this blocking event it will act as if it walked into a blocking tile. This could pose some problems for creators using the catepilar system (having partymembers follow the hero), but can be cool if you want the hero to move in ereas you don't want NPCs to enter (i.e. If the NPC has "move toward hero" but you want to restict the erea the NPC moves in).

Hopes this is of help, and that I've not made a fool of myself by "rediscovering" something you already knew...


I know what event overlap is. If that is enabled on both events, it means that both events can happen at the same time, it is mainly useful for activating an event from within an event that you arnt finished using yet,
but only is worth messing with if you want your timing to be absolutly perfect. (Im not sure if it was you, but whoever wrote the help file didnt know what it did)

Oh, nice work on the last RPG2k Update, it made it a LOT easier to understand, and I would like to know if you have anybody working on the name hero being translated, because that would add A LOT of element to many
Brandon Ghislain

So... we have two opinions here... But which opinion is right? Let's discuss at my RPG Guru's forum!

And do not forget to read some new tutorials!!!

New RM2k's Tutorials:
  1. "Set password for Dummies" an FAQ by MintyFresh
  2. Magic School Lectures by ShadowText (it's just a link to his site). You'll find his Magic School Lectures
    Lesson 1 - Conjuration Lesson
    2 - Stat Dependency Lesson
    3 - Spell Components Lesson
    4 - Random Effects Lesson
    5 - Artificial Magic Lesson
    6 - Condition Masks Lesson
    7 - Item Fragility Lesson
    8 - Combo Magic Lesson
    9 - Item Creation Lesson
    10 - Enemy Skills Lesson
    11 - Conditionals Lesson
    12 - Monster Binding Lesson
    13 - Avataric Weapons Lesson
    14 - Coin Toss Lesson
    15 - Counterspells Lesson
    16 - Familiars Summoning Weapons, Armor...
    (Battle algorythm, Items absorbed during casting, Randomly cast spells, All things artifact, Special conditions (Regen), Items that break, Combining Talent ala Chrono Trigger, Creating Items ala Star Ocean 2, Learning Spells from Enemies "Math Skills" from Final Fantasy Tactics., Capturing Monsters., Think the "P" word, Weapons based on user. Like the Atma, Magic monies, Spells to counter, Damage Algorythms, Summon furry friends!)
  3. Follow the Leader: the Easy Way for RM2000 by maggedon
  4. Hitchhiker's Tutorial #1 Contents:
    (1) a) Enemy Repel Item b) Moogle Charm Relic
    (2) Radar System
    (3) Jump command
    (4)Snowboarding Mini Game
  5. Making a better menu system tutorial by DraGoon (converted to HTML and fixed by Norwolf)
  6. same thing Making a better menu system tutorial by DraGoon (fixed by DraGoon. in .DOC format)
  7. How to do a majora's mask style timer... (Look before how to do Night and day by JanusX) by hufremso
  8. Party Change Tutorial (.DOC in .ZIP, 26 Kb) by Allen Cook
  9. How to make your character fly on the world map by Pit Spawn
  10. Changing Symbols (Sword sign, Uranus Sign, etc...) by Created by Norwolf (David T. Allen)
  11. RM2K Tutorial: Excellent Bank System by GauntletWizard
  12. Here are 2 mini tutorials by The True Gamer
    How to make a job class system
    How to make extra chara animations

  13. Time System by rylie thomas
  14. ...

2.12.2000: Today is my best fiend's BD. So... I fixed SOME links to RM2k, RTP, PATCHES, etc..,

Do not miss the spiffy CG faceset from PSX's game Legend of DraGoon by DraGoon.

Er... I got a letter from the original author of the EarthBound chipsets... GauntletWizard said that he's improving his sets. We will wait for new version!

PS I'm going to upload tons of new tutorials today or tomorrow! Remember - today is my friend's party... Ya know... ^_^

BTW: If you're loving anime as me then go to Luna Arts Anime Site. There are tons of free legal anime serials in Real Media format. (Kodomo no Omocha aka "Child's Toy", Brother Dear Brother, Romeo's Blue skies, SD AMG, Mahoujin GuruGuru TV+Movie - it's my favorit anime there!, and more)

29.11.2000: I added mirrors for RM2k's FONT PATCH & FONT MANAGER by Drakul

Check out 2 spiffy Lufia2 chipsets by Mathieu Dumoulin and not bad retouch of EarthBound's chipset by Master Matt.

All unpublished tutorials are coming soon! Sorry folks!

25.11.2000: I was "killed" by spiffyness by new creation of the "old known team". It's Gaming Over World site! I hope that RM2k Gurus will live ever!!!

Check out some new tutorials!!! I'll add all rest (10 or so) later today.

New RM2k's Tutorials:
  1. Guide to A Map Type Battle System by Raios ! My mind was blown away by this great guide!!!
  2. Fork Conditions Tutorial by Ayrulin (Sorry! I did not got your letter yet!) (for RM2k 1.05) READ IT!!!! OR else your games will be... poor 8-)
  3. ...

14.11.2000: I added link to my FM95's RTP to my FM95's page. I added smoe FM95's mirrors also! My Thanx to Ness & UPRC.

I want to introduce new spiffy tool PowerStrip (direct link to install file for PowerStrip v2.76)
This tool can expand your MAX monitor's resolution!!! My 15" monitor can show up to 1900x1900 pixels now!!! If your old monitor's resolution was low.. then try PowerStrip!!!
May be you will be able to play with RM2k now!!!

You can find link to PowerStrip's home site at ym UTILITIES page also.

P.S, I got few spiffy tutorials for RM2k.. but i can't upload them still. Wait a while 8-)

10.11.2000: I uploaded FM95's Cheap RTP... 8-)

There's KOF Train BG (Terry.BG)

Dusk Lagoon (Terry.Demo)

Girl Player (Ska.Palyer)

Do not ask me for Win Rar archiver!!!! 8-) ask your buddies!!! Or go to my UTILITIES page for a link...

  1. exctract those files to an empty folder (not your game folder!!!)
  2. create new game
  3. add player, bg, etc... by RIGHT-Mouse click "Add Player from a file.." etc..
  4. go to SKA player... to its properties.. and check.. [x]garbled_text
  5. add fighting with SKA (she wuill play aganist herself!)
  6. add (rigth click) demo -as game over or so,,, it's all!!! then save it.. and make game disk!!!! yaya!!!!!! damn!!! 8)

P.S. here's

P.P.S. those files are untranslated.. but they're work!!!!!

P.P.P.P.P.S. Thanx to The Guvnor for a help!!!

7.11.2000: Do not miss Falcate RPG Contest! Falcate RPG Contest
New RM2k's Tutorials:
  1. Special money system by Norwolf (It was not big but fun!)
  2. Amazing solution!!! How to make Chara frames with while your away from the computer. It's in GIF format. by WillNight
  3. A Ganthore Manual by Mark Austin
  4. Job level up FAQ by CaCtUaR
  5. link to another site Tutorial on making a frogger mini game by Ancient Warrior
  6. Tutorial about making a better menu by DraGoon
  7. Update: Day+Night Guide! by JanusX
  8. Timer Source & Level Timer by DragonWarrior74

Do not miss a faceset of the characters from the SNES game EarthBound. Camille's bro, "Lord Minion" has sent me things according to what he's said, but anyways, here's the faceset. - Pr. Camille

There's new intrasting ANGEL CharaSet by Rocky Arbigaus

Do not miss "other japanese 1-13 charasets" in the faceset folder.

NOTE: I'll upload those face/charasets tomorrow... so... check them later. Oki? Oki!

3.11.2000: This is so spiffy, isn't it? Yay!!!
Download latest English Translation of the Fighter Maker 95!

DO NOT ASK ME FOR SOME FILES FOR FM95 !!! Better ask people on my FM95 forum!

Do not forget to check Katalyst's site!

P.P.S. I have got over 6 new spiffy tutorials for RM2k right now... but I can't upload them still. Please, wait a li'l !

1.11.2000: I have got very beta version of the Fighter Maker 95. It was wrong when I tought that FM95's translation is a piece of cake. FM95 is very hard to use proggie... There's some text inside. It's main reason of its unplayability for now. It's easy to change default files... but almost impossible to create your own...

I gonna make "Nigga Fighters VS Satan" game. There's no way to use default GFX... 8-(((

What I translated in the CodeMason-GOSU-Katalyst's verson of the FM95:

  1. all non-translated context pop-up menus in the editor
  2. all untransated or missed text from dialogues
  3. 90% of error messages in the game runner module
  4. all redifinitions of the keyboard and joysticks
  5. content of the .INI files
  6. all gamedisk's compiling messages
  7. "GAME" (Story Mode)/ "MATCH" (Player 1 VS Player 2 mode) text menu
  8. and many many more...

I can't translate big phrases because of my broken vocab... V_V
Are there some cool free Japanese-English comuter translators? If you know some then tell me.

NOTE 1: I did this additional FM95's tranny for home use ONLY.
NOTE 2: FM95 is not available for downloading on my site.

P.S. My ISP's connection is bad now... so I can't upload anything big... Do not ask me for new version of FM95. I just created new forum about FM95. Check it on SUNNY Forum also. You may ask your FM95's questions there. Or e-mail your question to (it's e-mail of FM95's Translators: CodeMason, GOSU, Katalyst)

20.10.2000: Here was 600000th guest today! And it was my friend!

BTW: I reduced the flash menu's file size to 12 Kb!

I checked ALL my mirrors for RTPe file! I removed some fake or dead links.

Check the first site of RM2k's German Translation:

There's new German Font by Raphi

There's new German RM95+'s FAQ:

There's some new spiffy RM2k's tutorials:

THE OLD OLD NEWS... some old news 1,2,3,4,5 8-)

12.06.1999: I did the new FaCe of My TraNnY SiTe!!! And... Happy Birthday to me!!! I'm 25 now!! Yahoo!!!

11.06.1999: Almost finished the NVS RPG. I gonna translate it to English soon. Read the game description first. So do not blame me in the racism. It's a game about my white li'l friends... They loves black music and stuff...

10.06.1999: I've almost CD-rip the new version of the RPG Maker 95 (version 1.23)

Read My Support Page First!!! Then E-mail me your questions:E-mail
Last update: February 18, 2001
2000 BMV

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