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My name is Elesde. I'm a bad pussy!Don's Spiffy NeWz:

Donny boy14.7.2002: Fixed links to Russian forum.

Check this CD photo out... 8) This game was made by the biggest russian game magazine GAME LAND.

My site got a prestige award of URALWEB TOP 10. It isn't a virtual award for now. It's like a diploma to put on the wall... I'll scan it and show you ASAP. ^_^

I've got some new tutorials and GFX for my GFX heap. Can't sort it for a while. But check new spiffy rm2k tips out.



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Donny boyGGZ Award of Excellence27.7.2002: Yay! My site has got an awesome award!!! I'll tell you more about it next time.

Well... It seems that RM2003 will be released in Japan in the end of 2002. But I have to sorry. I won't translate. You know it's not so hard to translate. So may be you'll get this game in English directly from EB or... someone will translate it sooner or later.
I'M PRETTY SURE! And I'm pretty sorry.

NVS3 4-komaASK ASCII TO MAKE THE ENGLISH VERSION OF RPG MAKER 2003 FOR YOU. They've got only ~5000 registered users of RM2k in Japan. It's so small number. It may be increased with your help.

RPG Maker 2003 aka RM3k

Read more about RM2003 & RM for GBAdvance in english here.

This site has got GGZ Award of Excellence. It's true I've spent so much time for our ever-growing RM2k community 8) But I like J-RPG !!! And I love our community!!!

RPG Menace - a good Brazilian RM2k related site. Check it out!

YAY!!! Check this new "Niggaz VS Satan" mini-manga out! It's in English now! We've made it for one manga contest... ^_-

1.7.2002: Yay! My site has got an awesome award!!! I'll tell you more about it next time.

Bored with EZBoard Forum? Check the 2nd one.. It's spiffy 8)

"ENTER HEROE'S NAME" FIX for RM2k Download it from MY SITE NOW. This link is OK 8-)

Don's Modern ChipsetHere's a long awaited Don's present: MODERN CHIPSET (It's a spiffy template. Paint the car as you wish...). You can upload this chipset onto your site w/o my permission. Feel free to use it where you want.

I have just uploaded 13 new spiffing RM2k tutorials: How to distribute your games without RTP, how to make battles in your ship, real clock system part II, etc.

20.6.2002: Well... my BD is over. 8)) My site has over 3.000.000 hits! It's the best BD present!

Guys! I just have met Cyber-Pasha today. (He's a real prototype one of main heroes of my RPG: Niggaz VS Satan) He gave me a lost volume N7 of Guruguru manga (which he had bought in Japan) and a great live video interview on the CD.
I had made that interview a few years ago. It was 2 hours long... in Russian.
But I managed to translate a funny 2 minutes clip into English. Enjoy (1.7Mb)! Don't forget to turn on CAPTIONS in your MS Media Player menu.

There's a big new graphic contest SPRITE TREK at GGZ!!
You can win 50 USD at Amazon.Com!!!
What a nice surprise!!

Chipstouille is my new affiliate. ^_^ I've removed some of dead affiliates also.

Drakul's RM2k Font Patch 1.1 (107k) & RM2k Font Manager 1.1 (277k) - Have you got any problems with your In-Game fonts? Are you going to replace default In-Game fonts by another ones?

Phantom RPG have got their Ultima Online server back online and are now accepting new players.

12.5.2002: Yo all!! Oops... There's a month to my BD!! 8)

HOT&SPIFFY Drakul's RM2k Font Patch 1.1 (107k) & RM2k Font Manager 1.1 (277k) - Have you got any problems with your In-Game fonts? Are you going to replace default In-Game fonts by another ones?

Have you ever read Magic RM2k Lessons by ShadowText?

This is interesting! I installed BC++ 3.02 yesterday morning and compiled my good old games. Check these screenshots:
Suppa Vinnie Da Pooh (by Don in 1995) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Platform Maker (by Don in 1995) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Puzzle "Prokotaikarsku" (by Don in 1995) 1, 2

Now I'm porting my Pooh game to GP32, my mobile handheld. ^_^

Altavista's On-Line Translator - A good on-line translator. Translates from Japanese and Korean!!!

22.4.2002: My forums were wiped and re-made 2 weeks ago. The new forums look better.

I can't belive it.... A rpg maker on MAC? Cold Stone

Yay! They just translated GameBoy RPG Maker (get the patch here)

Just updated the Russian page of my site... Today I'm going to fix some mirrors and links & affiliates

Just added some foreign RM2k fonts foreign_fonts.zip (65k)
(Danish, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, etc...)
You can get all rest fonts from my RM2k Downloads page

I've got some new mirrors for RM2k and RTP... Thank you friends! I'll post new mirrors ASAP

I got a message from Drakul (He is the author of RM2k Fonts Tools: Font Manager, Font Fixer, etc...) He sent me his tools. I'll upload 'em here ASAP

Visit my #RM2k CHAT 8-)

Sign the Mother 3 Petition!

8.3.2002: I congratulate all women on the 8th March holiday! If you don't know this holiday than it's your problem only. ^_-

Just updated my RM2k GFX HEAP...

Damn Big Town contest is over. Congratualtions!

There's a great set of GAZ's RM2k UTILITIES. He's Japanese, but he translated some of his tools into English.

Just translated another great Japanese graphic editor (It was made for manga artists). It supports 32-bit pictures, JPEG, Tablets, Natural painting effects, Layers and more.You can get it here OPENCANVAS 2.18. What? You need my basic English translation of it? Ok. Here you are. (Extract the file into the folder of OC218 and rename it to .ENU) NOTE: It'll work fine with English Windows only!

I'm changing my main mirror's host name from PHANTOMRPG to rm2k.tgin.net
Don't worry! You always can reach my site with this spiffy short-cut: http://go.to/rm2k

There's a new RM2k patch. Get it from my utilities page

Here's a basic on-line tutorial "how to draw manga". But it's too cheap... and not so funny. So those Don's books are much better 8-)

I added about 25 new RM2k tutorials today!

Thank your for support!

11.2.2002: I had the worst holidays... I spent all my time at work... I worked hard till 23:00pm every day... 8-(

And now my holidays are over. I have to visit my University again... 8-(

8-)) I bet you know my feelings very well.

I dropped useless chat room #RM2k at sorcery.net
And me and my friends made a new chat room: Don's #RM2k
Visit it often and enjoy its friendly folk ^_^

ThE TrUe #Rm2k ChAtTiNg ExPeRiEnCe .:. Don Miguel's Chat


1] The main topic of this chat is to encompass helping others, talking about gaming in general, and any applications that may aid others in making graphics, music, etc.

2] Absolutely NO flaming of any WEBSITES or any PEOPLE. Offenders will receive [1] warning. Repeat offenders will receive a kick on their 2nd and 3rd offenses, and if they
continue to abuse others, a ban will be issued for a set amount of time. If they then continue to abuse others after their ban is lifted, they will be punished with a ban that will stand for a minimum of 3 days, which will be lifted upon moderator agreement.

2a] NO individual person or site will be the topic of any NEGATIVE discussion. Offense to this will result in a warning. If offended again, a ban will be issued. There are NO exceptions to this!!!

2b] New users to RPG Maker 2000 [Newbies] are to be treated KINDLY and are to be helped with their problems. The same punishment will be issued as for [1a].

3] Advertising your game is perfectly acceptable, as long as you don't spam the chat. The same goes for any gaming related websites and your own website(s).


Flaming, Negativity, Spamming, Obscenity, Excessive vulgarity, Factioning and Excessive straying from the general topic of gaming and Rm2k help.


Helping others, Not turning away newbies, Light advertising, and everything not... bad.


And newbies, there's no such thing as a stupid question.

(c)2002 #rm2k moderators
Written by Tank

Did you try a very promising DarkBasic or BlitzBasic 3D-game makers tools? They aren't free but cheap!

28.1.2002: Today I brushed up my Tutorials & FAQ page (for adding some new ones) and I found about 60 new unsorted RM2k tutorials.

10 new RM2k tutorials coming soon.

There's a new Don's contest: Damn Big Town. Join in!

You can explore my spiffy RM2k GFX heap... ^_^

My X-Mas contest is finished. We have got 5 winners! Banzai!

Thank your for support!

7.1.2002: Marry X-Mas to all Russian ortodox people. ^_^

The 7th January is Russian X-Mas

Just updated my X-Mas contest page. There are 11 demos now. Some of them are damn spiffy!!!

Do you want to learn Japanese? Then READ THIS ^_-

D-Pixed Manga MakerI found s great tool D-Pixed. It was specially designed for all people who draw their own manga or comics. You can get it here

RPG Tsukuru 5 won't be released until Feb. 28 - in Japan. Check this out and cry!

Do you recall Destiny's Call Complete, from the well known LinoG? You can get it here

Ever wanted to explore a CBS but it was locked or too complicating?
Listen up people, a CBS is NOT hard to understand, and with this CBS open and very easily customizable with many guiding comments, you can make one too. This helped others make a CBS, I hope it helps you too

I translated and uploaded the new version of iDraw 3.32.01 by HAWK
It works fine under Windows XP / 2000

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